Mommy Mailbox Review, January 2017

Mommy Mailbox, $33.95 per month (free shipping to US; add $10.50 shipping for Canadian orders)


This angle made the baby bun look huge!  He's still a teeny thing, though!  He thought the gold squiggles were so pretty that he wanted to eat them.

Mommy Mailbox is a monthly lifestyle box that reminds me a bit of PopSugar.  Don't let the name scare you away -- this box would make many women happy, whether they are mothers or not.  I'm not a mom and I love this box.  Each month, a different mommy blogger curates the box, which is where the name comes from.  While there is always at least one beauty product, you'll also get home items, jewelry, accessories, snacks, and the like, which is why I call it a lifestyle box instead of a beauty box.  All subscribers receive the same products with perhaps some color or scent variation.

Mommy Mailbox sent me this box free of charge for review.


Here's what was in the January Mommy Mailbox:

The January Mommy Mailbox was worth approximately $94.05.  I had to estimate the value of the necklace as I couldn't find it for sale online.  That's almost three times the price of the box, so I'm very happy with the value.  This month we got two beauty products, a piece of jewelry, a home item, and a snack, so there was a good mix of categories.  This month's mommy blogger curator was Angelica Castaneda and she chose Entertain as the theme for the month.  As I'm not a mom, I'm not all that familiar with mommy bloggers, so I hadn't heard of her before.  I checked out her site and found that she is a lesbian mommy blogger, so I really like that Mommy Mailbox is open to having mom blog curators of different sexual orientations.


The first product was an eight-pack of paper coasters from Sailor Paper Company.  These are thick and durable, so even though they are made of paper, they can be used multiple times.  There are eight different prints, all of which are very pretty.  I think my favorite design is the one that looks like fans on the right.  These were a great choice to go along with the Entertain theme!

Swatch of Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Luminous Face Highlighter in Glow (Neutral)

Swatch of Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Luminous Face Highlighter in Glow (Neutral)

The next product was the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Luminous Face Highlighter in Glow (Neutral).  This is a cream highlighter that gave me a pretty, subtle glow that was very flattering on me.  It's more pearly than sparkly and it blends out easily.  This should work for most, if not all, skin tones.  It held up all day on me.


The four pack of Sugar Dunk bath scrubs is so cute!  This little sampler pack contains Mud Pie, a cinnamon coffee body scrub, Moon Salt, a lemon lavender scrub, Pretty in Pink, a mint grapefruit scrub, and Morning Glory, an orange vanilla body scrub.  I like them all, but my two favorites are Pretty in Pink and Morning Glory.  The scrubs are gently exfoliating and smell fantastic.  I thought I might just get a use or two out of each jar, but there's more in there than you think!  I could get a few uses out of each one.


I haven't tried the Rabbit Cream Caramel Apple Cheese Ball Mix.  I'm not a cheese person at all, so I will probably never use this mix, unfortunately.  I do have a friend who I think would love this, though, so I will pass it along to her.  To make the cheese balls, you add cream cheese to the mix, shape, and chill, and then you're good to go.  


The final product was the Henlie necklace.  The necklace is surprisingly lightweight.  I love the big, chunky stones.  This is some classy costume jewelry and I got a lot of compliments on it.  I've gotten a lot of jewelry in boxes lately and I'm loving it!

The January Mommy Mailbox was fabulous!  The cheese ball mix wasn't for me, but it does fit in well with the Entertain theme.  Everything else was perfect for me.  My two favorite items were the necklace and the body scrubs.  Angelica Castaneda did a great job selecting products to fit the theme!  I'm glad I've given Mommy Mailbox a chance as I had heard of it and just assumed that it had products just for moms.  I didn't realize it had products that would make a lot of women happy.  The box is about treating yourself, whether you're a mom or not.

What did you think of the January Mommy Mailbox?  Did anyone else get it?