PopSugar Must Have Review, November 2016

PopSugar Must Have, $39.95 per month (US only)


Emmett loves PopSugar boxes because they're some of the only boxes he can fit in!  It's so cute that he likes to stand up in them.

PopSugar Must Have is a monthly box that is more lifestyle than beauty.  There's always at least one beauty item, but there's also a mix of home goods, jewelry, fashion, snacks, and other products.  All subscribers get the same products with perhaps some color or scent variation.  At $40, it's not a cheap box, but the value is always well over $100.  Sometimes PopSugar doesn't sell out of a box, so they offer discounts on past boxes.  I got the November box because they were offering it for $15 off.  PopSugar also had an amazing Black Friday sale, so I got myself a three month subscription.  You'll be seeing PopSugar reviews (and Emmett!) for the next few months.  


Here's what came in my November PopSugar Must Have box:

My box was worth $166.16.  That's over four times the regular price of the box and over 6.5 times the price I paid for it, so the value is amazing.  I got one beauty product, three home products, one piece of jewelry, and a snack, so I'm happy with the product mix.  It's a little heavy on the home products, but that makes sense for a November box with a Thanksgiving theme.  PopSugar has monthly themes -- they have a few words that they say inspired the box and they usually release those the month before.  The November themes were "togetherness, inviting, celebration, elegant," so, while they didn't call it a Thanksgiving box, that's what they were going for.


First up is the Kendra Scott Elaina Chain Bracelet in Rose Gold and White Pearl.  PopSugar loves Kendra Scott jewelry, so expect to get something from them if you're subscribed to PopSugar for any length of time.  The bracelet is made of brass plated with 14k rose gold.  On the Kendra Scott website, you can choose from tons of different stone types and colors, so I'm a little sad they chose a boring white stone, but I understand they did it so it would go with most everything.  It's hard to see in the pictures, but there's a metal piece that the two ends of the bracelet go through.  You can move the piece up and down to make the bracelet looser or tighter.  It's possible to do on your own, but it's not incredibly easy.  You can see the two dangling ends with little metal charms, for lack of a better word, on the ends in the picture on the right.  I think it's kind of cute how they did that.  The chain itself seems a little on the cheap side to me, but I like the bracelet.  It'll be a good everyday bracelet for me.


In the January 2016 box, there was a Pehr bin that all subscribers seemed to love, so it's nice that they've brought Pehr back for the November box.  The Chambray Runner in Wine is gorgeous and of very high quality.  The fabric is quite heavy and I love the fringe on the edges.  The color is beautiful and perfect for fall.  It's 90''x14'', so this is a long runner!  I put in on my island and had to fold it in half so it wouldn't hang down.  I've included a picture of it on my island below with the Alice Jane Goods Nest Wire Bowl on top of it so you can see how it looks in action.


I don't know why, but I love the Alice Jane Goods Nest Wire Bowl in Charcoal.  Normally, I like home goods that are ornate and brightly colored, so this isn't what I usually go for.  It's a very simple, sturdy bowl, and it's versatile.  You can use it to hold fruit, decorations, scented pine cones, or just leave it empty.  While I wouldn't spend $35 on it, I love having it.  It's handmade and made of metal, so I understand why it costs as much as it does.

Stowaway Cosmetics The Dawn to Dusk Palette, left to right:  Shades 5, 6, 7, 8, 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Shades 5-8 are the bottom row of the palette and shades 1-4 are the top row.

Stowaway Cosmetics The Dawn to Dusk Palette, left to right:  Shades 5, 6, 7, 8, 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Shades 5-8 are the bottom row of the palette and shades 1-4 are the top row.

Next up is Stowaway Cosmetics The Dawn to Dusk Palette.  This is teeny!  It's about the size of a credit card.  If you're not familiar with Stowaway Cosmetics, they make full size products that are quite small because most people don't use up an entire eye palette or tube of lipstick.  It prevents a lot of waste.  I tried their lipstick in a PopSugar box last year and liked it, so I was happy to try their eyeshadow.  The pigment on the light and medium shades wasn't impressive.  I had to really build up the colors to get the swatches you see above.  You can't see Shade 1 on me at all!  The colors are a little boring for my taste.  This won't be my go-to palette, but I can see using this when I travel and need some good basic eyeshadow shades but have limited space.


I love sparkles, so I love the Meri Meri Gold and Silver Glitter Party Picks.  I have no idea what I will actually do with them, though.  They're supposed to be for hors d'oeuvres, but I never make hors d'oeuvres.  They're too pretty to use as toothpicks.  They'll probably sit around collecting dust for a long time before I either figure out a way to use them or give them away to someone who has more use for them than I do.


The final product was the Oogie's Toffee Butter Popcorn.  Toffee is one of my favorite candies and I love popcorn, so I was happy to see this in the box!  These weren't quite as good as I had hoped -- I wish they had been a little heavier on the toffee -- but they were still delicious.  I would definitely recommend these if you're looking for a sweet popcorn snack.

I'm very happy with the November PopSugar box!  The Stowaway Cosmetics palette was my least favorite item, but I still liked it.  My favorites this month were the Pehr Chambray Runner and the Alice Jane Goods Nest Wire Bowl.  I think I liked the runner slightly more than the bowl, but it's pretty close to a tie.  I liked the bracelet, the popcorn, and the picks, but not quite as much as the runner and the bowl.  I wish I had gotten this before Thanksgiving so I could have put the runner and the bowl to work, but it's my fault for not ordering the box until late in the month.  This is one of the better PopSugar Must Have boxes I've gotten.  I can't wait to see what December has in store! 

What did you think of the November PopSugar Must Have box?  If you didn't get it but still want it, Gilt City has the November, September, and October boxes on sale for $25 each and the PopSugar CFDA box (I've linked to my review) on sale for $125 until December 12.  Here's the link to the Gilt City Sale:  Gilt City PopSugar Must Have.  Try coupon code CYBER to bring the price down to $20 on the monthly boxes and $105 on the CFDA box.  I'm not sure if the coupon code is still valid, but, if it's not, you can always look around online for Gilt City coupon codes as they often have them.