Kloverbox Review, May 2017

Kloverbox, $25 per month (US only)


This little bun thought the sizzle in this month's Kloverbox matched her well!  She's about two weeks old here.  Isn't she the cutest?  I love her teeny nose.

Kloverbox is a monthly beauty and lifestyle box that focuses on natural products made by small companies.  Each month, Kloverbox has a loose theme and sends subscribers a mix of four to six beauty products, home goods, cleaning products, and/or pieces of jewelry.  This is a great way to discover small businesses that you probably wouldn't encounter on your own.  All subscribers get the same products with occasional color and/or scent variations. 

Kloverbox sent me this box free of charge for review.  The link above is my affiliate link.


Here's what came in the May Kloverbox:

My May Kloverbox was worth about $61.94.  That's not bad at all for a $25 natural lifestyle box.  We had a accessory, a nail product, a hair product, a supplement, and a bath product this month, so we had a great mix of products.


First, we have the I was a Sari scarf.  I was a Sari is a company that pays women in Mumbai slums to upcycle saris into things like scarves, jewelry, bags, and headbands.  No two pieces are alike.  The loop scarf (or infinity scarf) I got was of excellent quality and I got quite a few compliments on it.  I would have preferred to have gotten a brighter, prettier print than the one I got as navy and tan aren't really my colors, but I like this and will definitely use it.  It's a fabulous cause and the products are gorgeous, so I might just have to pick up a few more if they start selling their products online.


Yarok's Feed Your Ends acts as a detangler, a texturizer, a heat protectant, and a leave-in conditioner.  You can apply this to wet hair for detangling or heat protection or to dry hair to texturize.  I don't blow dry or heat style and my hair is too short to get tangled, but this did give me some good texture and made my hair softer and shinier.  I highly recommend this product, especially if you have longer hair.


The New Chapter Perfect Hair, Skin, and Nails Dietary Supplement contains biotin to help with keratin product for stronger and healthier hair and nails and astaxanthin to fight signs of aging.  These are big capsules, but they were pretty easy to swallow.  I haven't used these long enough to see any effects, but I'm always happy to try supplements that help with hair, skin, and nails.


Meadowlark Botanicals' Organic Cuticle Cream contains a mix of coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, orange essential oil, vitamin E, and grapeseed oil.  This is supposed to moisturize and repair skin, help strengthen nails, and soften callouses.  I love the orange scent!  This was very hydrating and helped my damaged nails look their best.  I've been using nail polish and nail polish remover so much lately that my nails really needed some love.  This was the perfect thing for them!


The final product was the Ballerina Botanicals Green Beauty Barre Spirulina Soap with Matcha Green Tea and Peppermint Oil.  This smells quite strongly of peppermint, but I liked the scent.  This cleanses your body without drying your skin out.  

I'm loving the May Kloverbox!  My favorite product was the scarf, followed closely by the cuticle cream, but I liked everything in the box.  Kloverbox puts together such fabulous boxes.  It's always a treat to get it in the mail!