Glossybox Review, December 2016

Glossybox, $21 per month (also has many international versions)


This baby bun is so sweet and affectionate!  She reminds me a lot of Emmett.  She always wants to give kisses.

Glossybox is a monthly beauty box that is similar to Birchbox and ipsy, except the product sizes tend to be a bit bigger and the box values are higher.  Glossybox subscribers receive five to six beauty products each month.  There is some variation, so you might not get the same things I got.  Glossy tends to be heavier on skincare than makeup, but there is always a good mix.  This used to consistently be one of my favorite boxes, but it's really gone downhill this year.  I keep hoping they'll improve, but it's not looking good after a whole year like this.

I don't currently have a subscription with Glossybox, but I have a ton of Glossydots, so I've been using those to continue getting boxes for the next few months.  December is usually the best Glossybox of the year, so I used my dots to get two of them.  The boxes were slightly different, so I've included both below.


This is what I got in my first December box (box on left):

Here's what was in my second box (box on right):

My December Glossybox was worth $117.92.  The second was worth $73.41.  That's a pretty big difference in value!  Three of the products -- the illuminator, the brush, and the lipstick -- were the same in both boxes, but I got a mask and eye gels in the first box and a perfume and a cleanser in the second box.  In the first box, I got a mix of two makeup products, a beauty tool, and two skincare products; in the second box, I got two makeup products, a beauty tool, a skincare product, and a fragrance.

Swatch of MeMeMe Beat the Blues Skin Illumintor in Oyster Gold

Swatch of MeMeMe Beat the Blues Skin Illumintor in Oyster Gold

Glossybox loves to send out highlighters!  I can't even tell you how many highlighters and brow pencils I've gotten from Glossy.  MeMeMe is a brand I've seen only Glossybox.  The bottle is similar to a nail polish bottle.  The cap has a thick brush attached to it and you brush the liquid highlighter wherever it is needed and then blend it out.  This works pretty well and gives you a subtle highlight with a little bit of shimmer.  I was surprised by how much I liked this highlighter.

Swatch of MDMflow Semi-Matte Lipstick in Bossy

Swatch of MDMflow Semi-Matte Lipstick in Bossy

The next product was MDMflow Semi-Matte Lipstick in Bossy.  The color is a boring tan and did not look good on me at all.  The formula was quite dry and not that easy to use.  I had to really build up to get the swatch you see above.  The pigment isn't great and I could barely see it on my lips.  The tint it left, though, was not flattering.  I'll pass this along to a friend who might like the color more.


The third product that was in both boxes was the Luxie Beauty Onyx Noir Small Tapered Blending Brush 231.  Luxie is a vegan beauty company, so the bristles are synthetic.  Most Luxie brushes are pink, so I was surprised to see a black one!  The bristles are soft and the brush blended out my eyeshadow well.  I always think makeup brushes are boring to get in boxes, but they are useful.


In the first box, I got two Kristals Cosmetics Diamond Select Anti-Gravity Spark Eye Masks.  A twelve-pack of these costs $400 ($300 if you buy them while they are on sale through the end of today, 12/31), so these are some expensive eye gels!  They have a firm gel texture with lots of sparkles in them.  To use these, you place a gel under each eye for fifteen minutes.  The gels are supposed to hydrate, fight signs of aging, and brighten the skin.  I found these kept slipping down when I was using them.  They were very hydrating, but I can't imagine spending that much money on them!  These are so expensive because Kristals says they contain diamond powder.  I don't know that my eyes really need diamond powder.  It seems a little gimmicky.


I've tried many a Vichy product and I've always enjoyed them.  The Vichy Pore Purifying Clay Mask is supposed to suck out excess oil and soften the skin.  To use this, you apply the mud to your face for five minutes, then rinse.  Vichy says not to allow this to fully dry because that means your skin will also be dried out.  This did help eliminate some oiliness and it made my skin look pretty radiant.  I'll probably need this more in the summer when my skin is extra greasy.


In the second box, I got two teeny samples of La Roche-Posay Toleriane Purifying Foam Cream.  The full size tube is over 4 oz. and costs $25, so I don't know why they sent us just two 0.1 oz samples that were worth a grand total of $1.15 combined.  I got two uses per bottle.  I love the gentle foaming action.  It feels very soft and smooth on my skin and it was very cleansing.  I just wish Glossybox had sent us a bigger sample.


The final product in the second box was the Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani Pop Electric Eau de Parfum in Baby.  There are five different perfumes in this series and you could receive any of the five in your box.  The bottles are very cute -- all five are different colors and they are all different people.  Gwen Stefani has rightfully been called out for cultural appropriation with her Harajuku obsession, so that is certainly an issue with these.  I don't know about the other perfumes in this series, but Baby smells horrible.  It had that telltale cheap perfume scent to it.  According to the product website, its top notes are freesia, bergamot, and white rose; it's mid notes are orange flower, tiare flower, and jasmine; it's base notes are white musk, soft woods, heliotrope, vanilla, and violet.  All I could smell was a sugary sweet musk.  I often like musks, but this smelled like it was dipped in sugar.  If you like really sweet smelling perfumes, you might like this.  This is one of my least favorite perfumes ever.  I immediately showered after trying it on.

The December Glossybox this year wasn't nearly as good as the December boxes of years past.  This was a big disappointment.  I wish I hadn't bothered wasting my dots and getting a second box.  The first box was much better than the second -- I liked everything but the lipstick.  In the second box, I liked everything but the lipstick and, of course, the horrible perfume.  I also was annoyed by the miniscule sample size of the cleanser in the second box.  Unfortunately, Glossybox just isn't what it used to be.  Once my dots are all used up, I doubt I will renew my subscription.

What did you think of the December box?  If anyone got one of the other Harajuku Lovers perfumes, I'd love to hear what you thought of it.