ipsy Review, April 2017

ipsy, $10 per month (add $4.95 for Canadian orders)


Rosita is just the cutest with one paw resting on the top of the bag and the other hanging down a bit.  Her ears are starting to go down.  My baby bun is growing up too fast!

ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription that costs only $10 per month.  Subscribers receive five items each month plus a cute makeup bag.  ipsy customizes the products based on subscriber profiles, but they tend to be heavier on makeup than skincare.  You'll get a mix of both drugstore and higher end brands in an ipsy bag.  Most items are deluxe sample size and occasionally even full size. 


Here's what came in my April Glam Bag:

My April ipsy was worth $34.06.  This is definitely on the lower end of ipsy values, but it's still not bad for a $10 subscription.  The full size OFRA blush sells for $15, but their full size godet refills retail for $12.  They don't currently sell the godet version of the Peach pressed blush, but they have other colors of the pressed blush available for $12, so that is the value I used.  I got three full size items and two small samples.  Three of the products were makeup, one was skincare, and one was a beauty tool.  ipsy has a theme each month and this month's theme was Sideshow.  The theme applies more to the bag design than the products.  This month's bag is shaped like a ticket.  It's pretty cute.  All the pictures of it make it look bright red, but it is more of a reddish-orange that is somewhat muted.  I like how the ticket number is April 1, 2017 backwards.

Swatch of OFRA Cosmetics Pressed Blush in Peach

Swatch of OFRA Cosmetics Pressed Blush in Peach

First up is the OFRA Cosmetics Pressed Plush in Peach.  It's the godet (or pan) only, not in the little plastic container, so you will have to stick it in a Z-palette.  I like this color a lot more than I expected.  It is a pale peach with tons of shimmer and it looked great on me.  This could be used as a highlighter if it is too pale for you to use as a blush.  It went on smoothly and was quite buildable so I could get a little extra color.  It held up all day.  OFRA usually isn't my favorite cosmetics company, but I really liked this blush.


Touch in Sol is a Korean beauty company that I wasn't familiar with.  The No Poreblem! Primer is silicone-based, but it's creamier than most silicone-based primers.  A lot of silicone primers (e.g., Smashbox Photo Finish) feel like they are floating on my skin, so I try to avoid them.  While I wouldn't go out and buy this primer, No Poreblem! didn't make me feel like I had a layer of grease coating my face.  It does have a flattering blurring effect and my makeup stayed on all day over this primer.


Glamour Dolls is putting out a Lisa Frank collection!  It's available for pre-order now, but it will be a few months before the products start shipping.  ipsy subscribers are some of the first people to get this brush!  The brush is soft and did a pretty good job applying my blush.  It's a $5 brush, so it's not the highest quality, but it gets the job done.  I love the unicorn and butterfly design.  If you're looking for a high quality makeup brush, this won't be for you, but if you want something cute and fun that reminds you of your fourth grade Trapper Keeper, be sure to pre-order some of the products from this collection.


I love Skin & Co. Roma's Truffle Therapy line, so I am always happy to get another one of their products!  This is my first time trying the toner. Skin & Co. says this toner is supposed to cleanse and purify, plus prevent breakouts by removing dead skin and bacteria.  I love the scent of the Truffle Therapy line.  At $27, this isn't a cheap toner, but I think it might be worth it.  It's definitely one of my favorite toners.


The TONYMOLY Lip Tone Lip Care Stick is a tinted balm that comes in Honey Moisture, Rose Blossom, and Mint Light.  The color subscribers received varied.  I got Rose Blossom, which is supposed to give your lips some intense hydration with shea butter, Bulgarian rose, camellia oil, and rosehip oil.  The rose scent is a little strong for my liking, but it's okay.  I like rose scents, but I don't really want them on my face.  It was moisturizing, but I didn't notice any color.  I tried to swatch this, but it wasn't visible on my skin.  If you're looking for actual tint, this won't be the balm for you.

Overall, this wasn't a bad month for ipsy.  I loved the toner and the Lisa Frank brush.  The OFRA blush was also quite nice.  The TONYMOLY lip balm and the Touch in Sole primer were just okay.  Three out of five products isn't bad for ipsy.  If I had to choose a favorite item this month, it would be the toner.

What did you think of the April ipsy?  What did you get in your bag?