FabFitFun Review, Spring 2017

FabFitFun, $49.99 per quarter (free shipping to continental US; add $8 shipping for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada)


Emmett was a little cranky and didn't feel like modeling.  Fortunately, he let me get a few pictures.  He's just the cutest.  I wish he had let me get his eyes in the picture.

FabFitFun is a quarterly lifestyle box that sends subscribers a mix of beauty products, jewelry, accessories, fitness products, and home goods.  All subscribers receive the same products with some color and/or scent variations.  If you're a yearly subscriber, FabFitFun allows you to choose the variations you would like.  The box always has a value of $200+.  FFF also has a charity they partner with each quarter.  This quarter's was More Than Me, which is an organization that helps Liberian girls get an education.  Usually they have a product in the box that is linked to the charity, but they didn't this quarter.  


Here's what we got this quarter:

My Spring FabFitFun box was worth $458.75!  The boxes were supposed to come with either the Luv AJ earrings or the Emerald Duv bracelet, but FabFitFun allowed subscribers to get both if they paid an extra $10.  I decided to pay the $10 so I could have both.  If you didn't get both, the box was worth $378.75 if you got the earrings or $373.75 if you got the bracelet.  We definitely got out money's worth!  FabFitFun is offering subscribers access to FabFitFun TV, which has exercise videos, but I didn't include that in the value as I'm not sure how much it's worth.  This quarter, we got one to two jewelry pieces, five beauty products, an accessory, one home item, a vitamin, and then the fitness videos.  It was a little heavy on beauty, but I don't mind that at all.  FabFitFun featured seven brands that were founded by women in this box, which I love.  This quarter's charity was More Than Me, which is an organization that helps Liberian girls get an education.  Usually they have a product in the box that is linked to the charity, but they didn't this quarter.  


Subscribers received one of four MILLY Zip Pouches  -- white Slay All Day, pink Haute Mess, blue Beach Please, and green Resting Beach Face.  These are waterproof and perfect for holding your bikini.  While annual subscribers can pick most of their variations, this was one product that you couldn't pick which one you wanted.  Everyone was surprised.  I thought they were all cute, so I didn't care which one I got, although I wish Slay All Day were pink instead of white.  White is kind of plain and I know I will get it dirty, especially at the beach.  It's well made and is bigger than I expected.  It would also make a great travel bag for toiletries that could leak.  It looks like these styles were made exclusively for FabFitFun as MILLY has similar products but not the exact same bags available on their site.  I wouldn't pay $45 for one of these, but I'm happy to have it.


FabFitFun did something a little different this quarter.  As I said above, annual subscribers are able to choose a couple of their variations each quarter, but those who subscribe by the quarter are not.  For the Spring 2017 box, though, FabFitFun offered both quarter-to-quarter and annual subscribers a choice between the Emerald Duv cuff and the Luv AJ earrings.  They didn't show you pictures, just told you that you could choose between an Emerald Duv cage bracelet made of gold-plated brass and worth $80 or a Luv AJ earring set with rose gold climbers and studs with stones and worth $85.  I love that they did that.  They gave you enough information that you could have a general idea of which one would be your style, but still gave you a bit of a surprise.  Of course, anyone who was motivated enough could figure out which products they were talking about by looking through the products on the Emerald Duv and Luv AJ websites.  Not everyone has pierced ears, so that was smart of them to allow all subscribers, not just annual members, to choose.  FabFitFun allowed subscribers to get both pieces for an extra $10 for a limited time (offer no longer available), so I couldn't pass that up!

Okay, now to actually review the Emerald Duv Joshua Tree Cage Bracelet!  This definitely wasn't a bracelet I would have chosen for myself as it is a little on the plain side, but it has grown on me.  The back side has a gap between the two sides that allows you to slip it on your wrist.  If you have bigger wrists, sadly, this might not work for you.  It's simple and classic and could work for a casual outing or something a little fancier.  It's very versatile.  


The second piece of jewelry was the Luv AJ Diamond Kite Crawler and Stud Set in Rose Gold.  It is made of rose gold-plated brass.  I prefer rose gold and gold to silver, but I'm surprised that they didn't have a silver option.  These earrings have Swarovski crystals on them.  The studs are small and go through your piercings.  The crawlers have a little bar that hooks onto your ear, so you could wear them without the studs if you don't have pierced ears.  These aren't my usual style, but I like them.  I have nothing similar!  Both of the jewelry pieces pushed me out of my comfort zone a bit, but I ended up loving them.


My favorite product is the Gypsy05 Roundie!  There were three styles -- Warm Geometrical, Yellow Paisley, Blue Tie Dye -- and annual subscribers were able to choose which one they wanted.  The roundies were made exclusively for FabFitFun.  These are thin cotton blankets that can be used for the beach or picnic, or it can be used as a tapestry or draped over furniture. FabFitFun even says you can use them as a shawl, but I think that would look a little weird.  These things are huge!  I really wanted the Warm Geometrical print, so I was a little disappointed that I got Yellow Paisley, but it's grown on me.  It's a cute pattern.  I hated the Blue Tie Dye, so I was very happy I didn't get that one.  I'm just not a tie dye person.  I will probably hang this on the wall or put it on the back of the couch.

Swatches of Deborah Lippman Like a Virgin (left) and Shape of My Heart (right)

Swatches of Deborah Lippman Like a Virgin (left) and Shape of My Heart (right)

I've gotten Deborah Lippmann nail polish in boxes before and I wasn't all that impressed.  The color went on kind of streaky for me.  I was hoping maybe it was just the color I was using, but it happened again with the nail polish in this set.  The white one above, Like a Virgin, i somewhat sheer.  The pink polish, Shape of My Heart, is supposed to be a creme and not sheer, but even that was a little on the sheer side.  I had to do four coats to get the coverage you see above.  It was just so streaky and it was hard to get an even coat.  I know a lot of people love Deborah Lippmann nail polish, so I can't help but wonder if I am somehow doing something wrong.  Has anyone had better luck with Deborah Lippmann nail polish?


I've tried Karuna's hand mask before, but this is my first time getting a facial sheet mask from them.  Karuna makes masks that are a little on the pricey side -- this box of four costs $28!  The Hydrating+ mask is, as you might have guessed, moisturizing.  The masks themselves are made from wood pulp, so they are on the thick side, which makes them easier to use than the cheap, extra thin ones that are almost impossible to open up.  I found that the mask fit my face well and didn't need to be constantly adjusted as some sheet masks do.  The mask contains hyaluronic acid, peptides, aloe vera, chamomile, Chinese licorice, and vitamin B.  You let it set on your face for ten to twenty minutes, then remove and rub the remaining liquid into your face and neck.  This gave me lots of moisture, but I wish these had come in the winter box instead of the spring box as winter is when my skin needs the hydration the most. 

Swatches of RealHer I Am Fabulous Lip Kit in Deep Red, left to right: Matte Liquid Lipstick in I Am Tough Royal Red (True Red), Lip Plumping Lip Gloss in I Am a Fighter, and Lip Liner in Be Yourself Be RealHer

Swatches of RealHer I Am Fabulous Lip Kit in Deep Red, left to right: Matte Liquid Lipstick in I Am Tough Royal Red (True Red), Lip Plumping Lip Gloss in I Am a Fighter, and Lip Liner in Be Yourself Be RealHer

The RealHer Lip Kit came in three shades -- I Am Fabulous (Deep Red), I Am Awesome (Deep Nude), and Women Rule the World (Pink). Annual subscribers were able to choose their color.  I was happy that I got the red.  I definitely didn't want the nude.  Part of me hoped to get the pink, though.  I prefer red lipstick, but that also means that I have a lot more reds than I do pinks, so getting a pink kit would have been nice.  The kit comes with a matte liquid lipstick, a plumping gloss, and a liner.  As you can see in the swatches above, they all have amazing pigment.  The lip liner and liquid lipstick had impressive staying power and looked great on me.  I didn't really notice a plumping effect from the gloss and it didn't stay on all that long, but it didn't have that gross, sticky feeling a lot of glosses have.  I'll be using the liner and liquid lipstick regularly.


Getting a full size Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator (worth $79!) is a treat!  I've gotten teeny samples of this product several times before.  Lactic acid and aluminum oxide work together to gently exfoliate the skin and ward off signs of aging.  It also contains chamomile, jojoba, and aloe vera to protect and soothe skin.  This is one of my favorite exfoliators.  You apply a bit to your face, rub it in, and then rinse.  It's expensive, but it's worth it.


While I've gotten the Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! mask more times than I can count, I think this is my first time getting the Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-in Conditioning Spray.  To use this,  you spray it in damp hair, and it is supposed to moisturize, strengthen, and protect your hair.  My hair has been on the dry side lately, so I needed this!  This left my hair looking shinier, and feeling softer and less dry, so I'm quite impressed by it.  If your hair could use some love, I'd recommend giving this a try!


The sponsored extra product this month was the Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummies.  This contains biotin and vitamins C and E.  They are strawberry flavored and taste okay, but not great.  I wish they made orange ones as orange gummies have always been my favorite.  I haven't used these long enough to see a difference, but a little extra biotin and vitamins can't hurt.


Finally, for the Fit part of the name, FabFitFun has started FabFitFun TV, which is for subscribers only and has workout videos online.  I'm bad and pretty much never work out, so I don't imagine I will be using this.

I'm loving my Spring FabFitFun!  They always put out such a fun box.  I stayed away from the subscription for a while because the "fit" part of the name kind of scared me away as fitness isn't really an interest of mine, but that is a small component of the box.  The versatile roundie is definitely my favorite item in the box, but I loved everything except the Deborah Lippmann nail polish.  The vitamins and FabFitFun TV weren't my favorites, but one is a sponsored extra and the other just feels like an extra also, so I don't really count them.  The jewelry took me out of my comfort zone a bit, but I like both pieces.  The Karuna masks, Dr. Brandt product, RealHer lip kit, and Briogeo leave-in conditioner were all fabulous beauty products.  I wish I had gotten one of the other MILLY bags just because I'm not loving the white color, but I still like the bag.  FabFitFun really hit it out of the park this quarter.  I'm excited to see what will be in the summer box!

What did you think of the Spring 2017 box?  Which variations did you get?  Did you love everything as much as I did?