Kloverbox Review, November 2016

Kloverbox, $25 per month (US only)


The little ones are growing up too fast!  She's going to be as big as the box soon!

Kloverbox is a monthly natural lifestyle box.  It contains at least four items and the items are generally a mix of beauty products, things for the home, and snacks.  The products are natural, often organic, and usually (but not always) vegan.  Kloverbox is under new ownership, so boxes have been shipping out earlier in the month.  I know late shipping bothered a lot of subscribers, so many of you will be happy that your Kloverbox will be coming more toward the middle of the month.  Besides occasional color and scent variations, all subscribers receive the same products.

Kloverbox sent me this box free of charge for review.  The link above is an affiliate link.


Here's what was in the November Kloverbox:

The November Kloverbox was worth $70.20.  That's almost three times the cost of the box, so I'm definitely happy with the value.  There are three beauty products and two home products this month.  The November theme was getting ready for Thanksgiving get-togethers.  


The first product was the Sakari Botanicals Blue Corn Facial Mask.  Sakari Botanicals is a small business owned by Native American women based in Bend, OR.  They collaborated with The Blue Corn Project/Central Oregon Seed Exchange and the Ute Mountain Indian Tribe to produce this mask.  I've never tried a blue corn mask before!  The Blue Corn Facial Mask will cleanse and exfoliate your skin, plus get rid of excess oil and moisturize your skin.  Besides blue corn, this also contains lavender and chamomile.  The lavender scent is somewhat strong, but not overbearing.  To use this, you mix it the powder with water, apply to your face, then remove after 10 minutes.  This left my skin feeling much smoother than I expected, so I was very happy with the results.  


The Meliora Cleaning Products Laundry Stain Removal Soap Stick was a great choice for a November box.  If you're like me, you can be sure you'll have stained your shirt by the time Thanksgiving is over.  I was expecting this to be similar to a Tide To-Go Pen, so I was surprised when I took this out of the box and found a solid piece of soap.  You wet the clothing, then rub the soap into the stain and wash the clothing.  It's a pre-treatment. They also recommend using this to get mildew off your shower curtain liner.  I didn't have stained clothes to use this on, so I tried it on my shower curtain liner and it removed the mildew easily.  Has anyone tried this on clothing yet?  If so, did it get the stains out?


I love the Moody Sisters and I'm always up for trying a new blemish serum!  To use the Moody Sisters Blemish Serum, you apply the product sparingly to a blemish once or twice a day after cleansing but before toning.  It's a rollerball, so it's very easy to use.  It has a strong tea tree smell to it, which I didn't love, but it was gone after a minute.  This dries out pimples to kill them off, so it made my skin a little flaky wherever it was applied.  This does work, though, and I'd rather have a dry patch than a pimple, so I love this stuff.  It killed the smaller pimples overnight, but it took a couple of applications for the bigger pimples.  At $12, this is quite affordable, so I would definitely recommend this.  


The eSCENTials Aroma Clean Slate Natural Cleansing Spray is a mix of distilled water, witch hazel, and lavender, lemon, tea tree, lemongrass, and eucalyptus essential oils.  If you click on the link to this product above, you'll see it's listed on the website as Clean Slate Yoga Mat and Equipment Cleaner instead of Clean Slate Natural Cleansing Spray, but the ingredients match, so it appears to be the same product.  I don't know if they renamed it for Kloverbox so subscribers wouldn't feel as though it had limited uses or if they've renamed the product entirely and just haven't updated their website.  They say it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral, and that it can be used to wipe down yoga mats and other sports gear, counters, and other nonporous surfaces.  It can't be used on wood.  I'm not much of an athlete, so I used this on my counters and liked that it cleaned them and left them smelling fresh.  I could smell the lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus, but didn't really notice the tea tree scent.  If you need a strong cleanser for a very dirty surface, this probably won't do the trick, but this is great for wiping down a surface that needs to be cleaned but doesn't have lots of dried-on food or dirt stuck on it.


The Herbifolia Botanics Vegan Lip Kit contains a peppermint lip scrub, a lip oil, and a lip balm.  The lip oil and balm don't have added scent, but, if you like this kit and want to purchase it, they allow you to select between unscented or a scent of your choice from a small list.  The lip scrub is made of granulated sugar, peppermint oil, camelina oil, and grapeseed oil.  It exfoliated my lips gently and didn't leave them feeling raw.  After you use the scrub, you apply the oil to the lips, and then use the lip balm.  I've had a million lip scrubs and lip balms, but this is my first lip oil!  I really liked it -- it was like lip balm on steroids.  It was very moisturizing and, combined with the scrub, made my lips extraordinarily soft.  The lip balm was pretty average.  It smells of cocoa butter, so I wish that they had added a scent to the balm as I don't love the cocoa butter scent.  It is hydrating, though, so I will still use it.  These products made my lips so smooth, which is important when you use a matte lipstick as it will show every flaw.  My matte lipstick looked perfect after I used these products.


Kloverbox threw in a little card wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  On the card is a little paper leaf that you are supposed to soak overnight, then tear up the leaf and plant it as it contains seeds.  It says it will grow a flower, but it doesn't say what kind of flower.  I haven't tried this year, but I will eventually.  I just wish I knew what kind of flower it was!

I loved the November Kloverbox!  The products went with the theme and were all very practical.  The Moody Sisters Blemish Serum was my favorite product, but I liked everything in the box.  The lip balm in the lip kit would have been better with a little scent, but I loved the scrub and the oil, so I'm happy with the kit overall.  The mask made my skin feel so soft and was not like any other mask I've tried.  While the laundry stick wasn't the most exciting product, it was a great choice for a Thanksgiving box and it removed mildew from my shower curtain liner easily.  The eSCENTials Aroma Clean Slate had a fresh scent and got my counters clean.  Since Kloverbox has been under new ownership, they've had themes each month and they've done such a great job of finding products that fit the themes.  So many boxes have themes and maybe one product will go with that theme, but I can't quite figure out how the other products fit in.  That's not the case with Kloverbox -- the themes are well thought out and they choose just the right products for it.  I can't wait to see what will be in the December box!

What did you think of the November Kloverbox?  Did you have a favorite product?