Mommy Mailbox Review, November 2016

Mommy Mailbox, $33.95 per month (free shipping to US; add $10.50 for shipping to Canada)


I loved how this baby bun posed with the Mommy Mailbox sticker right between her ears!  She's a natural model!

Mommy Mailbox is a monthly lifestyle box that reminds me a little bit of PopSugar.  I'm not a mom, so, while I had heard of this box before, I never looked at spoilers or reviews because I assumed it would not be for me.  The owner of Mommy Mailbox asked me to try the box out, though, and I was surprised that the box had nothing at all to do with being a mom besides the fact that they have a different guest curator each month who happens to be both a blogger and a mother.  This box doesn't have baby toys or parenting books -- it has fun little treats that would make most women happy, whether they are mothers or not.  Each box contains four to six products.  The products are a mix of accessories, food, beauty, and home products.  

Right now, Mommy Mailbox is having a Black Friday sale that has started a few days early! Here are the current sales:

For $5 off your first box with a month-to-month subscription, use code BFMM

For $5 off any Limited Collection box, use code BFLC

For 10% off the single One Month box, use code BFONE

For a FREE 3-piece stocking stuffer with any 3, 6 or 12 month subscription, use code BFSS

There are more details about the sales and the stocking stuffers right here.

Mommy Mailbox sent me this box free of charge for review.


Here's what I got in my first Mommy Mailbox:

The November Mommy Mailbox was worth about $59.46.  I couldn't find the peanut butter cups for sale online, so I had to estimate their value.  That's almost double the purchase price, so the value is good.  They had a food product, a bath product, a home product, an accessory, and a beauty product, so I'm liking the product mix.  This box definitely isn't only for moms!  I think most women would enjoy this box.  The guest curator this month was Beverley Mitchell and she was going for a Pamper theme.


I love Rifle Paper Co., so I was excited to get a notepad from them!  The paper is of high quality -- it has some weight to it!  The Jardin de Paris design isn't one I would have chosen for myself, but it's pretty and I'll use it.  


I use pink Himalayan salt all the time and I assumed this was for food when I first saw this.  While it does say it is food grade, this package is meant to be used as bath salts.  I used the entire package in my bath and it was very relaxing.  I was surprised that it actually gave the water a pink tint to it as the salt is such a light pink color and I didn't put all that much of it in the tub.  Himalayan salt takes a little longer to dissolve than most bath salts, and I ended up sitting on top of some salt rocks, which was slightly painful, but I kept stirring the water and they dissolved eventually.


Next up was the Wild Ophelia Maine Sea Salt Peanut Butter Cups.  I love extra dark chocolate and peanut butter, so I thought the combination of the two would be amazing.  These were okay, but I wish they were a little sweeter.  I can handle the bitterness of the extra dark chocolate, but I was hoping some sugar would be added to the peanut butter.  To me, peanut butter cups are supposed to be sweet.  The peanut butter cups are high quality and are pretty good, so if you don't have a sweet tooth like me, you'll probably love these.  I would definitely be interested in trying other products from Wild Ophelia!


My favorite product in the box was easily the Wrenn Jewelry Becki Earrings in Rainbow Druzy!  I love druzy, but I've never owned any druzy jewelry.  If you're not familiar with druzy, it's tiny crystals layered over a colorful mineral, giving you a sparkly, colorful effect.  The picture really doesn't do it justice.  There are so many colors and the sparkle is gorgeous.  These are made of rose gold-plated brass.  These are my new favorite earrings.  The only issue with earrings in a jewelry box is that not everyone has pierced ears, but most women seem to.  If you don't have pierced ears, these would make a wonderful gift for someone who does.

Swatch of OFRA Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Santa Ana

Swatch of OFRA Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Santa Ana

The last product was the OFRA Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Santa Ana.  I prefer liquid lipstick, but I don't think I've tried OFRA's before.  I've tried a number of OFRA products and haven't had the best luck with them, so I wasn't expecting much from this lipstick.  I was surprised by how much I liked this!  It looks a lot pinker in the picture than it really is -- it's more of a deep red with a slight pinkishness to it.  The color was very flattering on me.  This lasted all day long.  After eating, it needed a slight touch up, but that was it.  I would recommend this if you are looking for a good liquid lipstick.

I'm really happy with the November Mommy Mailbox!  I didn't think I would be saying that as I'm not a mom and I assumed this box wouldn't be for me.  Don't let the name scare you away!  The earrings were my favorite, but I loved the liquid lipstick, too, and liked the bath salts and notepad.  The Wild Ophelia peanut butter cups were good, but they could have been slightly sweeter.  Overall, though, the box is a hit and I would recommend giving it a try if you're looking for a new lifestyle box.

Does anyone else get Mommy Mailbox?  If so, what have you thought of past boxes?  I'm not very familiar with the box, so I'd love to hear your thoughts about past boxes if you've gotten them!