FabFitFun Editor's Box, Spring 2017

FabFitFun, $49.99 per quarter (free shipping to continental US; add $8 for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada)


My little Mickey is so grown up!  When he born, he was so little we weren't sure he would make it, but now he is a big, strong, young bunny.  He likes FabFitFun because it is one of the only boxes he can still fit into.

FabFitFun is a quarterly lifestyle box that sends subscribers a mix of beauty products, jewelry, accessories, fitness products, and home goods.  All subscribers receive the same products with some color and/or scent variations.  If you're a yearly subscriber, FabFitFun allows you to choose the variations you would like.  The box always has a value of $200+.  FFF also has a charity they partner with each quarter. 


Here's what I got in the FabFitFun Editor's Box:

The box was worth $287.99.  You can never beat FabFitFun's value!  As you might remember, I already reviewed the spring box.  When FabFitFun sells out of a box before the next season's box comes out, they put out an Editor's Box for new subscribers.  They also offer the Editor's Box for purchase to those who are already subscribers.  The Editor's Box is a mix of products from past boxes and new products.  


The Gypsy05 Beach Roundie was originally in the spring box.  This time, though, they included new styles!  I got the Cool Geometrical print.  They offered the Warm Geometrical, Blue Tie-dye, and Yellow Paisley prints in the spring box.  I love the print I got!  I wish there was better lighting in the room where I had space to lay the roundie flat for the picture of the entire roundie, but you can see how the colors look in good lighting in the picture on the left.  Roundies can be used as a beach or picnic blanket, a throw to put over the back of a couch or chair, or a tapestry.  They're really cute and I like having a new print!


LuvAJ products have appeared in FabFitFun boxes before, but I believe this necklace is new to the Editor's Box.  The Full Bloom Lariat Rose Gold with White Swarovskis is really pretty.  The necklace is plated with rose gold and has a circle with three crystals in it, then a chain hanging down from the circle with a diamond shape at the end that contains another crystal.  I wasn't sure what I thought of lariat necklaces, but then I got one in the winter FabFitFun box and it has become one of my favorite necklaces.  I don't love this necklace quite as much as the one in the winter box, but I like it a lot.


The Rifle Paper Co. Herb Garden Coaster Set is another product that is new to the Editor's Box.  These are sturdy coasters made of pulp board that come in four beautiful floral designs.  As these are made of paper, they won't last forever, but, provided you aren't too messy, each one should last for at least a few uses.  I love all four of the designs, but the pale pink one is my favorite.


The Marrakesh Oil was originally featured in the spring 2016 FabFitFun.  I didn't get that box, but I've gotten a small sample of this product in a box before.  This is Original Scent, which is warm and spicy.  I don't normally like scents like this, but I love this one!  This oil can be used in wet or dry hair.  It makes my hair soft, smooth, and shiny, and doesn't weigh my hair down.  It says it cuts drying time in half, but I haven't tried it on wet hair.  I highly recommend this product if you're looking for a good hair oil.


FabFitFun put out their own coloring books and colored pencils for the fall 2016 box.  They made Things and Nature coloring books.  The colored pencils aren't of the best quality, so I recommend getting your own crayons, markers, or colored pencils to use in coloring books.  The books have lots of fun, interesting pictures drawn by different artists.  These aren't the extraordinarily complex adult coloring books I've seen recently, but they're great for when you want to color something but don't want something that will take you hours.  I love that adult coloring books have taken off.  I have always enjoyed coloring, so I would buy kids' coloring books until several years ago when the adult coloring book fad started.  It's nice to have more complex pictures to color.

Swatches of RealHer Play Book I Shadow Palette in Be Your Own Kind of Beauty, left to right: Fine, Fabulous, Fun, Strong, Proud, Courageous, Smart, Creative, Unique

Swatches of RealHer Play Book I Shadow Palette in Be Your Own Kind of Beauty, left to right: Fine, Fabulous, Fun, Strong, Proud, Courageous, Smart, Creative, Unique

The RealHer Play Book Shadow Palette in Be Your Own Kind of Beauty hasn't shown up in a FabFitFun box before.  There were RealHer lip kits in the spring box, though.  I've been seeing a lot of RealHer lately and I quite like the company.  These eyeshadows have a lot of pigment and stayed on all day when I used my Urban Decay primer.  The colors weren't really for me, though.  I have gotten so many nude and neutral palettes in boxes.  I wish that boxes would do something a little different sometimes.  RealHer has a smoky violets palette that I would have loved to have gotten in place of this!  


We got Anderson Lilley Beach Butter Body Cream in the winter 2016 box.  I had gotten the Winter in Manhattan Beach scent in December, so I was hoping to get the Sicilian Tangerine scent in this box.  I love citrus scents, so I would love to try that lotion!  Fortunately, Winter in Manhattan Beach smells fabulous.  It has a very fresh, clean scent with notes of bergamot, citrus, Brazilian soft woods, white jasmine, heliotrope, and musk.  Everyone who smells this falls in love with the scent!  The cream is very moisturizing.  It's not the most moisturizing body cream I've tried, but it's good, and perfect if you want a beautifully scented body butter.


The Spongellé Bulgarian Rose Limited Edition Buffer was originally in the fall 2016 box.  This is a sponge that is infused with rose-scented body wash.   It's reusable and should last you fourteen or more uses.  You can continue to use the sponge after that, but the body wash will no longer be in it.  This Spongellé is very strongly scented!  I like rose scents, but this is a little over the top.  That said, I do like the sponge and use it, even though the scent is a little stronger than I would like.  The sponge is gently exfoliating.  I don't find that I smell all that much like rose once I've rinsed off.


The O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face was originally in the winter 2016 box.  To use this, you spray it on to dry skin, then wipe it off with a towel or rinse it off with water.  This exfoliates your skin and makes it extra soft and smooth.  I liked getting  this in the winter box, so I was happy to have another one.

I'm loving this latest FabFitFun Editor's Box!  It had a good mix of new products and past favorites.  If I had to choose favorite products, it would be the roundie, the lotion, and the necklace.  I quite liked the O.R.G. peel, the Marrakesh Oil, and the coasters, too.  The coloring book, the sponge, and the eyeshadow palette were okay.  

I'm getting really excited for the summer FabFitFun box!  There are some spoilers out and it's shaping up to be another fabulous box!