Terra Bella Box Review, March 2017

Terra Bella Box, $32.95 per month (free shipping to US, see site for international shipping rates)


Little baby Mickey was all about digging in the squiggles.  He keeps hoping to find some parsley in a box.

Terra Bella Box is a monthly natural, cruelty-free beauty box that features products made by small businesses.  Subscribers receive three to four skincare, hair care, and/or bath products per month.  Terra Bella has started a second box, The Makeup Edit, so if you prefer makeup products to skincare, then that might be the box for you.  You are able to switch back and forth between The Makeup Edit and Terra Bella subscriptions if you want.  The Makeup Edit is $29.95 per month, so it's a little cheaper than Terra Bella.  

Terra Bella Box sent me this box free of charge for review.


Here's what I got in my March Terra Bella Box:

My March box was worth $72.  That's more than double the price of the box, so I'm happy with the value.  Previously, all subscribers received the same products with perhaps some scent and color variation, but Terra Bella Box did something a little different this month.  All subscribers received the Cultivar moisturizer and then three different Wellsmith products.  The products you could potentially receive were the Extra Large Bath Bomb (in either Vanilla/Lavender or Green Tea/Aloe), Hydrating Lip Balm (flavors varied), Solid Perfume (scents varied), Herbal Bath Tea (in Relax, Detox, Sitz, or Basic), and Scented Shea Butter (scents varied).  I've linked to the Wellsmith store above, but it doesn't appear that they have any products available for sale at this time.


The product that all subscribers received was the Cultivar Organic Deeply Nourishing Daily Moisturizer.  You may remember that we got a Cultivar product in the September Terra Bella Box, the Clean and Healthy Organic Dry Shampoo.  I was expecting this to be a cream, but it is actually a liquid.  This is a mix of moisturizing oils, including argan, meadowfoam seed, rice bran, peach kernel, Abyssinian, chia seed, prickly pear cactus, and a blend of essential oils.  The lavender in the essential oil blend is the strongest scent, but I don't mind it.  To use this, you apply a couple of drops to your face and massage in.  I found it took a couple of minutes to fully absorb, but it didn't feel greasy after it finished absorbing.  It was extremely moisturizing.  I would recommend this if you need a hardcore facial moisturizer.


One of the three Wellsmith products I received was the Herbal Bath Tea in Relax.  I got the Detox tea in the January 2016 Terra Bella Box and loved it, so I was happy to get a new one to try this month.  There are two ways to use this bath tea.  As you can see, there is a muslin bag attached to the back of the packaging.  You pour the contents of the plastic bag into the muslin bag and let it steep in boiling water for fifteen minutes, then dump the water in your bath.  Alternatively, you can just dip the bag in your bath water.  The "tea" is a blend of Epsom salt, chamomile, rose, lemongrass, passionflower, and orange peel.  It smells great and is, of course, very relaxing.  This is a special treat!  It's the perfect thing for the end of a long, stressful day.


The second Wellsmith product I got was the Solid Perfume in Patchouli/Orange Scent.  This was my least favorite product in the box this month.  The beeswax made it a little stickier than I was expecting.  While I love citrus scents, patchouli just isn't for me and this was heavier on the patchouli than the orange.  It held up all day, though.  I'm not sure what other scents of solid perfume Wellsmith makes, but I would be interested in trying them.


The final product I got was the Wellsmith Refreshing Bath Bomb in Green Tea/Aloe.  This was my favorite product in my Terra Bella Box this month.  This thing is huge!  I think this is the biggest bath bomb I have ever had.  The aloe scent was soft but noticeable and was relaxing.  The bomb was very hydrating.  I didn't want to get out of the tub because I loved this so much.  I might have to buy some of these once Wellsmith restocks their store.

I'm very happy with my Terra Bella Box this month!  I like that they did something a little different and had product variation, but had all the product variations be from the same company.  The Wellsmith bath bomb was definitely my favorite product this month, but the Cultivar moisturizer was a close second.  I also quite liked the bath tea.  The solid perfume wasn't for me, but that's just because patchouli isn't my scent.  The March Terra Bella Box was a lot of fun!