Play! by Sephora Review, May 2017

Play! by Sephora, $10 per month (US only)


This baby bun is three weeks old and ready to Play!

Play! is Sephora's monthly beauty box.  At $10 per month, it is very affordable.  All of the products can be found at your local Sephora, so, if you really like something, it's easy to get more.  Each month, subscribers receive a makeup bag, a mix of five makeup, skincare, and hair care products, plus one perfume sample.  Sephora customizes the boxes somewhat based on profiles you fill out upon subscribing.  You also receive a card that will get you fifty extra Beauty Insider points with any purchase at a Sephora and an invitation to a Play Date, which is an event held at select Sephoras for subscribers to go and learn more about the products in that month's box.  Unfortunately, there are very few stores that have the Play Date, so you may not have one in your area.  There is a waiting list for this subscription, but they open it up every month or two.  They are accepting subscribers right now, so sign up today if you are interested.


Here's what came in my May Play! by Sephora box:

My May Play! was worth $50.71.  That's on the high side of average for Play!  It's a $10 box, so no complaints on the value.  I got two skincare products, two makeup items, a hair product, and a perfume, so I had a good mix of products.  There was a lot of variation this month, so you might have gotten very different products in your box.  This month's theme is Beauty on the Rise, which Sephora says means "cult favorites, hard-to-find formulas, and one-of-a-kind brands that are making their mark."

This month's bag was a little different and I liked it!  All other months, Play! has had bags with drawstrings and most of those bags were white cotton.  The May bag, though, is a sturdy plastic envelope with a button closure.  This will be great for travel or the beach.  I'm glad they're mixing up their bag styles a bit.


I love Tatcha's Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder, so I was happy to see their Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil in this month's Play!  Together, the Pure and Polished make up Tatcha's Kyoto Cleanse.  You start with the Pure, which you apply to your face, massage it a bit, then rinse.  You then follow with the Polished to exfoliate.  Tatcha recommends following Pure and Polished with The Silk Cream.  I liked Pure, but not quite as much as Polished.  Pure removed my makeup well and made my skin feel squeaky clean without drying it out.  Following it up with the Polished made my skin feel so soft and smooth.  If you haven't tried Tatcha, you're missing out.


belif is a K-beauty company that I've heard lots of good things about, but, strangely enough, I don't think I've tried their products before.  An essence is similar to a serum, so you'll want to apply this after toning but before moisturizing.  This adds a good amount of hydration to your skin, but not a ton, so it's perfect for me in the late spring/early summer.  It's very lightweight and absorbs quickly.  I could probably use this over another serum and skip the moisturizer as I don't need much in the way of a moisturizer this time of year.  If you have really dry skin, then this will be perfect for you to use in conjunction with your favorite moisturizer.

Swatch of NUDESTIX Magnetic Matte Lip Color in Greystone

Swatch of NUDESTIX Magnetic Matte Lip Color in Greystone

I know brown lipstick is making a comeback, but I just haven't had much of an interest in it.  I'm 35, so I remember using it as a teen in the 90s and it has a dated feel to it now.  I decided to try this, though, just so I could give you a proper review of it.  The formula is quite dry, which surprised me as I haven't found that to be the case with other NUDESTIX products.  This had excellent pigment and staying power, and, surprisingly enough, I liked the color.  I actually got a number of compliments when I wore it!  It's not an everyday color, and you have to make sure it really goes with your clothing, but it's something a little different.  With most lipstick I get, I have five other lipsticks that are either the same color or a shade off, but I didn't have anything close to this color, so it has earned a spot in my collection.


The Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask was new to me.  You shampoo your hair, apply the mask, comb it through your hair, allow it to set for ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse.  This is supposed to add shine to your hair.  I did find that my hair had a little bit extra shine to it after using this.  My hair is usually on the shiny side anyway, so someone with duller hair might see a more dramatic difference.

trèStiQue Highlight and Perfect Multipurpose Stick in Maldives Luminescent

trèStiQue Highlight and Perfect Multipurpose Stick in Maldives Luminescent

trèStiQue always makes me think of ipsy.  I forget that Sephora carries the line.  I've tried a number of trèStiQue products and always found them to be okay, but nothing to write home about.  I really liked the highlighter, though.  It gave me a good amount of shimmer, but it wasn't over-the-top, and it blended out well to give me a natural looking highlight.  I'm on highlighter overload right now, so I didn't really need this, but it's a fantastic product.


This month's perfume was TOCCA Stella.  Some TOCCA scents I love, others I dislike, and there are a few somewhere in the middle.  I had never tried Stella before, but I always wanted to as it is a fresh floral with notes of blood orange, white freesia, and sandalwood.  I love fresh, floral, and citrus scents, so I knew this was probably the TOCCA scent for me.  Stella  is gorgeous.  This is my favorite TOCCA scent.  It had just okay staying power, so I recommend touching up in the middle of the day.  

This is one of my favorite Play! boxes!  The Rahua mask was just okay, but I loved everything else in the box.  I don't even think I can choose a favorite as I loved five of the six products so much.  I hope Sephora keeps putting out boxes similar to this.

What did you think of the May Play!?  Did you get the same products?  Did you love them as much as I did?