PopSugar Must Have All-Star Mystery Box Review, October 2016

PopSugar Must Have All-Star Mystery Box (no longer available, cost $24.95 when it was available)


Mr. Emmett loves when I get PopSugar boxes because they're some of the only boxes he can fit in!  Emmett is my most special bunny.  He has quite the personality!

PopSugar Must have is a monthly lifestyle box that sends subscribers a mix of jewelry, fashion, beauty, home, and snack products.  They occasionally offer the All-Star Mystery Box which is a selection of products from past boxes.  The first time they offered the Mystery Box, the price was $19.95 and they promised six items with a value of at least $100; this time, they offered the Mystery Box at $24.95 and said that it would contain seven products and have a value of at least $125.


Here's what came in my PopSugar Must Have All Star Mystery Box:

My Mystery Box was worth $149.45, so it was worth well over $125.  The scarf was from the July 2016 box, the sticky notes, blush, and charger were from the August 2016 box, the Oribe spray and the candle were from their special Today show box from last year, and the snack was from the September 2016 box.  I had gotten the July box, so I already had the scarf, but I hadn't gotten any of the other products in past PopSugar boxes I've gotten.  I didn't like this Mystery Box quite as much as the last one I got, but t's still a great box.


I had gotten the Michael Scarfs Porcelain Skinny Scarf in the July PSMH and I liked it.  I've used it as a headband of sorts and also as a scarf.  I didn't like it at first, but I like it quite a bit now.  It's very versatile.  I didn't need another one of these and my mom liked it, so I let her have it.

Swatch of Cargo Cosmetics Blush in The Big Easy

Swatch of Cargo Cosmetics Blush in The Big Easy

I've gotten sample size Cargo blushes before and always thought the samples were a good size.  I couldn't believe how big the full size is!  This is one huge blush.  Cargo describes this color, The Big Easy, as a shimmer pink beige, which I think is accurate.  It looks pinker in the picture above than it is in real life.  I love Cargo blush and find it has great pigment and lasts all day.  I loved this color, but I'm swimming in blush, so I let my little sister have it and she adores it.  My mom and sister were visiting me for a few days when this box came in, so I was feeling generous.


Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is one of those products that you often get in beauty boxes.  This is an invisible, dry hairspray that gives you texture and volume and it also absorbs excess oil, so it does double-duty as a dry shampoo.  While this isn't a product that I use, Emily loves this stuff.  She's always happy to get a good texturizer and this is one of her favorites.  It gives her some great texture and light hold, but doesn't leave her hair feeling stiff or sticky.


Candles are one of my favorite non-beauty products to get in my boxes.  The scent I got was Holiday Magic, a combination of clove, tangerine, and grapefruit.  It's a very spicy scent that smells quite strong when you smell the candle directly, but the scent is soft when it is burned.  The container is heavy and made of metal.  I love the mixed metal look.  This is one of the few candle containers I will save after the candle is long gone!


Next up is the Triple C PowerGloss Universal Power Bank in Silver.  This is a small, sleek travel power bank that fits easily in your purse or even your pocket.  It's a little bit bigger than lipstick and kind of resembles lipstick more than lip gloss, in my opinion.  You charge this by hooking it up to your computer.  The little hookup cord (I'm sure there is a better word for this, but that's all I can think of right now) is for Androids, but you can use your own cord if you're like me and have an iPhone.  This charges pretty quickly and is great to have around as a backup.  It comes in a range of colors and, of course, I got the color I wanted the least, but it's a phone charger, so the color doesn't really matter.


Next up is the Christian Lacroix Ombre Paseo Sticky Note set.  This comes with four packs of ombre sticky notes.  I love the sticky note colors!  They're very pretty.  I was probably most excited about this product, although I almost never use sticky notes.  It'll probably collect dust on my desk, but at least it'll look cute doing it.  The product I linked to above is the same as this except it has a pink case, while this has a white to black ombre case.  I like this case better.  I assume this case was made exclusively for PopSugar as I can't find it for sale online.  


The final product was The GFB Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites.  I love dark chocolate, but coconut's texture has always bothered me, so I let Emily have these.  She thought these were very tasty and recommends them if you love chocolate and coconut.  

I'm pretty happy with my All-Star Mystery Box.  The GFB snack and the Oribe weren't for me, but Emily was a big fan.  I love the scarf, but I already had it, so I was happy to give it to my mom, while my little sister got the beautiful Cargo blush.  The products I kept for myself were the candle, the sticky notes, and the power bank.  The candle and sticky notes were definitely my favorite products in the box.  PopSugar put together a pretty good mix of stuff, so I definitely felt like I got my money's worth and would love to buy another Mystery Box if PopSugar makes them available again.

Did you get an All-Star Mystery Box?  If so, what did you get in yours?