Art of Organics Clean Beauty Luxe Holiday Gift Box, 2015

This is my first time reviewing one of Art of Organics' Clean Beauty Boxes!  This is one of their holiday gift boxes, the Luxe Box.  They sent it to me free of charge to review.


First, let me just say that this box had the most beautiful packaging I've seen!  I was impressed.  If I were giving this as a gift, it would need no further wrapping.  I don't know if you've seen it, but on my Facebook (Brandi Morgan Kirchgessner), Instagram (brandikirchgessner), and Twitter accounts (brandikirch), I've posted pictures of some of my teeny baby bunnies hanging out in this box.  The products left big indents in the nest-like filler stuff, so I stuck bunnies in those spaces.  It's adorable.  Check it out if you haven't yet.

Anyway, let's see what was inside!

This gorgeous organic beauty gift box was worth $185!  These are quality, organic products from small businesses, so the value isn't quite as high as a comparably priced Glossybox or Birchbox would be, but you're still getting more than your money's worth.  The products in this box would make for an amazing spa night, so it would be a great holiday gift for that special someone in your life who could use a little pampering.  


I love that they included not only a clay mask, but a dish and brush to use with it.  I have a mask bowl already, but it isn't as cute as this little dish.  I've never had a mask brush before.

When I saw the mask brush, I thought it was a little strange because I've never had problems putting clay masks on with my fingers.  After using this brush, though, I will never use my hands again!  This goes on so much easier!  It went on thicker and had a smoother, more uniform appearance when I put the mask on with the brush.  I'm a convert.  The brush is really high quality.  

Besides as a mask mixing dish, the dish can serve as a catch-all for jewelry, makeup, buttons, or any other small objects you might throw on your nightstand or vanity.  It's shallow enough to make it easy to mix your mask and brush it out of the dish, but deep enough that nothing sloshes around and makes a mess.  I was able to rinse the mask off easily from the ceramic, so cleanup is no problem.

The mask is a mix of rhassoul clay, cacao, lavender, and comfrey root.  That's it, just four organic, vegan ingredients.  I like that it is simple.  It smells like chocolate, of course, which I enjoyed.  There's nothing worse than having a face mask that smells bad on your face for 15 to 20 minutes, so a chocolate scented mask was very welcome.  The mask feels very tight as it dries, but that is true of all clay masks, I've found.  The ingredients work together to clarify, smooth, and detox your skin.  Emily and I both noticed smoother, softer skin after rinsing this off.  As long as you keep the powder in the jar dry, Wabi-Sabi says it should last indefinitely.  


I love bath salts, so I was happy to see this Lilfox Botanicals Siberian Fur Salt Crystal Bath in the box.  It's an eight ounce jar and the instructions say to use one to two ounces per bath, so you should get four to eight baths out of this.  The scent was strong, but it wasn't overwhelming.  Pine and lavender aren't my favorite scents, but I liked this more than I expected.  The scent dissipated rather quickly, but it was nice while it lasted.  It's very relaxing and perfect for a pre-bedtime bath.  The three types of salts (pink Himalayan, dead sea, and grey French sea) contain nutrients and help detoxify your body.  


The Woodlot jar candle is made of coconut wax, soy wax, and fragrance oils.  It contains no petroleum products or phthalates and is vegan.  The Rekindle scent combines sandalwood and vanilla oils.  It has a very soft scent in the jar.  I love how it smells, but its scent didn't travel very far when it burned.  I would have loved if it had filled the room with its fragrance, but it didn't.  It's still a nice candle and will certainly get some use.


The Osmia Organics Body Oil is meant to be applied after a shower or bath when your skin is still wet.  The Osmia website says that for best results, you shouldn't dry yourself off before or after using this oil.  It's great for hydration.  The scent in this box, Night, should be applied before bed because oils in it are meant to encourage sleep.  This contains a lot of different plant oils for moisturizing your skin and is scented with lavender, cedar, and chamomile.  I tried this before bed one night and drifted off to sleep quickly.  I love this stuff.


Finally, there was the Kahina Giving Beauty Lip and Face Balm.  I think this might just be my favorite lip balm ever.  It felt so smooth and soft and I couldn't believe how long it lasted!  I feel like I apply most lip balm constantly, but that was not necessary with this product.  It can also be used as a facial moisturizer, especially good for when your skin is chapped or damaged.  This balm is just so luxurious.  It contains argan oil from Morocco.  Kahina buys the oil from Berber women's cooperatives at a fair price.  The owner of Kahina, Katharine L'Heureux, visits the co-ops regularly to make sure the women who extract the argan oil from the nuts are treated fairly.  When I saw the $44 price tag, I was a little surprised.  After reading about the company's work, though, and seeing that they engage in fair trade practices with co-ops of Berber women, I was much more understanding.  I like this product so much that I would say it is worth the $44.  

This was a really nice, luxurious box.  All the elements really worked together to make for a relaxing spa night.  I know a lot of people would love to get this as a gift to give them a break from the hectic holiday season.  It feels like you've hit the reset button after a night of using these treats.  It's a little on the pricey side, but if you have a bit of money to spend on a special person, I recommend it.  My favorite item was the Kahina balm, but I loved everything in this box.  There are still some of these boxes left, but act quickly!  They won't last long.