ipsy Review, February 2017

ipsy, $10 per month (add $4.95 shipping for Canadian addresses)


Little Apple loved hanging out in the ipsy bag!  She thought it was the perfect size for her.

ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription.  It costs only $10 per month.  Subscribers receive five items per month plus a cute makeup bag.  ipsy customizes the products based on subscriber profiles, but they tend to be heavier on makeup than skincare.  You'll get a mix of both drugstore and higher end brands in an ipsy bag and most items are deluxe sample size and occasionally even full size. 


Here's what was in my February ipsy:

My February ipsy was worth $94.50!  I think that is the highest value ipsy I've ever gotten!  I got a nail polish, two makeup products, and three skincare products.  Normally, you get only five products in an ipsy bag, but they counted the two sheet masks as one product.  The bag wasn't all that cute this month.  They usually have a Valentine's Day-themed bag in February, but this was a denim bag with orange trim.


I can't believe I got a $48 full size product from The Organic Pharmacy.  This is a lip and eye cream, so it isn't very big.  The cream is a little thick for an eye cream.  I find it works better as a lip cream.  I could see paying $48 for an eye cream, but not $48 for a lip cream.  This is moisturizing and felt good on my lips, but it is very expensive.  


I love Trust Fund Beauty nail polish, so I am always happy to get another one.  Trust Fund Beauty nail polish is vegan and 10-free.  ipsy has sent me a few full size Trust Fund Beauty nail polishes over the years.  This time, I got $12 Latte, a medium brown with an almost purple tone to it when it dries.  It's definitely not my favorite color.  I prefer sparkly nail polishes and not creme finishes.  This chipped faster than Trust Fund Beauty nail polish usually does on me.  


This is the second time in the past few months that ipsy has sent me Soo Ae masks.  Soo Ae is a Korean mask company.  The Soo Ae Green Tea mask was very moisturizing and smelled good.  The Purifying Black Charcoal Mask is anti-aging, hydrating, and brightening.  I liked the charcoal mask more, but both masks were nice.  You can buy Soo Ae masks at Target, so they are easy to find if you like them.

Swatch of NYX Butter Lipstick in Lifeguard

Swatch of NYX Butter Lipstick in Lifeguard

I haven't really liked many NYX products I've tried, but I actually liked the NYX Butter Lipstick.  Lifeguard is a somewhat dark red that is a beautiful, flattering color on me.  I was surprised that it stayed on most of the day.  It was a little staining, so even after it had worn off, I still had color on my lips.  This is fabulous for a $6 lipstick.  I highly recommend it.  This works better than most expensive lipstick I've tried.  It's not as good as liquid lipstick, but it's great for a cream lipstick.


Finally, we have the Bellápierre Volume Lash Waterproof Mascara.  This mascara is a new product from Bellápierre.  Usually, I'm not a big Bellápierre fan.  You see their products in boxes constantly.  This mascara surprised me, though -- it gave me a lot of length and volume and didn't clump at all.  The packaging looks really cheap for a $20 mascara.  The tube looks more like a $6 mascara from Cover Girl, but it works well, so I have no complaints.  

February was a great month for ipsy!  Not only was the value really high, but they also chose some great products for me.  My favorite products this month were the NYX Butter Lipstick and the Bellápierre mascara.  I never thought I would love NYX or Bellápierre products, so this was a surprise.  I liked the Soo Ae masks and thought The Organic Pharmacy Lip and Eye Cream was okay, but a little expensive for what it was.  I love Trust Fund Beauty nail polish, but $12 Latte wasn't my favorite color and it didn't hold up as long as their nail polish usually does.  Overall, though, I'm very happy with my ipsy this month.

What did you get in your February ipsy?  Did you love yours as much as I loved mine?