Birchbox Review, December 2016

Birchbox, $10 per month (US only)


This three-week-old Holland Lop is such a little sweetheart.  He loves modeling.

Birchbox is one of the most popular beauty boxes.  At $10 per month, it's also one of the most affordable.  The sample sizes tend to be on the small side, but the products are, for the most part, higher end.  Subscribers fill out profiles upon subscribing and Birchbox uses those to select your products.  Birchbox is heavier on skincare than makeup, but they always have a mix.  Subscribers receive five to six samples per month.  Each month, subscribers are given the opportunity to choose one product for the following month's box, choose a curated box that they show you in advance, or leave the entire box to chance.  Generally, Birchbox gives you three to five options -- sometimes the products seem random, other times they fit a theme, and still other times they are all the same product but in different colors.  If you have any preference at all, I recommend you choose one as chances are good you'll get one of them in your box even if you don't select one.  The curated boxes are put together around a theme either by Birchbox or a special guest editor.  They tell you everything that will be in the box.  If you like most of the products in it, I recommend choosing it.  I find the curated boxes ship out earlier in the month.  Birchbox used to have an amazing points system that made it worth subscribing for the points alone, but they overhauled it in July, so it's not nearly as good as it was.  While Birchbox isn't my favorite subscription, it's a good one to start with if you're just getting into beauty boxes.


Here's what I got this month:

My Birchbox this month was worth about $36.31.  It's not extraordinarily high, but it's on the higher side when it comes to Birchbox values.  The mirror didn't have a value listed and isn't available for individual sale, so I just estimated its value.  Birchbox also included some gift tags this month, but they're not really worth much, so I didn't include them.  This is the curated box for December.  I got two hair products, two makeup products, a skincare product, plus the mirror, so I'm happy with the product mix.


First we have the Rene Furterer Lumicia Shampoo and Conditioner.  These are supposed to add shine to hair and it did just that for me.  These smell really good, too, which is another plus.  The samples are pretty small, so, if you have really long hair, these might not be enough for even one use, but I was able to get two uses out of them.  


The next product was the IPKN Radiant Cream Primer.  This is what made me want the curated box.  I was low on primer as I hadn't gotten any in a box in quite a while, but I've gotten lots this month!   This is actually my favorite of the three primers I've gotten this month.  It is a light cream, not a gel, and it blurred imperfections and gave me a radiant base to work with.  It blended in quickly and my foundation went on flawlessly.  This is one of my favorite primers.


I got The Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream in the September Birchbox and I liked it, so I was willing to try it again.  Normally, Birchbox won't send you the same sample twice, but, if it's in a curated box that you choose, that is an exception, of course.  This is a good, lightweight moisturizer that has a beautiful rose scent.  I think it's better for summer than winter, so I was a little surprised to see this in the December box.  While I like this, the full size version is $88 and that's a little too expensive, in my opinion.

Swatch of LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Rock Steady

Swatch of LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Rock Steady

Next up is the LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Rock Steady.  LOC is Birchbox's house brand of makeup.  I was sure that I had tried their eyeshadow stick before, but I searched and couldn't find it, so I guess I haven't.  The pigment, as you can see in the swatch, is excellent and it stayed all day on me.  It wasn't the easiest to blend, but I could work with it.  Birchbox describes this color as metallic greige, which is about right.  It's not my favorite color and I would like to try other shades.  I would recommend this eyeshadow.


Finally, Birchbox threw in a little mirror (the round thing in the picture above that you can also see in the third picture from the top) and some gift tags.  I don't know if this is something all subscribers received or if only those who chose the curated box got it.  The mirror works, but you can tell it is not of very high quality and probably won't hold up for long.  I'll throw it in my purse and use it while it lasts.

I like everything in this month's Birchbox, but the only thing I really love is the IPKN primer.  I would say it was a pretty good month. What did you get in your Birchbox this month?  What did you think?