Julep Tote-ally Amazing Mystery Box Review, January 2016

Julep Tote-Ally Amazing Mystery Box (special edition, no longer available), $24.99, ships to US and Canada


Julep has a monthly subscription that includes a combination of nail polish and makeup.  I don't subscribe to Julep, but, occasionally, I buy their special monthly mystery box which is a one-time, non-subscription box.  


Here's little Miss Chip rooting through the Julep box to make sure I hadn't missed an item in the squiggles.


This month's theme for the mystery box was Tote-ally Amazing because it included a tote bag in addition to the nail polish and makeup.  There were three different tote bag options that purchasers could choose from.  All three of the options contained the two featured nail polishes made specially for this mystery box, Andie and Posey, but Julep promised that the surprise items in the mystery box would be different in each tote bag type.  Fortunately, some people ordered all three options as soon as they went on sale and got the bags quickly, so I was able to see what was inside each bag before choosing one.

Here's what was in my limited edition Julep mystery box:

Also, they were offering a free It's Whipped Matte Lip Mousse (full size, worth $20) with a coupon code, so I got that in the color Pucker Up.


The Fun Looks Good on Everyone Brave Pretty tote bag was medium sized and had good, sturdy construction.  I'm not much of a tote bag person, but it will be nice for a beach day, picnic, or travel.


There were five nail polishes in the mystery bag.  The other mystery bag I got from Julep also had five nail polishes; I don't know if all of the mystery bags they make have five or if it varies.  Does anyone else know?  I'll review them starting from the nail polish on the left.

The leftmost polish is Bianca, a polish with holographic silver glitter.  It could be used as a polish on its own or as a topcoat.  The glitter in it is quite dense and has a bit of a texture when it dries.  As a topcoat, you'd use one coat, but I'd recommend two if you're not applying it over another color.  It was a little goopy, which made application a little difficult, but it was workable.  The color was very pretty.

The second polish from the left is Tyra, a holographic topcoat with a subtle pink tint to it.  It looks opal in the bottle, but doesn't look opal at all on the nail.  If you apply it to a nail that has no other polish on it, it doesn't look like anything is on your nail.  Applying it to a light color gives you a slight iridescence; applying it to a darker color makes the top coat more obvious.  It is gorgeous, in my opinion, but I recommend against purchasing this.  It just never fully dries.  I went to bed twelve hours after putting this topcoat on and, when I woke up in the morning, it looked all messed up because it had pressed against the sheets.  It didn't rub off onto my sheets, fortunately, but the polish was just too soft to handle being up against fabric.  This would be fun to use for a day, but if you're looking for a manicure that lasts longer than a day, skip this.

The middle polish is Andie, a polish made just for this mystery box.  Since it was a special edition polish, it is not available for individual sale on the Julep site.  Andie is a pastel confetti topcoat.  This is what made me want to buy the mystery box.  It goes great over a pastel color or white.  I don't think it looks as good over darker colors.  This was also a little goopy, but I find that to be an issue with Julep polishes in general.  Do other people find that to be true with Julep's nail polishes or is it just me?

The second polish from the right is Posey, a lavender creme.  This was the second nail polish Julep made for this mystery box and is not available for sale on the Julep site.  I love purple, but lavender usually isn't my favorite color, so I didn't want this all that much.  It's okay, but probably won't get a lot of use from me.  It does look quite nice with the Andie topcoat over it.

The last polish was Janice, which contains beautiful rainbow microglitter.  It's on the dark side.  It can be used as a topcoat or on its own.  This is really pretty and ended up being my favorite polish in this box.

Julep polish is okay, but it definitely isn't my favorite nail polish formula.  Some of their colors are better than others, but I find that most of the time, the polish is thick and can drip a bit, making it so I have too much nail polish on a nail.  They have tons of beautiful colors, though, and there's something for everyone, so I still enjoy getting their polish.


I love Julep's Gel Eye Glider.  I have quite a few of their liners, but I'm always happy to get a new color.  When I looked at what people who got in all three mystery box options, the eyeliner color was, ultimately, the deciding factor.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the same color that the person who had the same tote bag got.  She got violet shimmer, which was the color I really wanted, and I ended up with forest green shimmer.  I didn't have this color already, but it wasn't a color that I wanted that much.  It is a deep green, almost black.  Like all Julep liners, it went on easily and smoothly and held up well through the day.  I'll definitely use this occasionally, but I was sad to not get the violet.


I liked the Julep nail polish case!  It is sturdy and magnetic, so it won't open up in your purse and get covered in bottom-of-purse dirt.  I got the color Stepping Out, which Julep describes as a watermelon creme.  I would call it a deep coral.  The pigment was okay.  I found I had to layer it a few times to get the color and opacity I needed.  Once it was on, it lasted for hours.  It wasn't drying at all and didn't bleed.  Although this is pretty good lipstick, I'm attached to my OCC lip tar, though, so I won't be switching anytime soon.


Finally, I got the Whipped Matte Lip Mouse in Pucker Up.  This wasn't officially a part of the mystery box, but it came free with a coupon code, so most people who got the mystery box got it.  I thought I might as well include it in the review.  I liked this lip mousse a lot more than I liked the lipstick that came in the mystery box.  The color was gorgeous and the pigment was amazing.  It stayed on for most of the night and didn't bleed or dry my lips out.  I recommend giving this a try.  

I liked the last mystery box that I got more than this one, but this was still a good one.  Julep generally has good quality makeup and tons of beautiful nail polish colors, so I look forward to trying new stuff from them.  Maybe I will start subscribing to their monthly box.  

Did anyone else get this mystery box?  Which tote did you choose?  What are your thoughts of the contents?