Goodbeing Review, December 2016

Goodbeing, $21 per month (free shipping to US; add $9 for shipping to Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand)


Isn't this baby bun the cutest?  He looks like a little bun loaf.

Goodbeing is a monthly natural health and beauty box.  Subscribers fill out extensive profiles when they sign up.  Goodbeing is one of the few boxes that seems to really pay attention to profiles and they clearly put a lot of thought into customizing each subscriber's box.  Subscribers receive four to five items each month and many of the products are full size or deluxe sample size.  Most of the items are beauty-related, but Goodbeing sometimes includes supplements and other health-related things.  Most of the products are vegan, although sometimes there are products that contain honey or beeswax.  Goodbeing allows subscribers to choose one to two of products each month from a list of products.  They started that several months ago and I love it.  Because each box is customized, Goodbeing includes individual product information cards for each product instead of one big one for the entire box.  I find the tiny cards to be a little annoying because they're easy to lose, but, if that's the price I have to pay for a customized box, I can live with it.


This is what came in my December Goodbeing:

My December Goodbeing box was worth an incredible $108.17!  This box is one of the higher valued Goodbeing boxes I've gotten!  I got two skincare products, a body product, a bath product, and an aromatherapy product.  I was a little surprised to see no makeup in the box.  With the product choice options for this month, Goodbeing offered a number of different eyeshadows and I chose a skincare product instead, so it's mostly my own fault I didn't get any makeup.  I almost went with one of the eyeshadows as they were so pretty, but I have way too much eyeshadow as it is and tend to use the same few palettes all the time.


I got a Good Medicine product in Goodbeing before and didn't love it, but I was willing to give them another chance.  The Good Medicine Honey Dew Youth Serum was one of my product choices for the month.  This serum is both anti-aging and anti-acne, so it's great for someone like me!  To use this, you are supposed to apply it to your face after washing and toning but before moisturizing and then lightly tap it into your skin.  This contains essential oils and attars of juniper berry, frankincense, myrrh, and amber, and it has a really strong scent, so this won't be for everyone.  The scent wasn't my favorite, but I found that if I put on a scented moisturizer over it (the GLOW for a Cause Nourishing Facial Cream in Calendula and Citrus from this month's Mommy Mailbox!), it covered it up.  I've only used this a few days, so I haven't seen any anti-aging effects, but it was moisturizing and made my skin feel soft.  Good Medicine recommends using this as a primer also, but I haven't tried that yet.


My second product choice was the Bella Aura Skincare Antioxidant Booster.  It's small, but it is one-third the size of the full size product and the full size product costs $125, so this little tube is worth $41.67!  This is another serum.  Goodbeing doesn't normally send out two serums or two of any type of the same product in one box, but I chose these serums as my two product choices, so that was on me.  This contains beeswax, so it is not vegan.  I wanted to try them both and my friends and family are always happy to take any extra serum I have off my hands.  To use this serum, you're supposed to dab a little bit on your nose, chin, each cheek, and forehead, then massage your face upward for thirty seconds.  This is an anti-aging serum, but I would have to use it for more time to see any real effect. Like the Good Medicine Youth Serum, this is also strongly scented.  It has kind of a natural, hippie shop kind of smell to it and the smell of this bothers me more than the Good Medicine scent.  I also found that my moisturizer couldn't cover this scent up and the scent lasts for a long time.  If you're sensitive to scent, this isn't going to be for you.  I like this and will use the product up, but I probably wouldn't buy a full size because of strong scent (and the price).


Now for my favorite product this month!  The 100% Pure Pink Grapefruit Hand Buttercream has a beautiful grapefruit scent that is strong, but not too strong.  Subscribers who received this hand lotion could receive French Lavender, Blood Orange, Honey Almond, Eucalyptus, Gingerade, Coconut, Vanilla Bean, or Pink Grapefruit.  When you fill out your subscriber profile, you get to choose your favorite and least favorite scents.  I selected citrus as one of my favorite scents, so Goodbeing was definitely paying attention!  This is a non-greasy lotion that aborbs quickly into my skin.  It wasn't quite as moisturizing as I would have liked, but it still gave my hands some much needed hydration.


The Slab Fresh Soap Avocado Butter Soap is unscented and can be used on both your body and face.  It contains lots of vitamins and minerals and fights signs of aging.  It says it is good for helping with redness and irritation due to psoriasis, so I decided to save this for my girlfriend's mom. I haven't had a chance to try it as I don't want to give her a bar of used soap.  Has anyone tried this?  Is it as moisturizing as it says?  Does anyone know if it really is good for psoriasis?  


The final product was the Balanced Guru Optimist Organic Aromatherapy Spray in Sensitive.  The Optimist sprays are Balanced Guru's new line and they aren't available for sale yet!  I love that Goodbeing subscribers get to try this product out before anyone else.  Besides Sensitive, they also offer Grounded, Powerful, Loving, Creative, Intuitive, and Enlightened.  I'm not sure why Goodbeing chose an aromatherapy spray for me to begin with and I'm certainly not sure why they chose Sensitive for me as that's the last thing I need.  To use this, you can spray it in the air, then breathe deeply for a few seconds, or you can spray it on your pulse points, pillow, or yoga mat.  The scent of this wasn't bad, but I didn't notice any added sensitivity.  This was the only real miss in the box for me.  I'm not sure if Goodbeing sent these out to all subscribers or they just thought I would like this for some reason.

Overall, I'm very happy with my December Goodbeing box.  My favorite product was definitely the 100% Pure Pink Grapefruit Hand Buttercream!  I liked the Good Medicine and Bella Aura serums, but I would have liked them more if they had toned down the scent a bit.  The Slab soap seems to be of great quality, but I'll have to wait to hear the verdict on it from my girlfriend's mom as I am hoping it will help her with her sensitive skin this winter.  The Balanced Guru spray was okay, but not something I really need and I don't see myself using it.  I'll have to pass it along to a friend who will appreciate it more than I do.  Goodbeing generally does an excellent job customizing boxes for each subscriber and I think they did a pretty good job this month.  I wouldn't have chosen the Balanced Guru spray for myself, but I like that they take me out of my comfort zone a bit each month. 

What did you think of the December Goodbeing box?  Did you get similar products?  Did anyone get that gorgeous eyeshadow that I saw in the sample choice section?  If you did, which color did you get and how did it work for you?