PopSugar Must Have Girls' Night In Box

PopSugar Must Have Girls' Night In Mystery Box ($24.95, no longer available)


My Emmett looks so adorable in the PopSugar box!  He is a fabulous little model.

PopSugar Must Have is a monthly lifestyle box that contains not only beauty products, but also jewelry, accessories, home goods, and the like.  Occasionally, they have mystery boxes made up of products from past monthly boxes.  They recently had the Girls' Night Out and Girls' Night In Mystery Boxes available and I got one of each.  These boxes are no longer available. 


Here's what I got:

The PopSugar Must Have Girls' Night In box was worth $227.24.  At a little over 9 times what I paid for the box, I can't complain about the value!  Unlike past mystery boxes PopSugar has put out, everyone got the same products.  I got two home items, a beverage, a jewelry item, and four beauty products, two of which were beauty tools, one of which was a hair product, and one of which was a skincare product.  Three of the eight products were new to me, but the others I had gotten in previous PopSugar Must Have boxes.


I love ncLA's nail polish and wraps, so I was happy to get this cute little manicure set!  The Mani ER is small enough that you can throw it in your purse and use it whenever you have a nail emergency.  The tools inside aren't teeny, though, so they're easy to use.  They're also well made and don't seem like they'll break easily.  The kit contains a nail scissor, a nail clipper, a nail file, and two push sticks -- one v-shaped, one rounded.  This originally came in the September 2016 PopSugar box, which I didn't get.  I remember seeing that this was in that box and thinking it looked boring, but it's a very useful little kit, so I am happy to have it.


Morning Culture's Rise and Shine mug came in the October 2016 PopSugar box, which I didn't get, so this was new to me.  I'm not a coffee drinker, so I don't use mugs often, and I like my mugs to be cuter, so this wasn't really my style.  It's just too plain.


I got the Dessange Top Coat Serum in the December PopSugar box. The Dessange Top Coat Serum is meant for color-treated hair, but anyone can use it.  It adds shine to your hair and protects it from the sun.  My hair doesn't need too much sun protection this time of year in upstate NY, but I can always use some extra shine.  I gave this a try and was impressed with the results.  My hair was noticeably shinier after using it just once.  I don't dye my hair, but I imagine this would make a huge difference for someone whose hair was damaged due to coloring.


This is my second Daily Concepts Your Hair Wrap Towel as it originally came in the January box.  I've cut off all my hair since I got this the first time, so I don't have much use for it now.  My hair is really thick and takes forever to dry, so I was excited to see the Daily Concepts Your Hair Wrap Towel in the box when I got it back in January.  This is a soft cotton towel that fits on your head and has a button and loop so you can secure it.  I was surprised by how much quicker my hair dried with this on!  I like this product a lot and definitely recommend it if you have hair that takes a long time to dry and you don't like to blow dry it.


The Dean and Deluca Peppermint Tea was also in the January box. Usually, PopSugar includes a snack, but they went with tea this time.  I've never been a tea drinker, but I like peppermint, so I gave this a try.  It wasn't bad.  I won't be drinking this all the time, but I'll drink it occasionally.  I wish it came in bags, though, as it would be easier to deal with than loose leaf.


The Yellow Owl Workshop Festive Rubber Stamp Kit came in the December Mini box.  PopSugar has since discontinued the Mini box.  This kit came with ten rubber stamps and two ink pads -- one black, one pink.  This is cute and all, but I have no idea what I will actually do with it.  I don't have a need for rubber stamps.  I tried them out and they worked well, so, if you do need rubber stamps for some reason, these are worth checking out.


The Goldfaden MD Fresh A Peel was another January box item.  This peel includes both lactic acid and multi-fruit enzymes to gently exfoliate your skin, which makes your skin smoother, more radiant, and more youthful looking.  They recommend using this two to three times a week.  To use it, you apply it to clean skin, wait one to three minutes, then rinse.  My skin felt noticeably softer and smoother after I used this a couple of times.  This product costs $85, so it's not cheap, but I will enjoy using it while it lasts.  


Finally, there was the Kendra Scott Elaina Bracelet in Rose Gold and White Pearl.  This came in the November box and was also the only product that was in both the Girls' Night Out and Girls' Night In boxes.  That means I have three of these now, but they make good gifts, so I am okay with that.  PopSugar loves Kendra Scott jewelry, so expect to get something from them if you're subscribed to PopSugar for any length of time.  The bracelet is made of brass plated with 14k rose gold.  On the Kendra Scott website, you can choose from tons of different stone types and colors, so I'm a little sad they chose a boring white stone, but I understand that they did it so it would go with most everything.  It's hard to see in the pictures, but there's a metal piece that the two ends of the bracelet go through.  You can move the piece up and down to make the bracelet looser or tighter.  It's possible to do on your own, but it's not incredibly easy.  You can see the two dangling ends with little metal charms, for lack of a better word, on the ends in the picture on the right.  I think it's kind of cute how they did that.  The chain itself seems a little on the cheap side to me, but I like the bracelet.  It'll be a good everyday bracelet for me.

The Girls' Night In box was okay, but I wouldn't have felt like I missed out if I had skipped it.  The only product I liked that I didn't already have was the ncLA Mani E.R.  The rubber stamp kit and the mug, the only other products I didn't already have, weren't really for me.  I liked the bracelet, the hair serum, the peel, and the hair wrap, but I already had those from past boxes.  The tea, which I also already had, was okay, but not my favorite.  If you get a PopSugar Must Have subscription, then you're sure to repeat items in the mystery boxes, so that's just a risk you have to take.