BeautyCon Bonus Box

BeautyCon Bonus Box (sent as free gift to former subscribers; regular subscription box costs $29 per quarter plus $6.99 shipping, US only)


BeautyCon is a quarterly box that has a different curator each time.  The curators are generally beauty influencers from YouTube and they're often on the young side.  They promise $100+ worth of products in each box.  I find that the box is usually aimed toward a younger demographic, although BeautyCon seems to have tried to get away from that a little bit.  This is one of the better boxes for teens.  They generally don't sell out of boxes, so I recommend waiting and seeing everything that is in a box before subscribing and then canceling after you get your box.  Be forewarned, though, that BeautyCon has the worst cancellation policy in the beauty box industry  -- to cancel, you have to wait until you get your box that quarter, then cancel within seven days of receiving the box.  I cannot think of any possible reasoning behind that bizarre policy besides making it difficult to cancel.  If you try to cancel after that seven day window, they will tell you it's too late to cancel and will tell you to e-mail within seven days of getting your next box if you want to cancel.  They're just hoping you'll forget to cancel in that window when you get the next box and then be stuck with them again for another quarter.  Anyway, BeautyCon sent me (and many, if not all, former subscribers) a little mini gift box in hopes of convincing me to resubscribe.  They say they've "made changes" and offer a 20% off an annual subscription code.  I saw on their website that they are offering a free bonus box with new subscriptions, but I don't know if that is the same as this gift or not.

Here's what was inside the little bonus box:

This little present was worth $66.48!  I'm pretty impressed with the value of this free gift!  I would love if more beauty boxes did something like this.  While I'm not sure how many people were convinced to resubscribe after getting this in the mail, I'm sure they got at least a few people back.  There were three makeup products (two of which were full size, one a deluxe travel size!) plus a beauty tool, which is the kind of mix you can expect to see in BeautyCon boxes.  They're always heavy on makeup and don't have much in the way of skincare products.


The first product was the Cover FX Double Ended Contour Brush.  This is a really nice brush!  The bristles are synthetic and very soft, but have some firmness to them.  To use this, you use the smaller end to apply the contour in the general area you want it to be, then you use the bigger end to blend it out and make it look subtle.  This was a great idea for a contour brush!  I don't contour all that often, but when I do, this will be the brush I use.  I can't believe they sent us a $38 brush for free.


Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara is one of my favorites, but I'd never tried the waterproof version before!  I don't generally have a big problem with mascara running down my face, so I find waterproof mascaras are unnecessary for me.  I don't like that they're usually a lot harder to remove.  My lashes looked just as good as they did with regular Better Than Sex mascara, so I loved the results and will use this sample up, but, if I were to buy mascara, I would choose the regular version.  If you need a good waterproof mascara, though, look no further!


NYX Cosmetics isn't my favorite brand, but I definitely appreciate that they make pretty good quality makeup at affordable prices.  NYX says the Jumbo Eye Pencil can be used as an eyeliner or eyeshadow, but it's a little big to make for a good eyeliner.  I got the color 630 Cashmere, which is champagne with some shimmer to it.  It's a pretty color, but I have so many similar eyeshadows.  The pigment was lacking and you'll need to use a great primer under this if you want it to hold up for any length of time.  I've swatched it below.

Swatches of NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil in 630 Cashmere (swatch on left) and NYX Cosmetics Ombre Lip Duo in Peaches and Cream (two swatches on right)

Swatches of NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil in 630 Cashmere (swatch on left) and NYX Cosmetics Ombre Lip Duo in Peaches and Cream (two swatches on right)


Finally, there was the NYX Cosmetics Ombre Lip Duo in Peaches and Cream.  This is two sided with one side having a thicker lipstick in a bright peach and the other side having a thinner lip liner in bright red.  You're supposed to try to make an ombre effect with these, but these colors are horrible together, so I won't be doing that.  I would never wear this weird bright peach color.  I might use the red side for lip liner, but, as I've mentioned before, I prefer clear lip liner.  This was a total miss for me.  I don't like that they included not one, but two NYX products.

I loved the Cover FX contour brush and the Too Faced mascara, but the two NYX products didn't work for me.  This was a free gift that I wasn't expecting, though, so I have no complaints.  It's an interesting way to try to get subscribers back.  I have no idea how successful they will be, but a special bonus box can't hurt!  While I won't resubscribe this second, I'll continue to watch BeautyCon boxes to see if they interest me and possibly resubscribe in the future.  They probably wouldn't have so many former subscribers if they didn't make canceling subscriptions such a pain in the ass.  That stupid seven day window that they have makes it so I cancel immediately after getting a box.  It'd be one thing if you had to cancel within seven days if you didn't want to get the next box, but you can't cancel at all outside of those seven days.  If I try to cancel my subscription after ten days, they tell me I can't cancel and to wait until the seven day period after I get the next box.  They should allow you to cancel but just tell you the cancellation won't go into effect until the box after the next box.  Anyway, I'm happy I got a free gift.

 Did any other former BeautyCon subscribers get a bonus box?  Did you get the same products as I did?  If you did get the same products, did you get the same colors?