Goodbeing Review, April 2017

Goodbeing, $21.95 per month (free shipping to US; add $9 for addresses in Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand)


Melba is a natural when it comes to modeling!  She loves Goodbeing because it is a cruelty-free box.

Goodbeing is a monthly natural beauty box.  Subscribers fill out extensive profiles upon subscribing.  Each month, you'll get four to five products.  Besides the expected makeup, hair care, and skincare products, you also sometimes get health foods and supplements.  Goodbeing recently began allowing subscribers to choose one to two products per month.  You don't have to choose any products if you don't want, but it's nice to have the option.  The one thing I find annoying about Goodbeing is that you get small product information cards for each product instead of one big card that has all the products on it.  They get lost easily.  I understand, though, that that helps make it so that Goodbeing can personalize boxes more easily, so I'm okay with it as I'd rather have a personalized box than one big card.


Here's what I got this month:

My April Goodbeing was worth $51, which is almost 2.5 times the cost of the box.  This month, I got two dental care products, two skincare products, a nail polish, and a lip balm.  Goodbeing has been going really light on makeup lately.  I would like to see them include more makeup in the boxes again.  


First up, we have Good Medicine's Clarity Awakening Face Cream.  I've gotten a few Good Medicine products over the last few months and I liked them for the most part.  Clarity is a thick moisturizer that has a strong but pleasant scent to it.  The moisturizer is supposed to reduce redness and inflammation, and heal, protect, hydrate, brighten, and firm the skin.  This was hydrating but non-greasy and absorbed quickly.  It wasn't my favorite moisturizer, but it's a good one.


One of my product choices for April was Londontown Lakur Enhanced Colour in Chuffed to Bits.  They also offered the colors Camden Chic, an orange crème, and Teatime, a nude crème, as options.  Chuffed to Bits, a periwinkle crème, isn't what I would normally wear on my nails, but I didn't have any colors quite like it.  I liked the color more than I expected.  It looked pretty on my nails and it held up for a couple of days without chipping, which is good for me.


I got the American Provenance Lip Balm in Grapefruit several months ago and liked it, so I made the lip balm in Cardamom one of my sample choices for April.  This has a spicy sweet scent to it that I really liked.  It is a little gritty for a lip balm, but it still works well. 

I wouldn't have chosen the lip balm as a sample choice, but the sample options for April weren't all that impressive.  I've found that to be the case a lot lately with Goodbeing.  They started sample choice in the late summer and, during the first few months, there were lots of fabulous options and it was hard to choose.  The past few months, though, nothing has really stood out.  In fact, for May, I made one sample choice, but I didn't choose a second product as none of the other options appealed to me.  I'll probably still get one of the products that I didn't choose.


The Noctua-Diem Orange and Neroli Balancing Face Mist is a toner that is meant for oily and combination skin.  The neroli scent is pretty strong.  I didn't like neroli for quite a while, but the scent has been growing on me, which is good as I've gotten a lot of neroli products lately!  This toner made my skin feel tight and didn't dry my skin out.  It's great for oil control.  The only ingredients are orange essential oil, juniper berry essential oil, and neroli floral water.  If you like neroli, you'll love this toner.


Finally, we had two packets of Masigi Pulling Oil, one in Boost and one in Fresh.  Pulling oil, if you aren't familiar, is oil you swish around in your mouth for five to thirty minutes (you are supposed to start at 5 minutes and slowly build up the amount of time you swish) and then spit it out. It is meant to clean your teeth and improve gum health.  Both of the packets contain organic virgin coconut oil.  The Boost contains grapefruit, ginger, cinnamon, and peppermint, and is supposed to stimulate your metabolism.  The Fresh contains peppermint and spearmint oils to freshen your breath. I know a lot of people love pulling oil, but it is just not for me.  I just can't swish something around in my mouth for so long.  The taste was okay, but not my favorite.

This wasn't the best Goodbeing I've gotten.  When I started subscribing to Goodbeing last June, I got some great boxes, but the past few months have been a little disappointing.  I used to think that Goodbeing paid a lot of attention to my profile that I filled out and selected appropriate products for me, but I haven't felt like that lately.  I don't hate the box, but it isn't as good as the Goodbeings I used to get.  I liked all the products except the pulling oil, but I didn't love any of them -- they were good, but not great.

What did you think of the April Goodbeing box?  Did you get similar products?  Do you feel that Goodbeing has been paying attention to your profile and choosing the perfect products for you?