DermStore BeautyFix Review, February 2017

DermStore BeautyFix, $24.95 per month (US only)


Marco thought he was going to be modeling for BunnyFix.  He was disappointed by the lack of carrots and parsley.

DermStore BeautyFix is a subscription box that sends subscribers $100+ worth of products each month.  All subscribers receive the same products with perhaps some scent or color variation.  Most months, you'll get multiple skincare products, a makeup product, a beauty tool, and sometimes a hair or nail product.  You'll get at least six products, sometimes as many as eleven.  BeautyFix is very heavy on skincare and is great for women who are 30+ and interested in fighting signs of aging.


Here's what I got this month:

My February box was worth $153.88.  There was no beauty tool this month.  They didn't have one last month either, so perhaps they aren't going to be doing that anymore.  We received only six products this month, four of which were makeup, one of which was a lip balm, and then a sunscreen.  It definitely wasn't your typical month for BeautyFix!  We did get three full size products, though.


First, we have the Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Illuminating Primer in 01 Luminous.  BeautyFix has had a lot of full size Juice Beauty products in the past year.  While you see certain brands often in BeautyFix, they're overdoing it a bit with Juice Beauty.  A lot of people hate Juice Beauty, so it's definitely risky for BeautyFix to include their products so often.  While it says 01 Luminous on the packaging, I can't seem to find any other primer color that Juice Beauty has.  This is a very thin, translucent primer that gives your skin a bit of glow and provides a good base for your makeup.  Unfortunately, if you use full coverage foundation, you're not going to see the glow this gives your skin.  I prefer my primers to be a little thicker -- this is almost like water.  I'll use this up, but I wouldn't purchase it.


The La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Cream is a tinted moisturizer and also works as a lightweight foundation, primer, and sunscreen.  This was quite thick and I found it was difficult to apply evenly.  The color also didn't really work for my skin as it was a little too dark.  This definitely wouldn't work for people with dark complexions.  If you have a light-medium skin color and don't need full coverage foundation, this might work for you.


While the SmartFX Volume Extend Mascara gave me lots of length and volume, it also clumped a lot.  I used this for only a couple of days because the clumping was just too much.  I tried using a little lash comb to separate the lashes, but it only made it clump more.  This contains vitamin B5 and hydrolyzed silk protein to hydrate your lashes, so I was excited to try this and ended up being very disappointed.


By Terry's Baume de Rose has a cult following, so I was looking forward to finally trying this product.  This is an anti-aging, moisturizing, and smoothing lip balm.  It has a very strong rose scent.  I like rose scents, but I don't really like having the scent on my lips.  I prefer my lip balms to be either unscented or to have fruity or minty scents.  That said, this is a very luxe lip balm that feels great on my lips and was perfect for the cold, dry winter.  I would never pay $60 for lip balm, but I'll enjoy using this while I have it.

Swatch of Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Lip Satin in Cashmere

Swatch of Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Lip Satin in Cashmere

We got the Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Lip Satin in Velvet, a bright red, in the December box, and now we get it in Cashmere for February.  Cashmere is a mauve rose shade and gives you a semi-matte finish.  While I'm sure subscribers who thought the Velvet color was a little too bold loved this month's color, it wasn't the color for me.  I loved the red and found the formula to be amazing, so I was a little sad to get a boring color.  BeautyFix calls this a lip gloss, but it's more of a liquid lipstick formula.  It doesn't last all day, but it lasts for most of the day.  This color was definitely a My Lips But Better (MLBB) color.  If you want something that looks natural but evens out your lip color and gives it a tiny bit of extra pinkiness, you'll love this color.  


Finally, there was the SkinMedica Total Defense and Repair Broad Spectrum SPF 34 Sunscreen.  Some subscribers received tinted versions, but I got the plain formula.  While it's important to use sun protection year-round, there really isn't that much sun in upstate NY this time of year, so I don't usually use sunscreen in the winter.  This is anti-aging and evens out skin tone in addition to protecting skin from the sun, and it can be used on the face or body.  Normally, I would save this for the summer, but this has an expiration date of 03/17, and some subscribers said that theirs expired in 01/17.  I will probably still save this and try it out as I have heard mixed things about how long past the expiration date sunscreen will work.  It is unlikely to be dangerous, but it might not be quite as effective.  I have heard that subscribers who complained about the expiration date were sent other SkinMedica products to make it right.  In my experience, DermStore does have fabulous customer service.

This definitely wasn't my favorite BeautyFix box.  I liked the By Terry Baume de Rose, but the other stuff wasn't for me.  The Juice Beauty primer was okay and the Kevyn Aucoin lipstick was nice but wasn't my color.  The mascara formula and the CC cream didn't work for me at all, and I haven't used the sunblock yet, but it will be expired by the time I do.  This is probably my least favorite DermStore BeautyFix box ever.  

Did anyone else get the February BeautyFix?  Did anyone get expired sunscreen?   What did you think?