Play! by Sephora Review, March 2017

Play! by Sephora, $10 per month (US only)


Could Apple be any cuter?  I love her baby bunny side-eye.  

Play! is Sephora's monthly beauty box.  At $10 per month, it is very affordable.  All of the products can be found at your local Sephora, so, if you really like something, it's easy to get more.  Each month, subscribers receive a makeup bag, a mix of five makeup, skincare, and hair care products, plus one perfume sample.  Sephora customizes the boxes somewhat based on profiles you fill out upon subscribing.  You also receive a card that will get you fifty extra Beauty Insider points with any purchase at a Sephora and an invitation to a Play Date, which is an event held at select Sephoras for subscribers to go and learn more about the products in that month's box.  Unfortunately, there are very few stores that have the Play Date, so you may not have one in your area.  There is a waiting list for this subscription, but they open it up every month or two.


Here's what I got this month:

My March Play! was worth $54.64,which isn't bad at all for a $10 box.  This month's theme was The Gleam Team.  Most months, all subscribers get a few of the same items and then there are a few variations.  This month, though, the only product that all subscribers received was the GLAMGLOW GLOWSTARTER.  I got one hair product, one perfume, three makeup items, and a skincare/makeup item.  It was definitely heavy on the makeup, but that is pretty common for this subscription.  


I was happy that Sephora was getting away from the plain white cotton bag and having different colors and fabrics for the bags, but they're back to the plain white cotton this month.  This material gets stained so easily, so it's a horrible choice for a makeup bag. 

Swatch of GLAMGLOW GLOWSTARTER Mega Illuminating Moisturizer in Nude Glow

Swatch of GLAMGLOW GLOWSTARTER Mega Illuminating Moisturizer in Nude Glow

The only product all subscribers received this month was the GLAMGLOW GLOWSTARTER Mega Illuminating Moisturizer in Nude Glow.  This is a moisturizer that blurs imperfections and makes skin more radiant looking.  If you have good skin, you could use this alone and skip the foundation.  This made my skin glow, but it was hard to see the effects under my foundation.  It was very hydrating.  It has a sweet smell to it that I didn't mind, but I didn't love it either.  The scent is quite strong, so if you are sensitive to scents, this probably won't be for you.


I got another volumizer, which is the last thing my hair needs.  The Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast is a volumizing spray that has a sweet floral fragrance to it.  I quite like the scent, but it is rather strong.  I tried this and found that it gave me some volume, but not tons, and it held up all day.  If you need a volumizer, this is a good choice.

Swatch of Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up! Cream-to-Powder Highlighter

Swatch of Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up! Cream-to-Powder Highlighter

Benefit Cosmetics' Watt's Up! is a highlighter that has been around for years, so I was a little surprised to see it in my Play! box.  It is a good product, but Sephora usually includes products that are a little newer to the market.  This is a cream stick highlighter that turns to powder after you apply it.  You can use a light hand for a subtle look or build it up some for a more dramatic look.  I like the formula a lot, so I'm always happy to get another sample of it.

Swatch of Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in I-544 Pink Granite

Swatch of Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in I-544 Pink Granite

I'm a little annoyed with Sephora for including this next sample.  We got the Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in I-544 Pink Granite in the August box, so I can't believe they would include the exact same sample again.  They should have chosen a different type of eyeshadow entirely, or at least a different color of this same type of eyeshadow.  The color is pretty enough, but it is more of a warm tan than a pink granite.  The formula goes on easily, has minimal fallout, and looks as good at the end of the day as it does at the beginning.  The pigment is okay, but not great.  I had to build it up quite a bit to get the color you see above.

Swatch of Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Luminizing Drops

Swatch of Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Luminizing Drops

I know The Gleam Team is this month's theme, but two highlighters in one box is a little excessive.  Sephora seems to love putting highlighters in Play!  Algenist's REVEAL Concentrated Luminizing Drops can be used on their own as a highlighter or you can mix a little into your moisturizer or foundation for some all over radiance.  A little goes a long way with this, so start out with a teeny bit and build your way up.  This gave me a soft, pretty highlight and was easy to blend out.  I tried it in my foundation and it gave me a very subtle glow.  Play! subscribers received the color Pearl, which gives you a silver glow, but Algenist also makes Champagne, which gives you a gold glow, and Rosé, which gives you a pink glow.  Champagne would have been my choice, but I was okay with the Pearl.  


This month's perfume sample was Atelier's Clémentine California Cologne Absolue.  I have liked most Atelier perfumes I've tried, so I was happy to get one of their newest fragrances.  Clémentine California has notes of clementine, mandarin, juniper berries, star anise, Sichuan pepper, basilica, vetiver, sandalwood, and cypress.  This reminds me a bit of Liz Claiborne's Mambo from the early 2000s.  I love the fresh citrus scent.  Unfortunately, this wore off by the middle of the day.  I expect better staying power from an expensive perfume.  I really like this, though, so I kind of want to buy it.  

This was a pretty good Play! by Sephora box.  The Living Proof volumizer was a miss for me, but that's just because I have thick hair and don't need more volume.  The Make Up For Ever eyeshadow was nice, but I'm annoyed with Sephora for including the same item in the same color that they had back in August.  I was very happy with the GLAMGLOW GLOWSTARTER, the Benefit Watt's Up!, the Algenist REVEAL, and the Atelier Clémentine California.  I liked two-thirds of the products, so that's not bad.  If I had to choose a favorite, it would be the Atelier perfume.

What did you think of this month's Play! by Sephora?  Did you get the same products or did you get one of the other variations?