Help me choose!

Okay, so I've narrowed down the possibilities for my new subscription to the following boxes:

  • LaRitzy Box, $14.99 per month.  Vegan and cruelty-free box, mostly full-size, some sample size.
  • Clean Bar Box, $14.99 per month for half-size box, $19.99 for full-size box.  4 small bars of soap per month in the half size box.  2 big bars and 2 littler bars in the full-size box.  Handmade, seasonally-scented, vegan soap bars.
  • Boxycharm, $21 per month.  I used to subscribe to this, but canceled it.  I kind of like it.  I think of it as a lower-end Glossybox.  It generally has 4 full size items and one deluxe sample size item.
  • Goodbeing (formerly Goodebox), $21 per month.  Trial size natural beauty products.
  • The 3B Box, $12 per month.  4-5 deluxe size Asian beauty products.
  • Glowing Beets, $29.95 per month.  3-4 deluxe or full size natural and/or organic beauty products.

Glowing Beets is a new subscription and I like it in theory, but it might be a little more than I would like to spend right now.  I'm leaning towards Goodbeing, LaRitzy, or 3B.  What do you think?  Help me decide!