Terra Bella Box Review, December 2016

Terra Bella Box, $32.95 per month (free shipping to US, ships to most other countries -- see site for shipping costs)


Isn't this little one just the cutest?!  She's a month-old broken Siamese Mini Satin.  

Terra Bella Box is a monthly natural beauty subscription that includes only products from small businesses.  It's a great way to get acquainted with beauty companies you might not have found on your own.  Subscribers get three to four skincare, bath, hair, and body products that are full or deluxe sample size.   All subscribers get the same products, but there are occasional color and scent variations.  The box is often, but not always, vegan, and the products are always cruelty-free.  Terra Bella Box used to contain makeup products also, but that changed over the summer when the owner started a second box, The Makeup Edit, which contains three full size natural makeup products a month.  Subscribers can switch back and forth between the two boxes from month to month if they want. 

Terra Bella Box sent me this box free of charge for review.


Here's what came in the December Terra Bella Box:

My December Terra Bella Box was worth $75.10.  That's over double the subscription price, so I'm very happy with the value.  This month we got two skincare products, a bath product, and a perfume.  It had a bit of a holiday feel to it with the peppermint almond soap and the sugar plum candle, but it wasn't too over the top, so anyone could enjoy this box, no matter which holidays they celebrate.  


First up is the Artistic Solutions Ink Moisturizing Lotion Candle in Sugar Plum Spice.  This candle comes in many scents, but the Sugar Plum Spice is a limited edition holiday scent, so it won't be around for long.  I've heard of candles that could be used as body oils and lotions, but I've never had one before.  To use this, you let it burn for about 15 minutes, then you blow it out and you can use the melted wax (which is soy wax that has olive oil mixed in) as a massage oil or a body moisturizer.  I thought this was going to be an oily mess, but it absorbed much quicker than I expected.  I used it immediately after blowing it out and the wax was hot, but not too hot to use.  This would be the perfect thing for a romantic sensual massage.  I love this candle.  


Last December, Terra Bella Box had an Indigo Wild Bah Hum Zum bar soap in a frankincense scent, so I love that they have the same soap in the peppermint almond scent this year.  I hope this is a tradition Terra Bella Box keeps up every December.  I much prefer the peppermint almond to the frankincense.  The peppermint almond scent is neither too strong nor too soft.  I smell more peppermint than almond.  This is a very moisturizing soap and is perfect for the winter.  


I've gotten Jersey Shore Sun products from Jersey Shore Cosmetics, but this is my first time trying something from their Jersey Shore Spa Line.  The Whole Body Balm contains argan oil and vitamin E and it is supposed to moisturize and fight signs of aging.  Jersey Shore says you can use it on your face, lips, hair (to keep flyaways in check), cuticles, and all over your body.  It can even be used to remove makeup smudges when you're out and about and need to fix your liner or mascara.  This has a soft geranium scent to it that isn't my favorite, but it isn't bad.  It's the perfect size to keep in my purse so I have something for when my hands are dry and cracking in the middle of the winter.   While I like this product and find it to be very moisturizing and surprisingly non-greasy, at $45, it's a little on the expensive side.  It's currently on sale for $30, which is much more reasonable, but I'm not sure how long that sale will last.


The final product this month was GLOW for a Cause's perfume rollerball in wish.  GLOW describes the scent as a mix of light florals, white tea, bergamot, and musk.  I loved the top notes and base notes, but the mid notes weren't my favorite.  It didn't last the entire day, but it lasted for most of it.  This isn't my favorite perfume ever, but I like it and will use it.

I'm loving the December Terra Bella Box!  I liked everything and it will all get use.  My favorite product this month was definitely the Artistic Solutions Ink candle, but the Indigo Wild soap was a close second.  This was the perfect box for December.  Terra Bella Box had fabulous curation this month.  This might be my favorite Terra Bella Box ever.

What did you think of the December Terra Bella Box?  Did anyone get The Makeup Edit?  If so, was it as good as this box?