PopSugar Must Have Review, January 2017

PopSugar Must Have, $39.95 per month (US only)


Emmett always loves the PopSugar boxes!  There aren't many boxes he can fit into.

PopSugar Must Have is a monthly lifestyle box.  You'll always get a beauty product or two, but you'll also get a mix of home goods, fitness products, jewelry, accessories, and snacks.  The boxes are worth $100+.  At $39.95 per month, it is one of the more expensive boxes out there, but they occasionally have sales on subscriptions and you can often buy boxes from past months at a discount if they didn't sell out.  


Here's what came in the January PopSugar Must Have box:

The box was worth $190.73!  I paid about $20 per box when they were offering discounted subscriptions for the holidays, so the value is 9.5 times what I paid.  Even if you paid the regular $40 subscription price, the value is great.  This month we got one beauty product, a fitness product, three home products, a beverage, plus a hair wrap which probably falls in the beauty category, too.  Normally, you wouldn't see a Glade product in a PopSugar box, but it was included as a sponsored extra.


First up is the Goldfaden MD Fresh A Peel Multi Acid Resurfacing Peel.  This peel includes both lactic acid and multi-fruit enzymes to gently exfoliate your skin, which makes your skin smoother, more radiant, and more youthful looking.  They recommend using this two to three times a week.  To use it, you apply it to clean skin, wait one to three minutes, then rinse.  My skin felt noticeably softer and smoother after I used this a couple of times.  This product costs $85, so it's not cheap, but I will enjoy using it while it lasts.  


The next product was the Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel.  I am not a yoga practitioner, so I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this.  This is a thin, lightweight, microfiber towel that you are supposed to place over your yoga mat to minimize slipping and absorb sweat.  Manduka recommends spraying the towel down with a little water to help it stay on the mat.  This is so soft!  I might end up using this as a beach blanket.  This isn't the first time PopSugar has included a yoga product.  While I'm sure a higher percentage of the PopSugar demographic does yoga than the general population, I don't think most of their subscribers do, so I wish they would skip the yoga products.


PopSugar included a cute little desk calendar this month.  I would prefer boxes to include calendars in December boxes instead of in January boxes because the year has already started.  There is a sturdy card for each month and a clear plastic base.  On the back of each card is a greeting and a line to cut along so you can use these as greeting cards once the month is over.  The designs are pretty, for the most part, but the September design seems really out of place.  It just doesn't go with the others.  I like this, but I don't really know what I will do with it.  It seems as though it would get knocked over easily.


My hair is really thick and takes forever to dry, so I was excited to see the Daily Concepts Your Hair Wrap Towel in the box!  This is a soft cotton towel that fits on your head and has a button and loop so you can secure it.  I was surprised by how much quicker my hair dried with this on!  I like this product a lot and definitely recommend it if you have hair that takes a long time to dry and you don't like to blow dry it.


Usually, PopSugar includes a snack, but, this month, they went with tea.  I've never been a tea drinker, but I like peppermint, so I gave this a try.  It wasn't bad.  I won't be drinking this all the time, but I'll drink it occasionally.  I wish the tea came in bags, but I made the loose leaf work for me.


Instant Happy Notes are little sticky notes with inspirational pictures and sayings that you're supposed to give to friends, family, and co-workers to cheer them up. These are cute, I guess, but I would feel weird giving these to people.  I don't know what I am going to do with these.  I've included pictures of several of the notes below.


The final product was the sponsored extra, the Glade Atmosphere Collection No. 3 Free Coconut Beach Woods Crafted Soy Candle.  Glade paid for this candle to be included in the box, so it counts as an extra -- it didn't take the place of another item.  I don't normally like Glade products all that much, but this had a warm coconut scent to it that I really enjoyed.  It was very fragrant when burned.  It was nice to have a tropical, beachy scent in the house in the middle of the cold winter.

This wasn't my favorite PopSugar box ever, but it wasn't a bad one.  I loved the Goldfaden peel and the Daily Concepts hair wrap, and the other items were okay.  There wasn't one product I disliked, so that's something.  I find that February PopSugar boxes tend to be my favorite ones of the year, so I'm looking forward to next month!  Did anyone else get PopSugar this month?  If so, what did you think?