Glossybox Review, May 2017

Glossybox, $21 per month US (has many international versions)


Rosita's ears are fully down.  She's growing up so fast!  She's never seemed to like modeling all that much, but she held still for a second for Glossybox.

Glossybox is a beauty box that sends subscribers five to six products each month.  The samples are often full size or deluxe sample size.  You tend to get more skincare than makeup in this box, but there is always a mix.  Glossybox used to send mostly higher end brands, but their boxes for the past year have included a lot of brands I've never heard of.  Glossybox likes to include products from European brands that don't sell their products in the U.S., so, if there is a product I really like, I may not be able to buy it.  There is a lot of product variation, so some subscribers receive boxes that are worth much more than those other subscribers receive.


Here's what I got this month:

My May Glossybox was worth $65.37.  That's on the low side for Glossybox.  I got a hair product, a nail product, a makeup item, and two skincare products, so there was a good mix of stuff.

I had gotten an e-mail from Glossybox saying that May boxes would have four full size items and noticed that the website mentioned only two full size items, so I guess the website was right.  Glossybox has a bad habit of sending e-mails to former subscribers (and sometimes current subscribers) promising that every box will have a certain value or product when that is true only for new subscriptions.  If you complain about it, they will say it was meant to be seen only by those who weren't currently subscribed, despite the ad saying "every box" and not noting anywhere that it was only for people who weren't currently subscribed.


My hair has been a little drier than usual, so I was happy to see the Kevin.Murphy Hydrate-Me.Masque in my box.  This contains rosehip and evening primrose oil, plus it has teeny capsules in it that contain kakadu plum, seaweed, and vitamins.  The capsules burst when the masque is applied and give you added moisture.  To use this, you apply it to your hair after shampooing, massage it in, allow it to set for five to ten minutes, then rinse.  This gave me a good amount of hydration and made my hair shinier and softer.  

Swatch of Rodial XXL Lip Liner in Nude

Swatch of Rodial XXL Lip Liner in Nude

All subscribers got the Rodial XXL Lip Liner in Nude.  The color matched my lips somewhat well, so I could use this with most lipstick colors.  I prefer clear lip liner, though, so I can overline my lips a bit to prevent feathering without giving me that horrible overlined look.  This is a pretty basic lip liner -- it worked fine, but there wasn't anything special about it.


The Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm smells so good!  It has sweet orange, neroli, and mandarin in it.  You mix the balm with a few drops of water and apply to your face to remove makeup and dirt.  They recommend using it for dry or mature skin.  My skin isn't dry and isn't quite yet "mature," but this worked quite well for me.  It was a little hard to remove it, but I rubbed it off with a dry towel as suggested then followed up with some water to get the rest of it off.  I still remove the bulk of my makeup with a makeup remover wipe, but this gets the rest of it off without drying out your skin.


Vitry Nail Repair Care is a nail treatment that is supposed to rejuvenate your nails.  You apply it to clean nails every two days and it's supposed to make your nails look like new in two weeks.  You can use it as a base coat under polish and it is supposed to help prevent chipping.  I haven't used this for the full two weeks, so I haven't really seen any drastic results at this point.  Has anyone used this for an extended period of time?  Did it give you good results?


The final product was the Spa To You Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Brush and Massager.  You're supposed to use this to clean your face, but the bristles were a little on the rough side, so it's not something I will be using.  I tried it once, but it's just very scratchy feeling, so I don't recommend this brush.

This wasn't a bad Glossybox, but it wasn't the best.  The only product I disliked was the face brush.  The Vitry nail care product may work well, but I haven't used it long enough to see results.  The Rodial lip liner was okay, but nothing special.  I quite liked the Emma Hardie cleansing balm and the Kevin.Murphy hair masque.  

What did you think of the May Glossybox?  Did you get the same products?