Mommy Mailbox Review, March 2017

Mommy Mailbox, $33.95 per month (free shipping to US; ships to Canada for $10.50 extra)


Little Pine is having fun in Mommy Mailbox!  He was hoping there would be treats for him inside.

Mommy Mailbox is a monthly box of beauty products, home goods, and snacks.  Don't let the name scare you away -- this isn't just for moms!  I've never seen anything in the box that could be used only by mothers.  The box reminds me a little bit of PopSugar in that it's more of a lifestyle box than a beauty box.  Each month, Mommy Mailbox has a different mom blogger curate the box.  This month's curator was Krysta Monet, who runs Crinkles and Dimples, and her theme was Happiness.  All subscribers receive the same products.

Mommy Mailbox sent me this box free of charge for review.


Here's what came in the March Mommy Mailbox:

This month's box was worth $92.50.  That's close to three times the price of the box, so I am happy with the value.  We got a good mix of products, too, with beauty products, a home item, and a beverage.


First up, we have the Your Tea Happy Tea.  This tea contains chrysanthemum, barbary wolfberry fruit, hawthorn fruit, lemon, rose flower, and Chinese red tea.  Tea isn't my favorite thing, but I gave it a try and thought it was okay.  This is called Happy Tea because it is supposed to improve your mood and decrease anxiety.  I can't say I noticed those effects after one cup of it, but I suspect you'd have to drink it regularly for it to work.

Swatches of Bellápierre XII Eyeshadow Palette Go Natural, left to right: Frost, Sorbet, Last Call, Femme, Catty, Utopia, Coin, Ash, Melrose, Intrigue, Dagger, Embellish.

Swatches of Bellápierre XII Eyeshadow Palette Go Natural, left to right: Frost, Sorbet, Last Call, Femme, Catty, Utopia, Coin, Ash, Melrose, Intrigue, Dagger, Embellish.

Bellápierre is one of those brands you see all the time in subscription boxes, and I used to not be a big fan.  After the Bellápierre mascara I got last month in my ipsy and now this eyeshadow palette, I am liking the brand more.  The eyeshadows have great pigment and stay on all day with my Urban Decay primer.  The fourth eyeshadow from the left, Femme, was a little chalky and didn't have quite as much pigment as the other shadows, but that is just one of twelve, so it wasn't a big deal.  The neutral colors aren't really my favorite -- I prefer bolder colors -- but they're good to have on hand when I need to be a little more conservative with my makeup or need a brow or crease color.  The darker colors on the right side (Intrigue, Dagger, and Embellish) were my favorite colors in the palette.


I've seen Parlo Cosmetics products a few times in boxes recently and I've liked what I've seen from them so far, so I was happy to get their Shave Whip in the March Mommy Mailbox.  This Shave Whip is in the Field of Dreams scent, which doesn't seem to be available on Parlo's website, so it may have been made exclusively for Mommy Mailbox.  If it was, I hope they eventually start selling this shave whip!  It has a beautiful, sweet floral scent to it.  This is an airy, pink whipped shaving cream.  It was easy to apply and gave me a smooth shave.  


Finally, we have a beautiful print from Lulu's Jewels.  I love succulents, so I think this is adorable.  I am having trouble deciding on the perfect place to display it, but I will find a special spot for it soon.  This would look great framed or displayed on a little plastic holder.  I don't know that I have ever gotten a print in a box before, so I'm excited to be getting something different!  It makes me want to go out and get some succulents!  Unfortunately, I murder every succulent I so much as look at.  I have a green thumb and can grow a gorgeous garden, but I cannot keep a houseplant alive to save my life.  I always end up watering them too much or too little.  

I have to say that Krysta Monet did an excellent job curating a box that captured happiness!  The tea wasn't quite for me as I am not a tea drinker, but it fit in well with the theme, and I loved everything else in the box.  It's hard to pick a favorite item as the print, the palette, and the shave whip were all amazing, but I think the print wins by a nose.  I get so many beauty and makeup products, so it's nice to have something a little different.  I'm so glad that Mommy Mailbox asked me to start reviewing their box as I never would have discovered it on my own.  I thought it was strictly a parenting box, but it's not like that at all.  It would make a nice treat for a busy mom, but it would make a nice treat for a woman without kids, too!

What did you think of the March Mommy Mailbox?  If you're a tea drinker, did you find that the tea helped improve your mood?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!