Glossybox Review, January 2017

Glossybox, $21 per month (has many international versions)


This picture of baby Henry is a little blurry, but I love his little ears in it!

Glossybox is a beauty box that sends subscribers five to six products each month.  The samples are often full size or deluxe sample size.  You tend to get more skincare than makeup in this box, but there is always a mix.  Glossybox used to be a lot better.  You used to get products from high end brands, but now I often haven't heard of the brands I find in the box.  Discovering new brands is fun, of course, but I would like to see products that I can actually purchase if I like them.  Glossybox likes to include products from European brands that don't sell their products in the U.S., so, if there is a product I really like, I may not be able to buy it.  There is a lot of product variation, so you may not have gotten the same stuff I did. 


Here's what I got this month:

This month's Glossybox was worth $97.62.  The oOlution and the La Theorie des Volcans face scrub appear to be for sale only on European websites, so the values listed above were converted from Euros and were accurate on the day I wrote this.  The value is higher than that of a lot of Glossyboxes recently.  There were four full size products and a small sample.  I got a bath product, a hair product, two skincare products, and a makeup item this month, so I got a good mix of stuff.  All subscribers received the oOlution eye cream and the Universal Beauty blush, but the other products may have varied.


I got a Daily Concepts body scrubber in my October Goodbeing box.  The one I got in that box was bigger than this one and had two sides with two different textures -- one side was too soft and one side was a little too rough.  This scrubber is even rougher than that one.  If you like serious exfoliation, then you might like this, but it was just too much for me.  The scrubber has a tag with words printed on it.  When the words fade, it's time to throw this scrubber out and get a new one.  Daily Concepts told me that the scrub should be good for about 90 showers.


The next product was the AG Hair Care Cleansing Cream.  This is a foam-free shampoo that you massage into your hair and rinse.  You're not supposed to use a conditioner after using this.  I was a little worried my hair would not be as soft and shiny because conditioner really helps my hair, but this made my hair extra soft and shiny on its own.  I was impressed!  Unfortunately, this also gave me a little extra volume and my hair was difficult to keep in line after using this.  I loved how great my hair looked; I just wish it had been more manageable.  I'll probably use this occasionally when my hair needs a little love.  This was my favorite product this month, but, of course, it is the only item that isn't full size.


The oOlution Eye Love is your basic eye cream.  It is supposed to minimize dark circles and wrinkles.  To use it, you gently pat it into the skin surrounding the eye.  Sometimes, eye creams irritate my eyes, but this was very gentle.  I haven't noticed any anti-aging effects yet, but it takes longer than several days to see those.  Moisturizing the skin is very important for fighting signs of aging and this was quite hydrating.


Theorie des Volcans is part of deBruyère.  There is almost always a product from deBruyère in each month's Glossybox.  This is an exfoliating volcanic paste that can be used as a facial cleanser or mask.  The exfoliation is very gentle.  I've use it both as a cleanser and a mask and had good results with both.  I didn't notice much of a difference if I used it as a mask instead of a cleanser, so I'll probably just stick to using it as a cleanser.  This tube is pretty small, but it is full size.  I can't imagine paying over $30 for this!

Swatch of Univeral Beauty Soothing Cream Blusher and Lip Stain Duo in Nectar #4

Swatch of Univeral Beauty Soothing Cream Blusher and Lip Stain Duo in Nectar #4

The final product was the Universal Beauty Secret Flush Soothing Cream Blusher in Nectar #4.  This is a flattering peachy-pink with a bit of shimmer to it.  It was easy to apply and blend out.  It's buildable, so you can go subtle or dramatic with this.  While you can use this as a lipstick, I much prefer it as a blush.  I like a bolder lip color.  This has a fruity scent to it that I love.  It lasted all day on my cheeks and required no touch up. 


Glossybox has been including spoilers for the following month's box on the product information card.  In February, all subscribers will receive a L'eau de Rose Eau de Parfum.  This doesn't tell you the brand of the perfume, which is quite strange.  I'm guessing it must be a no-name brand if Glossybox isn't giving us that information.  I like rose scents, but I'm not expecting much from this perfume.

This is one of the better Glossyboxes I've gotten in a while.  The AG Hair Cleansing Cream was my favorite product, but I also loved the Theories des Volcans cleanser, the oOlution Eye Love, and the Universal Beauty blush.  The Daily Concepts scrubber was a little too rough for me, but I'm sure a lot of people would like it.  Overall, the January box was pretty good.  

What did you get in your January Glossybox?  What did you think?