FabFitFun Review, Winter 2016

FabFitFun, $49.99 per quarter (free shipping to US addresses, add $8 for Canadian orders)


This beautiful girl is a little shy, but very sweet!  

FabFitFun is a quarterly lifestyle box that sends subscribers a mix of beauty products, jewelry, accessories, fitness products, and home goods.  All subscribers receive the same products with some color and/or scent variations.  If you're a yearly subscriber, FabFitFun allows you to choose the variations you would like.  The box always has a value of $200+.  FFF also has a charity they partner with each quarter and they always include a small product related to that charity. 


Here's what I got this quarter:

My Winter FabFitFun box was worth about $348.95.  I had to guess on the value of the pin as it was the product from the charity of the quarter, the Starlight Children's Foundation.  Originally, the Barre3 subscription hadn't been included, but then FabFitFun let subscribes know that they were adding it on, probably because they had gotten so many complaints that there wasn't a fitness-related item in the box.  We got three beauty items, two pieces of jewelry, three home items, and a fitness item this quarter.


First up, we have the Gorjana Taner Toggle Lariat in Gold.  Subscribers got either this necklace or the Gorjana Kiernan Double Pendant in Silver.  Normally,  I prefer gold to silver, but I liked the style of the Kiernan necklace more than that of the Taner Toggle necklace, so I was hoping to get the silver Kiernan necklace.  I was a little disappointed that I got the gold necklace at first, but I ended up really liking it.  The bar at the bottom is hammered, so it has an interesting texture.  I was finding that the necklace was tangling up a lot when I was wearing it, so I looped the bar through the circle an additional time and it kept it from moving around quite as much, which greatly reduced the tangling.  This is a simple but pretty necklace and I got a number of compliments.  I'm a lot happier with it than I expected to be!


Subscribers received the D.L. & Co. 7 oz. candle in either Blackberry Nectar and Bergamot Woods.  I was hoping for Blackberry Nectar and I got lucky!  The jars of both scents have the same design, but the Blackberry is gold and the Bergamot is silver.  This candle is strongly scented, but it's not overbearing.  D.L. & Co. says that this scent has notes of red mint, blackberry jam, raspberry nectar, and berry honey.  I've heard from other subscribers that the scent of the Bergamot Woods candle isn't that noticeable when burning it, but that wasn't the case with the Blackberry Nectar.  Its scent filled the room.  I love this candle, but I would never pay $44 for it!  I love when subscription boxes include fancy candles. 


The O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face is exfoliating, brightening, and moisturizing.  O.R.G. is a Korean skincare company that I wasn't familiar with.  To use this, you spray a generous amount all over your face, let it set three to five seconds, then rub it into your face.  You'll see tons of dead skin come off.  It's gross, but I like seeing the results.  This left my skin feeling soft and looking radiant.  At $44, it's on the the expensive side, but I'm happy to use it while I have it.


Subscribers received the Anderson Lilley Body Cream in either Winter in Manhattan Beach or Sicilian Tangerine.  I was really hoping to get Sicilian Tangerine because I love citrus scents, but I ended up getting Winter in Manhattan Beach.  Winter in Manhattan Beach is probably the least appealing name for a lotion to me, but I was surprised how much I ended up liking the scent.  This has notes of bergamot, citrus, Brazilian soft woods, white jasmine, heliotrope, and musk.  The scent is pretty strong, but it's beautiful and I love it.  I wish I could smell the Sicilian Tangerine, too, but I'm happy with the one I got.  The cream is thick and very moisturizing, but not greasy at all.  It absorbed very quickly and made my hands feel softer.  This will be great to have around this winter.


While the Moleskin planner is nice, it's a weird inclusion for a box, in my opinion.  Most people don't use actual planners anymore.  Subscribers received either the Grape color or the Malachite Green.  This is pretty and well-made, but just not for me.  Fortunately, I have a friend who uses planners, so I gave it to her.


The Marie Mae Thank You Notes are nice, but, again, it's a weird choice for this box.  They're called thank you notes, but all they say is "cheers," so they could be used for a number of things.  I thought these would be regular greeting cards, but they're like postcards.  I could have done without these in the box.


The Butter London Iconoclast Mascara gave me tons of volume and a good amount of length.  I prefer something a little more lengthening and slightly less volumizing, but, if volume is what you need, this is the mascara for you.  It held up all day and didn't flake or smear.  


The final product was the Starlight Children Foundation pin.  It's a gold star and it seems to be sturdy.  It's not really my style, but it's cute enough.  I love that FabFitFun chooses a different charity each quarter.

After the boxes shipped out, FabFitFun announced that all subscribers would receive a free two-month subscription to Barre3, which has online workout classes.  I think they got a lot of complaints about the lack of a fitness product, so they figured they had to come up with something.  The fitness part is always the part of the box I have no interest in, so I don't think I'll be using my subscription.

The winter FabFitFun box wasn't as good as the fall, but I still liked it.  I loved the necklace, face peel, body cream, and candle.  The mascara and pin were okay, and the Barre3 subscription, thank you notes, and planner were misses for me.  Overall, though, I'm very happy with the box.  FabFitFun is becoming one of my favorites.

Did anyone else get FabFitFun?  If so, what did you think?  Did anyone get the tangerine cream, bergamot candle, or the silver necklace?  I'd love to hear about them if you got them.