Beauteque Mask Maven Review, July 2016

Beauteque Mask Maven, $15 per month plus $3.95 shipping to US; see website for international shipping rates


This cute little girl is one of my favorites.  She's happy to go along with anything and just loves to hang out.  She liked being in the Mask Maven bag.

Mask Maven is a monthly subscription that sends you nine Korean (and occasionally Japanese) masks.  Most of the masks are sheet masks for the face, but they always have at least one mask that is different (e.g., a powder, a liquid, or a sheet mask for a body part other than your face).  I love Korean skincare products because they're innovative and effective, so this subscription is always fun.  It can be hard to find K-beauty products in the US and, even when you do, you don't necessarily know which brands, products, and ingredients work best for your skin type.  This subscription is the perfect way to inexpensively try a variety of masks and figure out which ones you like and which ones you don't like.  Beauteque's website has recently moved from selling all types of K-beauty products to selling exclusively masks, so you'll be able to go on their site and buy individual masks of the same types you tried in the subscription, or you can branch out and try other mask types from brands you've tried and liked, or masks with the same ingredients but from different brands.  

Beauteque sent me the July Mask Maven free of charge for review.


Here's what came in my July Beauteque BB Bag:

My July Beauteque Mask Maven was worth approximately $21.75.  I couldn't find the Missha mask for sale online, so I estimated its value.  The Face Shop's mask price was in Canadian dollars, so the value listed is based on the conversion rate on the day I wrote this.  Each month, Mask Maven has a theme and this month's was Destination Beauty.  This month's masks are mostly hydrating and soothing, so they're perfect for after a long flight.

There are only so many masks Emily and I can use in the short period of time between when I get this subscription in the mail and when I write the review, so we aren't able to try them all before I write this.  For those we've tried, I'll write a full review; with masks we haven't had a chance to try as of right now, I'll just tell you how it's supposed to work.


The Scinic Intensive Dual Mask Soothing Solution is a little different from masks I've tried before.  There are two separate masks in this package -- one for the T-zone (forehead and nose) and one for the V-zone (chin).  Usually the term T-zone includes the chin and I've never heard the chin area referred to as a V-zone, so I thought this was a little strange.  It says the two pieces make it so the mask fits your face better, but I can't say I found this to fit much better than a one-piece sheet mask.  That said, I did find this mask to be soothing and moisturizing, so I liked it.  It made my face glow.  Has anyone tried this?  Did you find the two pieces made the mask fit better?  

I gave the My Juicy Bottle Mask Soothing Ampoule Juice mask to my little sister.  This mask is supposed to moisturize your skin and help with breakouts.  My sister has dry, acne-prone skin, so I thought this mask was the perfect choice for her.  She found it to be a little on the drippy side, but said it was effective.  It was very hydrating and made her breakout heal faster.


Next up, we have three masks from Tsaio -- Chamomile Licorice Skin Soothing Mask, Sweet Orange Moisturizing Mask, and Green Tea Whitening Mask.  Emily tried the Sweet Orange mask because her skin needed some serious moisture.  She liked the light citrus scent and found it to be extremely hydrating.  She always likes citrus masks.  The mask is also supposed to brighten skin with vitamin C.  

We haven't had a chance to try the Chamomile Licorice Skin Soothing Mask or the Green Tea Whitening Mask.  The Chamomile mask is for dry, itchy skin and is supposed to be very soothing.  The green tea mask is supposed to give your pores some deep cleaning and it also contains antioxidants.


Emily used The FaceShop MasCream Brightening mask.  It's very hydrating and made her skin extra soft and radiant.  This was Emily's favorite mask this month.  She found that it fit her face really well and was neither too dry or too liquid-y.  If you need both hydration and brightening, this is a great choice.

I gave the Missha Green Tea mask to my brother's friend, but I haven't gotten a report back yet on how well it works.  This mask is supposed to moisturize skin and even out your complexion and make it radiant.  It is also good for sensitive skin and irritated skin.


I tried the Esfolio Green Tea Essence Mask Sheet.  This mask is supposed to keep your oil in check, cleanse your pores, and clear up breakouts.  My skin broke out right before my friend's wedding and this helped me get my skin back in order quickly.  I don't know what I would have done without this mask.  I highly recommend it!

Finally, there was the Esfolio Banana Essence Mask Sheet.   We haven't tried this mask yet, but it is supposed to fight signs of aging and eliminate dark spots.  It will also smooth your skin and get rid of rough patches.  I'm looking forward to trying this.  I've never tried a banana sheet mask before, although I've tried a banana chocolate mask and had good luck with that.  

I liked the July Mask Maven!  We liked all the masks, but my favorite was the Esfolio Green Tea Essence Mask and Emily's favorite was The FaceShop MasCream Brightening Mask.  All the soothing masks were perfect for the Destination Beauty theme as travel can take a serious toll on your skin.  Hydration is exactly what your skin often needs after a long flight.  Beauteque usually does a great job matching masks to various themes and it always impresses me.  This is a fun subscription and it's a great way to try different Korean masks you wouldn't normally encounter in the US.  Oftentimes, when you do find Korean masks, you have to buy them in multi-packs, and who wants to do that before trying a mask out?  This is the best way to sample a variety of masks and finding out which brands and ingredients work best for you.  Some masks fit better than others and trying out the different brands is important.  If you love masks, I highly recommend giving this subscription a try.  

Did anyone else get the July Mask Maven?  If so, what did you think?