Kloverbox Review, September 2016

Kloverbox, $25 per month (US only)


Isn't she adorable?  She liked that the tan squiggles matched her coloring!

Kloverbox is a monthly natural lifestyle box.  It contains at least four items and the items are generally a mix of beauty products, things for the home, and snacks.  The products are natural, often organic, and usually (but not always) vegan.  As of last month, Kloverbox is under new ownership, so it looks like boxes are going to be shipping out earlier in the month.  I know late shipping bothered a lot of subscribers, so I know many of you will be happy that your Kloverbox will be coming more toward the middle of the month.  There is no variation in Kloverbox, except with perhaps color or scent, so all subscribers get the same products.

Kloverbox sent me this box free of charge for review.  The top link is an affiliate link, but here's the regular link if you don't want to use that.


Here's what was inside:

The September Kloverbox was worth $71.84!  At almost three times the price of the box, I'm definitely happy with the value.  Kloverboxes now have themes and the September theme was yoga.  Yoga isn't really my thing, but I like that they made it so this box can work even for those of us who don't do yoga.  I'm feeling more confident about saying that the Kloverbox we knew and loved is back!  While the new owners have been curating the box for only two months now, the two months we've seen are similar to the boxes we were getting last year and early this year.  If you canceled Kloverbox recently, it might be time to give it another chance.  They have a coupon code right now, kloverbox10% (which is for 10% off, as you probably guessed), so be sure to use that if you're thinking about resubscribing or subscribing for the first time. 


The first product is The Wonder Seed Facial Scrub in Water Lotus.  The Wonder Seed is a company that makes hemp oil-based beauty products.  I've tried a product or two of theirs before.  This is a cleanser that has teeny white balls in it (not microbeads -- the balls are safe for the environment) that gently exfoliate your skin while the gel the balls are suspended in cleanses and moisturizes your face.  The water lotus scent is extremely subtle, so, if you don't like heavily scented products, this will probably be a good choice for you.  This made my skin feel soft and smooth, and it wasn't harsh or scratchy feeling.  It's gentle enough that it could probably be used daily without irritating your skin.  I was quite impressed by this product.  At $14.95, it's also really affordable, so I would definitely recommend this if you're looking for a good, natural, vegan exfoliating scrub.


The Balanced Guru Empowering Energy Mist is a mix of sandalwood, vetiver, ginger, lavender, bergamot, and benzoin oils.  To use this, you spray it in the air away from your face and then breathe in deeply.  You can also spray it on your skin, clothes, or yoga mat, if you wish, or put some on a tissue and breathe the oils in that way.  Balanced Guru says that this "helps you strengthen your will, encourages discipline, helps you feel more joyful and playful."  While I can't say I really noticed those effects the couple of times I tried it, it smelled good and the scent was calming.  


Buddha Fresh is a company that makes natural air fresheners using bamboo charcoal.  The bag you see above contains a smaller bag inside of it full of the charcoal.  You put this wherever it's a little stinky and this naturally absorbs the odors.  Once a month, you put this out in the sun to dry it out so it can keep working.  It should last about two years if you take care of it.  I put this in the bunny room and noticed an improvement within a day.  I love that this doesn't just mask odors with chemicals as many air fresheners do, but it actually soaks the odors up.  I might end up buying more of these.


The Cuccio Somatology Balancing Lotion in Calming Chamomile has a lightweight, non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly.  The Cuccio website says that the lotion contains "24-hour time-released emollients" for hydration.  The chamomile scent was soft and relaxing and the lotion itself was surprisingly hydrating for such a lightweight formula.  At $5 for a travel size or $9 for a full size, it's quite inexpensive.


The final product was the Cuccio Somatology Total Mind and Body Fitness Power Flow Yoga DVD.  It's 50 minutes long and is designed for both beginners and those who are more advanced in yoga.  My nerve condition limits what I can do for exercise, so I wasn't able to try this out, but I have a friend who will love this.  This is the first time I've seen a DVD in a Kloverbox, but it obviously goes along with the yoga theme.

This is the Kloverbox I knew and loved!  I'm so happy to have it back.  While not everyone does yoga, I liked that with the exception of the DVD, the products could work for anyone.  It's hard to curate a themed box with products that both fit the theme well but also would work for people who aren't necessarily interested in the theme, but Kloverbox managed to do it.  The DVD is the only product that is strictly for yoga, but the value is more than double the box price even without the DVD, so that's okay with me.  My favorite products this month were The Wonder Seed Facial Scrub and the Buddha Fresh, but I liked the Balanced Guru mist and the Cuccio Somatology lotion also.  The DVD wasn't for me, but it would work for most people.  Overall, I'm exceptionally happy with the September Kloverbox.  The new owners seem really committed to curating an amazing box and getting it out in a timely fashion.  I recommend that you give Kloverbox a second chance if you canceled it this year over the issues the subscription had.  The August and September boxes have made me very optimistic about the future of Kloverbox.