Terra Bella Box Review, May 2017

Terra Bella Box, $32.95 per month (free shipping for US addresses; see website for international shipping rates)


Could this baby bun be any cuter?  He's a 3-week-old Holland Lop.

Terra Bella Box is a monthly natural, cruelty-free beauty box that features products made by small businesses.  Subscribers receive three to four skincare, hair care, and/or bath products per month.  Terra Bella has started a second box, The Makeup Edit, so if you prefer makeup products to skincare, that might be the box for you.  Subscribers are able to switch back and forth between The Makeup Edit and Terra Bella subscriptions if they want.  The Makeup Edit is $29.95 per month, so it's a little cheaper than Terra Bella.  

Terra Bella Box sent me this box free of charge for review.


Here's what came in the May Terra Bella Box:

The May Terra Bella Box was worth $54.25, which is an average value for a Terra Bella Box.  We got two bath items, a skincare product, and a body product this month.  Three of the four companies are new to me.


The first product we have is the Three Sisters Apothecary Bath Salt Soak in Lemongrass.  This is my favorite product in the box this month!  The bath salts contain lemongrass to minimize pores and firm skin, chamomile, yarrow, Epsom salts, and sea salts.  I love the strong citrus scent.  This made my bath very relaxing and my skin felt extra soft after getting out.


I had heard of the Bonjour Jolie box, but I didn't realize they also made their own products. The Lilac Body Lotion smells soooo good!  I don't think I've ever gotten a lilac-scented product in a box.  This is a lightweight lotion that absorbs quickly.  It's perfect for the summer when your skin needs a little moisture, but you don't want to go overboard.  The scent lasts quite a while on your skin, which I loved.  I just went to the Lilac Festival in Rochester a week and a half ago and this reminds me of it.  I wish lilac were a more common scent in bath and body products.


This might be the best smelling box I've ever gotten!  Not only did I get the Lemongrass bath salts and lilac lotion, but also grapefruit soap!  The Lizush Natural Grapefruit Soap is moisturizing and has a strong grapefruit scent.  It smells fabulous.  I love this soap so much.  Terra Bella Box always sends me the best smelling soaps.


The final product this month was the Clean Living Collection Flowers and Mud Mask.  This is a powdered clay mask that contains Rhassoul clay, kaolin clay, lavender, chamomile, and calendula.  This doesn't smell quite as good as the other three products, but it still smells really good.  You mix the powder with a little water, apply to your face, allow it to set for seven minutes or so, then rinse.  It is supposed to be exfoliating and moisturizing, and to help fight acne.  It made my skin feel soft and smooth, but didn't dry my skin out like most clay masks do.

This is definitely the best Terra Bella Box I've ever gotten!  All four of the products were fabulous.  My favorite product is the bath salt soak, but the other three products are also amazing, so it was hard to choose a favorite.  The May box will make your skin soft from head to toe and make you smell great all over.  

Did anyone else get the May Terra Bella Box?  Did you love it as much as I did?