November Spoilers!


We have some spoilers for November!  If you don't want to know what you might be getting this month, stop reading!  I'll tell you what I'll be getting in my Birchbox, ipsy, DermStore BeautyFix, Glossybox, and Goodbeing boxes this month!



You can see what you'll be getting in your November Birchboxes already.  To see what you'll get, go to Birchbox, go to the Your Box dropdown menu, click Your Box, then go to the month dropdown menu you'll see in the middle of the screen.  Choose any month in 2016, then change the number at the end to 11.  Here's the direct link:  You have to be signed in for it to work, of course.  Usually, this trick will work on my computer or my phone, but it's only working on my computer right now.  

I'm getting the products above.  It shows the full size versions, but I'm not sure how big the samples will be.  I'm interested in the Kiehl's and the Liz Earle, but that's about it.  I've tried the Ardency Inn eyeliner before and it was okay, but I don't need another one.  I hope it's not black again.  I've never been a big Coastal Scents fan. 

Are you getting anything good in your Birchbox this month?




I'm much happier with my ipsy than I am my Birchbox this month!  The bag design is okay, but nothing special.  I've tried tarte's maracuja oil and Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara before and loved them both, so I'm happy to get more.  I've tried Skin&Co Roma's Truffle Serum before, but never their Truffle Therapy Eye Concentrate, so I'm looking forward to trying that.  I'm not familiar with Absolute New York, but I'm up for trying more red lipstick!  The last product, SLMissGlam W20 Angled Eye Brush is kind of boring, but I'm sure it will be useful.

ipsy had moved away from letting subscribers see their products early by sharing the bag on social media, but they're back to letting you do that again.  I'm happy about it because it lets me see what I'm getting earlier, but I'm sure those who don't have social media accounts won't be quite as happy.



Goodbeing has started allowing subscribers to choose two products a month.  I took screenshots of the product choices for November.  Subscribers could choose one of the six products in the picture on the left and one of the six in the picture on the right.  I almost went with one of the Previse serums in the left picture, but then I remembered the one time I tried a Previse product, it was very sticky and I didn't like it, so I went with the MyChelle Perfect C Radiance Lotion.  I'm a big fan of MyChelle, so I think I made the right choice.  The second choice was a little more difficult.  I like Moody Sisters and I like lip scrubs, but I have so many lip scrubs already.  I got the Annmarie Rosemary Peppermint Body Wash in my Goodbeing last month, so I knew that was out.  I've never tried SquareHue Nail Polish before, but none of the colors stood out to me that much.  I liked Vondelpark, which SquareHue describes as a "super glossy smokey deep purple," but I have so many dark purple nail polishes already.  The Desert Storm 1991 polish, a "neutral warm grey creme," isn't like any nail polish I have, but there's a reason for that -- I would never wear that color.  Bird Fling 2010, is your basic red creme, but I have more of those than I can count.  That left me with Hurricane 2005, a metallic pewter color.  It's not my favorite color ever, but I do like it, and I don't have anything all that similar in my extensive polish collection, so that was what I chose.  I wasn't as wowed by the choices as I was in previous months, but I'm still pretty happy with what I ended up selecting.


I always love watching DermStore's Mark and Mandy do their monthly unboxing video!  They're cute and I think it's great that they aren't the people you'd typically see doing videos like these.  They just seem like normal people and I would love to be their friend.

All DermStore BeautyFix subscribers will receive:

We're getting a lot of stuff in the November box!  I'm not sure of the exact sizes of the non-full-size products yet.  My box has already shipped, so I should get it soon.


I forgot to get a picture of it, but Glossybox subscribers will be receiving a Lycopene Skin Care Crema Rinnovante.

That's it for now!  What do you think of the November boxes so far?  Have you seen anything I've missed?