Birchbox Review, February 2017

Birchbox, $10 per month (US only)


This adorable two-week-old baby bun was too photogenic, so I couldn't choose just one picture!  

Birchbox is one of the most popular beauty boxes.  At $10 per month, it's also one of the most affordable.  Subscribers receive five to six products each month.  Birchbox has you fill out a profile when you subscribe, which they supposedly use to choose the products for your box.  You usually get more skincare than makeup samples and the sample sizes tend to be on the small side.  Each month, Birchbox gives each subscriber the option of choosing a product for the following month's box, choosing the curated box, or leaving everything to surprise.  They offer three to five different samples to choose from and sometimes the samples are the same type of product (e.g., different types of mascara or moisturizer), sometimes they are the same product in different colors, and sometimes the products are completely unrelated.  If you choose the curated box, you know exactly what you'll be getting, so there are no surprises with that one, but, if you like everything in that box, it's worth it.  I find that the curated boxes usually ship earlier in the month and often have high values. 


Here's what I got this month:

My February Birchbox was worth $34.63.  That's about 3.5 times the cost of the box, which is not bad at all.  I chose the curated box this month, so I knew what I was getting in advance.  We got two skincare products, a hair care product, a makeup item, and a perfume sample.  


First up, we have the Vasanti Eye Wonder 2.0.  I found that this definitely helped with puffiness.  I've been sick recently and haven't been sleeping well, so I got this at the perfect time!  The full size version of this comes with a ceramic tip so you can apply it directly to your eyes and massage it in.  The sample size, of course, does not have that tip, so you have to apply it with your fingers.  I imagine it works better with the ceramic tip, but it still worked well for me.


I love Acure, so this product is one of the reasons I chose the curated box.  I believe I've tried the Purifying Fruit Peel in the past, but it's been a long time.  This peel uses bitter cherry, blue agave, and papaya to exfoliate the skin.  You apply a thin layer to your face, let it set for five to eight minutes, then rinse.  The exfoliation is gentle, so it shouldn't irritate your skin.  It left my skin feeling soft and smooth. 


The other reason I really wanted the curated box was because of the CLEAN Reserve Amber Saffron Eau de Parfum.  I love CLEAN perfumes, so I always want to try the new ones.  CLEAN Skin is one of my favorite perfumes ever.  Reserve Amber Saffron has notes of bergamot, armoise artemisia, mandarin oil, rose, lily, raspberry, musk, saffron, and amber.  I wasn't sure if I would like it as amber isn't one of my favorite scents, but I ended up loving this!  It was a warm scent and is very sexy.  It's perfect for Valentine's Day!  I might end up buying the full size version of this.

Swatch of The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Stick in Saucy Marsala

Swatch of The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Stick in Saucy Marsala

The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Stick in Saucy Marsala has fabulous pigment and okay staying power.  I am pretty picky about my lipstick, but I liked this one a lot.  The formula was hydrating, which is great in winter.  You definitely don't want a drying lipstick when your lips are already chapped from the cold!  Marsala is a very flattering color on me, so the shade was perfect.


Finally, we have the Bumble and bumble. Bb Repair Blow Dry.  I've gotten this before and have never had much of a use for it as I don't blow dry my hair.  It is supposed to help with split ends and protect from heat.  I just chopped my hair off, so I don't really have any split ends right now, and there's no heat to protect my hair from.  I've heard good things about this product, though, and I've loved other Bumble and bumble. products I've tried.  Has anyone had good luck with this product?

I'm happy with my February Birchbox.  The curated box was the right choice for me.  I almost left my box to chance.  I'm so glad I didn't!  The perfume was my favorite product in the box.  It's rare that a perfume is my favorite thing in a box!  I also loved the Acure peel and the Vasanti eye cream, and thought that The Beauty Crop lipstick was quite nice.  The hair product wasn't for me as it doesn't work for my hair type right now, but I've never been disappointed by Bumble and bumble., so it probably works well.  

What did you think of the February Birchbox?  What did you get?