Kloverbox Review, February 2017

Kloverbox, $25 per month (US only)


Teeny little Mickey, a two-week-old Holland Lop, enjoys modeling!  I love the one-paw-forward pose.

Kloverbox is a monthly beauty and lifestyle box that focuses on natural products made by small companies.  Each month, Kloverbox has a loose theme and sends subscribers a mix of four to six beauty products, home goods, cleaning products, and/or pieces of jewelry.  This is a great way to discover small businesses that you probably wouldn't encounter on your own.  All subscribers get the same products with occasional color and/or scent variations.  Kloverbox changed owners over the summer, so, if you subscribed in the past and were bothered by the late boxes, you'll be happy to know that the boxes are always coming in the middle of the month now!

Kloverbox sent me this box free of charge for review.  The link above is my affiliate link.


Here's what we got this month:

The February Kloverbox was worth $63.89.  That's a little over 2.5x the cost of the monthly subscription, so the value is definitely there.  We got a jewelry item, a body item, a snack, and a candle/body item.  This month had a Valentine's Day theme.


First up, we had the Wrenn Jewelry The Becki Earrings in Rose Druzy with rose gold plating.  I've gotten these same earrings except in rainbow druzy with yellow gold plating in a different box and loved them, so I was ecstatic to get a new pair.  I think druzy, which is the effect you get when you layer teeny crystals over a colorful mineral, is just gorgeous, and I always wanted druzy earrings.  It looks like the druzy is just plain gold above, but, in certain lights, it has a pale pink cast to it.  It's beautiful.  Wrenn Jewelry has quite a few druzy jewelry options and their jewelry is of high quality, so I recommend checking them out if you love druzy as much as I do.


Cypress Skincare's Foot Love is a blend of organic almond, coconut, olive, jojoba, and castor oils with peppermint essential oil.  The oils are meant to get through tough, calloused skin, and the peppermint scent is very relaxing.  This left my foot skin feeling softer and the oil absorbed much quicker than I expected it to.  


The Isle Co. Soy Lotion Candle in Love Struck is not only a candle, but also lotion!  You burn this for a little while, then you blow out the flame and you can use the melted wax as body lotion.  It is 100% soy, no beeswax, petroleum, or paraffin.  Even after the candle has burned for an extended period of time, the wax isn't overly hot.  The oil was moisturizing and non-greasy.  You could use this wherever you need it (besides your face), but it would be especially perfect for a massage for your Valentine.  Love Struck is an almost tropical fruity scent, it seems, but it is hard to say for sure what it is because I can't seem to find a description of the scent anywhere.  Whatever it is, though, I love it.


Finally, we got two chocolate truffles from Rose and Basil.  The purple truffle you see above on the right is a white chocolate rose truffle filled with rose preserves and topped with a dry rose.  This, of course, tastes like you are eating a rose, so it was a little strange for me.  It was very fragrant and I just couldn't get past the rose scent.  While I know you can eat roses, I think of them as flowers, not food.  The second truffle isn't part of Rose and Basil's regular lineup, but my best guess is that this is their holiday spice and nut dark chocolate truffle.  That's what it looked most like and the flavor is about what I would expect for that.  I liked this truffle a lot more!  You can tell the chocolates are of very high quality.  The Kloverbox card noted that flavors may vary.

I'm happy with my February Kloverbox!  I loved the Wrenn Jewelry druzy earrings the most, but I also really liked the candle and foot oil.  One of the chocolates I liked, one wasn't quite for me.  All of these products go perfectly with the Valentine's Day theme.  The box had a beautiful, romantic feel to it.  What a great month for Kloverbox!