Julep 12-Piece Polish Gift Set Review

Julep 12-Piece Gift Set (free with new subscription; $24.95 per month for subscriptions, US and Canada only)


As I mentioned several days ago, I started a Julep subscription.  I posted a review of the free gift I got with my new Julep subscription earlier this week.  Two days after I did that, Julep offered a much better free gift with subscription.  I was so sad.  My girlfriend knew how much I wanted the new free gift so she subscribed for one month in order to get it for me.  So, in addition to getting to review this bonus box, I'll get to review both my December Julep box and my girlfriend's.

Julep makes their own nail polish, makeup, and skincare products.  Subscribers to their monthly box can get all makeup, all nail polish, or a combination of the two.  Julep will put together a box for you based on your profile, but you're able to go online and switch out the products Julep chose for you for other products if you prefer to make your own selections.  You can also add products to your box at a discounted price.  Julep puts out a collection of nail polish and makeup each month, so there are always new things to choose from.  Normally, I don't like subscription boxes that include products from only one brand, but I've found that I love Julep's nail polish and makeup, so I've been wanting to try this subscription.

The free gift with subscription being offered now is a set of 12 Julep nail polishes.  Use the code FREEFALL to get this with a new subscription.


Here's what was in the Julep 12-Piece Polish Gift Set:

The free gift box was worth $168!  This is definitely one of the best free gifts I've gotten from a beauty box company.  I like that they had a mix of crème, metallic, glitter, shimmer, and special effect nail polishes.  There were no matte finishes, but Julep doesn't seem to do too many mattes, from what I can tell, and mattes aren't my favorites anyway.  Below, I've posted pictures of each individual nail polish with it swatched on a fake nail, and I'll give you a basic description.

Julep Nail Color is supposed to be better for your nails than other polishes because it is breathable.  Julep says it will strengthen your nails, plus it's 5-free and vegan.  I find that Julep polishes go on smoothly and last longer on me than many other nail polishes.  Not all Julep nail polish is the same, though, so if I've had issues with a particular polish, I will let you know.


First is Chrissy, which Julep calls a "deep teal crème."  Crème finishes aren't my favorite -- I love sparkle -- so this nail polish was just okay for me.  I doubt I will use it that often.


Delores is the only "special effect" polish in the box.  Julep calls it an "iris liquid linear holographic."  The holographic properties are a little more subtle than I would have liked, but they're there, and both the color and effect are gorgeous.  I couldn't stop staring at my nails when I had this on.


Eva is your basic raspberry crème.  I have a lot of similarly colored nail polish, so this will probably go in the gift pile.


Joss is a chrome/metallic and Julep calls it a "ripe fig duochrome."  If you look at this nail polish straight on, it looks like a metallic purple, but at an angle, it's more charcoal in color.  I love this one!


Julep calls Makenna a "gilded lilac glitter."  I don't understand where they are getting that at all.  I keep looking at it, trying to figure out where the lilac is coming from, but all I see is gold.  It's a pretty gold glitter and gives you better coverage than most glitter polishes, but I wish the lilac was a little more obvious.


Neely is a "sparking cranberry full-coverage glitter." This is gorgeous!  It reminds me of the ruby slippers when I wear it.  While a lot of glitter polish is more of a topcoat because the glitter is sparse and doesn't fill the nail, that's not the case with this nail polish.  With two coats, I had completely full coverage glitter.  Many times, the glitter is suspended in clear polish, but the polish in this is a translucent red.  This is really gorgeous and it will be great for the holidays.


Nic is described as a "black crimson crème," which is pretty accurate.  Out of the three crème finish polishes in the box, this one is my favorite, but it's still kind of boring.  The color reminds me of a slightly darker version of OCC's Black Dahlia lip tar.  It's a pretty color, but I wish it had some shimmer to it.


Paulina is a "peacock duochrome."  It's very similar to Chrissy in color, but I like the duochrome effect a lot more.  I like teal, but I don't wear it that often, so I probably won't get too much use out of this.  This is more of a toenail color for me -- if I like a color but feel it won't go with the clothes I wear, I'll put it on my toenails.


Shirley is a "charred sage microshimmer."  This is my least favorite of the shimmers and metallics.  Sage does nothing for me.  It could be a pretty versatile color, though, so I might use it eventually.


Julep calls Spencer a "vintage gold chrome."  This is a beautiful color and will make a great accent polish as it could go with most other colors.  I might not use this on all my nails, but using it on just the ring finger would be really pretty.

Speaking of accent nails, I've seen people on Pantsuit Nation encouraging people to paint their pinky nails blue to silently signal your feelings on the election.  It's a smart way to discreetly make your politics known at work or out in public and let others who are terrified know that you are on their side.  I don't talk about politics on here often, but, as a lesbian and as a person who cares about her friends who are immigrants, Muslims, and/or people of color, I am devastated and scared.  We need all the support we can get right now, so, if a blue pinky nail makes someone else feel that they are not alone and that there is someone else who stands against bigotry and hatred, I will do it.  I live in a blue state, but I imagine this would be most useful in a red state.  Your queer friends, friends of color, Muslim friends, immigrant friends, and friends who are survivors of sexual assault could really use your love and support right now, so reach out.


Back to nail polish!  Suzanne is "scarlet with gold microshimmer."  This color is beautiful, but I wish the shimmer was a little more pronounced.  Also, the scarlet really hides the gold, so you can see shimmer, but you can't tell it's gold.  It's a twist on a classic nail color, though, so it's very wearable but not boring.


The last polish in the box is Yasmin, a "marigold chrome."  I love this color!  It's a little orangier in person, but I like that about it.  It's not a nail color you see all that often.  

I loved this free gift!  It was much better than the one I got with my subscription.  My favorite colors are Yasmin, Neely, Joss, and Suzanne, but I don't hate any of the colors.  Some will definitely get more use than others.  Of the ones I've worn so far, I haven't noticed any excessive drying times (as I've had happen with another Julep polish before) or early chipping.  If you've been thinking about subscribing to Julep, I recommend doing it now because this is one of the best free gifts I've seen from them!