Beauteque Mask Maven Review, August 2016

Beauteque Mask Maven, $15 per month plus $3.95 shipping US (ships internationally, check website for shipping rates)


This little girl didn't love hanging out in the Mask Maven bag as much as other bunnies have.  She's a little on the cranky side, though.

Beauteque Mask Maven sends subscribers nine masks each month.  Most of the masks are from Korea, which is known for its fabulous skincare, although sometimes there is a mask from another Asian country.  In the past, most of the masks were sheet masks for the face, but there was always at least one mask that was different -- either a liquid or a powder mask or for a mask for a body part other than the face.  This month, though, all nine masks are facial sheet masks. 

Beauteque sent this to me free of charge for review.


Here's what came in my August Beauteque Mask Maven:

My August Mask Maven was worth about $24.01.  I wasn't able to find the Beauty Friends masks for sale online, so I estimated their value to be about $2.50.  Mask Maven values are always higher than the cost of the subscription, but they're never extremely high.  The value in this subscription is in the curation -- you get to try a variety of Korean masks that are often difficult to find in the US without spending tons of money.  Each month, Mask Maven has a theme and this one is Post-Race Cooldown.  

There are only so many masks Emily and I can try before I write the review, so I'll tell you how any mask we tried worked.  For any that we haven't had a chance to try yet, I'll let you know how it's supposed to work according to Beauteque or the mask company's website.


We haven't had a chance to try out the Dr. Jart+ Vital Hydra Solution mask yet.  This mask is supposed to be deeply hydrating.  I love Dr. Jart+ products, so I wanted to save this for the winter when my skin needs some serious moisture.  I'm pretty sure this mask is going to be amazing, so I'm saving it for when I need it most.

Emily tried the Saference Skin-Rx Moisturizing Mask.  She said the liquid in it was excessive and the mask was thin.  She did find it to be very moisturizing, though.  She just wished it wasn't dripping wet.  


Emily used the Beauty Friends II Coenzyme Q10 mask.  This mask is supposed to promote collagen production and lessen damage from UV rays.  She said this one wasn't as drippy as the last mask and that she liked it more.  It made her skin feel tight (in a good way) and hydrated.  She thought her skin felt extra smooth after she used it.

I tried out the Beauty Friends II Royal Jelly Essence mask.  This had a strong royal jelly smell to it, which wasn't surprising, but I didn't love the scent.  Royal jelly is fabulous for your skin, so I always love trying products that contain it.  This mask has lots of antioxidants and helps with collagen production.  My skin looked quite radiant after I used it, so I was very happy with it.  My skin really needed this, so it came at the perfect time.


The It's Skin Glow Cream Mask Sheet is a brightening mask that also gives you some added hydration.   We haven't had a chance to use this one yet, but I'm looking forward to it.  Once my face has mostly healed from the horrible breakout I just had, I'll use this to try to get rid of those annoying little dark spots pimples leave behind.

The Missha Real Solution Collagen mask is supposed to both brighten skin and fight signs of aging.  I haven't used this one yet, but I've liked Missha products in the past.  This will be another mask I can use after my face is healed up to try to even out my complexion again.


Yadah masks have shown up in a lot of Mask Maven bags recently, but I like them, so I'm okay with that.  I used the Yadah Honey Moisturizing Mask Pack.  Besides being moisturizing, this is also brightening and nourishing.  This had a slight honey scent to it.  I like that Yadah masks usually fit my face pretty well.  This did give me some brightness and my skin felt so soft after I took this off.

We haven't had a chance to try out the Yadah Cactus Soothing Mask Pack yet.  This mask protects your skin from damage and is hydrating.  I love cactus and aloe products, so I suspect I will like this mask.

The last mask was the My Beauty Diary Imperial Bird's Nest Mask.  The ninth mask this month was a surprise, so other subscribers didn't necessarily get the same one.  I've gotten this mask before, but I can't remember if it was in Mask Maven.  This mask is supposed to fight signs of aging, smooth out and brighten skin, and moisturize.  This is called a bird's nest mask because they collect spit from swiftlet nests and use it in the mask. 

I loved the August Mask Maven.  I always enjoy trying out new masks and finding out which companies and ingredients work best for my skin.  I wish the masks hadn't been quite so hydration-heavy this month as hydration isn't something I need in August, generally, but Emily always needs it, so they'll get used.  

What did you think of the August Mask Maven?  If you subscribe, what was your mystery mask?