Baby Bunnies in Beauty Boxes!

Hey, everyone!  Sorry for the lack of posts for the past few days!  I didn't get my first beauty box of the month until yesterday, so I haven't been able to write any reviews.  Also, I just started a new job this past week, and, as you might imagine, I've been extra busy.  We do have some absolutely adorable baby bunnies, though, and I would love to show you them!  

I put the baby bunnies in the DermStore BeautyFix box I got today so you can see how cute they are!  In case you are wondering why we have so many baby buns, my girlfriend's family raises and shows bunnies.  Yes, there are bunny shows, believe it or not.  They are similar to dog shows.  I never knew bunny shows existed until I met Emily.

First up are the Holland Lops.  They are the same breed as Emmett and most of the other bunnies you've seen in my beauty box pictures.  These were all born April 1, so they are just over a week old:


Next up are the Mini Satins.   You've seen a couple Mini Satins in my beauty boxes before.  The black ones and the white ones with black spots were born April 5th and the three lighter ones without spots were born April 6th.  The three light ones are very special to me.  Their mom is Picotee (seen in the February PopSugar Must Have box), my favorite from the very first litter of bunnies I helped raise.  She's all grown up now and having babies of her own, so I think of them as my grandbunnies.  All the babies are special to me, of course, but the ones from my first bunny hold a special place in my heart.  


We took some of the older bunnies to a bunny show today.  Sir Fluffington, one of the babies that was born in early December (and who you might recognize from past beauty box pictures) won two American Fuzzy Lop Best of Breed awards.  I put him in the BeautyFix box and took a picture of him with his ribbons.  He was so well-behaved today.  I was very proud of him.  Out of the many bunnies I've met, I think he has the sweetest personality of them all.  He's very friendly, outgoing, and tolerant of whatever it is I need to do to him.  Fuzzy lops need lots of grooming because of their long fur and he's always happy to sit there without complaint while I do it.  Here's the handsome young man showing off his ribbons:


I'll be getting my first April review up tomorrow, so stay tuned for that!  It'll be the review of my Birchbox.  The DermStore BeautyFix review will be coming up within the next couple of days.  I hope you love my adorable baby bunnies as much as I do!  You'll be seeing tons of pictures of the new babies over the coming months and get to watch the cuties grow up.  I'm excited because the they will open their eyes in a couple of days.  That's when the real fun starts!  

Have you started getting beauty boxes yet this month?  They seem to be off to a late start!