Amor Naturals Review, Spring 2016

Amor Naturals, $19.99 plus $4.99 shipping per quarter, US only


Here's my little cutie, Chip, at almost four months (top left and bottom right) and almost one month (top right and bottom left) in Amor Naturals boxes.  She could sit in the box and have room to hop around inside back in December, but now she barely fits!  She looks like a little bread loaf popping out over the sides.  She's giving me some side eye for trying to fit her in this time!  Sorry, Chip!  

Amor Naturals is a quarterly box containing handmade bath and beauty products.  It's a small company run by a married couple and you can tell they put their heart into everything they make.  The ingredients are organic and there is a vegan option for subscriptions.  Occasionally, there is a product that contains honey, so Amor has an alternative product for vegan subscribers when that happens.  Subscribers can also select their skin type (oily, dry, or combination).  There are four or five sample size products in each box.  Each quarter, there is a general theme for the box.  The theme for this spring was Coconut Rose.  The spring boxes are sold out, so if you sign up now, the first box you get will be the summer box in June.

If you're a new subscriber to Amor, use code FREESHIP15 to get free shipping on your first box. 

Amor Naturals sent me this box free of charge for review.


Here's what was in the spring Amor Naturals Coconut Rose box:

  • Rose Coconut Milk Bath (one packet, full size jar costs $29)
  • Coconut Mint Lip Scrub (full size, worth $7.99)
  • Coconut Rose Hand and Body Balm (sample size, worth $8.75(?), full size costs $35)
  • Coconut Rose Exfoliating Mask (sample size)
  • Rose Brightening Essence (sample size)

Because Amor Naturals makes small batches of everything and not everything is available in full size versions in their online shop at this point, figuring out the value is a little difficult.  Usually, they put a box out for the quarter, then, several weeks later, you start seeing the full size versions available for sale.  None of the products are available yet, so I had to use the information on the card enclosed in the box.  The price of the full size mask and essence was listed as TBA.  If there is a particular product you are interested in purchasing, be sure to check their website regularly -- products often sell out quickly when they go up for sale!


I can't wait to use the Rose Coconut Milk Bath Salts!  Unfortunately, my tub situation isn't the best right now, so I rarely get to take a bath.  Its mix of coconut milk, rose absolute, ylang ylang, and vanilla gives it a beautiful, but surprisingly soft, scent.  The vitamin E in this makes this perfect for getting your skin back in top condition.  The dried roses are a pretty addition.  If you are worried about having to pick the roses out of your drain, you could put the salts in a fine mesh bag before putting them in your tub.  The salts would still easily dissolve, but the roses would stay in the bag, making cleanup easy.  


I've gotten quite a few lip scrubs lately!  My lips like to get dried out and gross sometimes, so I like getting them.  This is a gently exfoliating sugar scrub that smells so good.  I love the coconut mint scent.  The coconut oil and shea butter leave your lips feeling moisturized and soft after you've used this.  If you're looking for a great lip scrub, look no further.  I imagine this will sell quickly once they have them up for sale on their site!  Check the site often so you can buy one.


The Coconut Rose Moisture Balm is a shea butter and coconut oil based body cream.  There's no water in this, so it's a hardcore moisturizer.  When I opened the little jar, all I could smell was rose, but, once it started to melt on my skin, the coconut scent came out.  The scent is strong.  If you don't love rose scent, this won't be the balm for you.  Fortunately, I love rose, so this is perfect for me.  


I always love seeing a mask in my Amor Naturals box!  They always manage to get my skin back into shape!  To use this mask, you massage it onto wet skin and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing off.  It has a base of olive oil and coconut oil.  I could definitely smell the olive oil in this and it wasn't my favorite scent.  The olive oil scent isn't very strong, so it was tolerable.  The mask contains jojoba beads to exfoliate.  That's a first for me, I think!  I didn't know jojoba beads existed.  The exfoliation was extremely gentle, but very effective, and left my skin feeling brand new.  It rinsed off easily and didn't leave my face feeling greasy.  If you need a mask that is both moisturizing and exfoliating, this will be perfect for you.


Finally, there was the Rose Brightening Essence.  I loved Amor's apple essence in the fall, so I was happy to see another essence.  An essence is a light moisturizer, so, if cream moisturizers aren't ideal for your skin, an essence might be the right choice for you.  This essence contains licorice root to brighten your skin and even out your complexion, and the B5 will help with elasticity. You can apply this either with a cotton pad or your hands.  A little goes a long way, so don't go overboard with this!  It has a rosewater base and there is a rose scent to it, but either the radish ferment filtrate or licorice root is giving this a bit of a strange scent.  I don't love the scent, but the essence dries quickly and the scent dissipates after a few seconds.  This is great for some light moisture and I would highly recommend it to someone looking for a high quality essence.

This is another fabulous box from Amor, but that's no surprise.  They have consistently amazing boxes and I always look forward to finding their box on my doorstep.  If you're looking for high quality, handmade, organic bath and skincare products, Amor Naturals has the box for you.  Be sure to sign up soon so you can get a summer box!  They always sell out, so you want to act fast.  

Did anyone else get Amor this quarter?  What did you think?  Did you have a favorite product?  It's hard for me to choose, but I think the lip balm and moisture balm are my favorites this time around.