PopSugar Must Have Review, February 2017

PopSugar Must Have, $39.95 per month (US only)


It's Emmett!  Emmett loves PopSugar boxes because they're usually the only ones he can fit in.  He's too cute.

PopSugar Must Have is a monthly lifestyle box.  While PopSugar always has at least one beauty product per month, they also have home goods, accessories, jewelry, snacks, and sometimes even books.  PopSugar is one of the more expensive boxes, but its value is always over $100.  All subscribers receive the same products.


Here's what we got this month:

The February box was worth about $238.49.  There was a generic tube of eyelash glue, so I had to estimate the value of that.  That's almost six times the regular price of the box and almost twelve times the amount I paid as I got it when they had a sale going on!  You can't beat the value.  One of the products this month, the Revlon Love is On Super Lustrous Lipstick, was a sponsored extra.  We got a piece of jewelry, an accessory, three beauty products (four if you include the eyelash glue), and a snack.


First up, we have the Tribe Alive Foldover Clutch in Atitlán Brocade.  I got a Tribe Alive bag in my Goodbeing in August, so I was familiar with the company.  Tribe Alive pays impoverished women in developing countries fair trade wages to make their products.  This clutch was handmade in India.  It's beautiful and of amazing quality.  The fabric has a lot of weight to it and the stitching is perfect.  It's bigger than it looks in the pictures.  As you can see above, the two sides have different patterns.  I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with this, but I'll figure something out.  


The Kris Nations Love Script Necklace is too cute!  The Love pendant is so delicate.  It's really quite beautiful.  It's on a somewhat short chain, but I wouldn't want the pendant to be down too low, so it works.  You can't remove the Love -- it is chained to the necklace.  This is probably my favorite piece of jewelry I have gotten in a box.  


I've sampled the Juara Candlenut Body Creme several times before and loved it, so I was happy to get a full size version!  The product is somewhat thin, almost like a lotion, so it's surprising how hydrating it is and how quickly this absorbs into skin.  It didn't leave me feeling greasy at all.  Best of all, it has a light, beautiful scent to it.  This is perfect for winter.


False eyelashes have never really been my thing.  I find them difficult to apply, so I use them very, very rarely.  I tried putting these on and got glue all over my eyelids and ended up giving up and taking them off.  These are pretty and give you lots of length and volume, so, if you're better with false lashes than I am, these are nice.  Battington says you can use them up to 25 times if you take care of them properly.  These aren't natural looking, but they don't look as fake as some false lashes out there.


I've always loved Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but I wasn't sure what I was going to think of chocolate covered Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  This is a bar of crushed Cinnamon Toast Crunch covered in milk chocolate.  This was scrumptious.  I wish it didn't cost $6!  The only way this could have been better is if it were dark instead of milk chocolate.  

Swatch of Revlon Love is On Super Lustrous Lipstick

Swatch of Revlon Love is On Super Lustrous Lipstick

Finally, we got a special sponsored product from Revlon, the Love is On Super Lustrous Lipstick.  We don't usually see drugstore brands in PopSugar boxes, but Revlon paid for this to go in the box and it is an extra.  The formula was creamy, went on smoothly, had amazing pigment, and it lasted for hours.  I was impressed. . I'm quite picky about my lipstick and never thought I would like a drugstore brand lipstick, but this one is fabulous.  The color is a bright, pretty blue-based red, so it may not be flattering on those of us who have yellow undertones instead of pink.  

The February PopSugar box is usually the best one of the year, in my experience.  This month's box wasn't as good as the past two February boxes, but I still liked almost everything in it.  The lashes are nice, but they're just not for me, so that was the only real miss in the box.  I loved the cute little necklace!  That was definitely my favorite thing in the box, but the chocolate was also amazing.   

What did you think of the February PopSugar box?  Did anyone have better luck with the lashes than I did?