Petit Vour Review, November 2016

Petit Vour, $15 per month US, $23 per month Canada


This sweet baby bun was trying to copy the pose of the Petit Vour buns!  Not quite, but close!

Petit Vour is a monthly vegan and cruelty-free beauty box.  Each month, subscribers receive four sample size (and occasionally full size) products.  If you're new to vegan beauty, this is a great way to get an introduction to the products and brands out there.  Some months, all subscribers receive the same products, and other months, there is some variation.  If you e-mail their customer service, they will give you a profile to fill out so they can customize the boxes for you in the months they have variations.

Petit Vour sent me this box free of charge for review.  The link at the top of the page is an affiliate link.


Here's what I got in my November Petit Vour:

The November Petit Vour box was worth $29.90.  That's about double the subscription price, so no complaints here.  This month, we got two makeup items, a skincare product, and a bath product.  Usually Petit Vour is a little heavier on skincare than makeup, so it's nice to have something a little different this month.  There was one full size product, two deluxe size products, and a small sample, which is pretty good.

Swatch of Elate Clean Cosmetics Universal Creme for Cheeks and Lips in Love

Swatch of Elate Clean Cosmetics Universal Creme for Cheeks and Lips in Love

The first product was the Elate Clean Cosmetics Universal Creme for Cheeks and Lips.  This is a warm pink cream that can be applied to your cheeks or lips if you want a little added color.  This didn't give me enough color for my lips, but, if you want something really subtle, this is the way to go.  I loved it as a blush.  This is a pretty dry cream, which made it easy to apply a small amount at a time and build it up exactly as much as I wanted.  I built it up a lot to get the swatch above, but you can go for a much more subtle look with it.  The warm pink was very flattering on me and it held up all day.  You don't need to use much at all, so this tube will last you a long time.  This is a new product from Elate, so I'm excited Petit Vour gave us a chance to try it.


Next up was the Ellovi Scrub in Jasmine Rose.  Previously, Ellovi had made only body butter and lip butter, but now they're branching out and making a body scrub.  It's not for sale online yet, so Petit Vour subscribers will be some of the first people to try this new product!  I'm sure it'll be available on the Petit Vour website soon if you love it and want to buy it, though.  Subscribers could receive any of the scents -- Jasmine Rose, Ginger Lemon, Blossom, Original, or Mint Chocolate.  Mine was labeled Jasmine Rose, but I couldn't smell any jasmine or rose.  It was an excellent scrub and was very exfoliating, but I wish it had more of a scent to it.  


The W3LL People Realist Invisible Setting Powder is also new product!  Three of the four products this month are new.  You can use this by itself to minimize shine and pores or you can use this on top of your foundation to keep it looking great all day long.  I applied this over my foundation the other morning and forgot about it.  Later in the day, I looked in the mirror to see if I needed a touch-up before going out and was surprised my makeup looked so flawless still, but I didn't think much of it.  I totally forgot I had used the setting powder until I saw it on my vanity when I removed my makeup that night!  My foundation never looks as good at the end of the day as it does at the beginning, so this stuff is just what I needed.


The final product was the We Love Eyes Tea Tree Eyelid and Eyelash Makeup Remover.  I found that this could remove even my hardest to remove eye makeup (the Korres eyeshadow stick from last month's Glossybox) easily.  Usually I end up irritating my eyes trying to get that eyeshadow off, but this did it in seconds.  It definitely has a tea tree scent, which isn't my favorite, but it works and you don't need to use it for long, so I'm okay with that.  It's a very gentle formula and didn't sting my eyes at all.

I'm really happy with the November Petit Vour!  I absolutely loved that three of the four products are new, so Petit Vour subscribers get to try them out before everyone else.  If I had to choose a favorite product this month, it would be the W3LL People powder as I couldn't believe how well my makeup held up when I used it.   I wish my Ellovi scrub had a bit more of a jasmine rose scent, but that's my only complaint.  

What did you think of the November Petit Vour?  Did you get the same products?  I'm not sure if there was variation this month.  What was your favorite product?  If you got the Ellovi, did yours have more scent than mine did?