Julep Rock Around the Clock Mystery Box

Julep, special edition box (sold out), $24.99


I've never subscribed to Julep before, but when I saw this mystery box come up for $24.99, I knew I had to get it.  The two spoilers they gave for the box were the nail polishes in Layla and Carmen.  The colors of the spoiler polishes were gorgeous.  They promised over $150 worth of nail polish and makeup.  

Here's what was inside:

The box ended up being worth exactly $150.  That's a great value for $25.  I've heard mixed things about Julep's nail polish.  People either love it or hate it.  I had tried one of their polishes before and was neutral on it.  Many people have told me great things about Julep's makeup.  I've tried their lip gloss and eyeliner before, but I wanted to try more of their products.


Lip gloss is one of my least favorite things to get in a box.  It's just not something I use and I can't imagine myself ever using it.  I hate the sticky feeling so many glosses have, the lack of pigment, and the short amount of time they stay on my lips.  While this Julep gloss in Charming wasn't as sticky as most lip glosses, it didn't have all that much pigment and it didn't last long.  It did smell nice, so it had that going for it.


Julep's blush stick is something I've never tried before, so I was looking forward to testing this.  I'm a big fan of the Skip the Brush blush stick in Desert Rose!  The color was gorgeous, a mauvey-taupey-rose, a color that my extensive blush collection was lacking.  It went on smoothly, was easily layerable, blended easily, and lasted all day.  It looked very natural, not like I had bright streaks of blush going up my cheekbones.  I hate really obvious blush, so this was perfect for me.  The fact that you can actually skip the brush makes this fabulous for throwing in your purse if you are traveling or if you want to do a quick makeup change after work and before going out.  I want to try the three other colors!  


I have heard nothing but good things about Julep's gel eyeliner.  I've tried a couple different colors from them that I've gotten in other beauty boxes and loved them.  Fortunately, Smoky Taupe Shimmer was a color I did not have.  I've been wanting to get a quality medium brown eyeliner for a while, so I was elated to find this in my Julep box!  Their gel liner goes on so smoothly.  You don't have to take a lighter to the tip to apply these!  I wish they stayed on slightly longer, but I would rather have a pencil that goes on easily that I have to reapply than one that I have to fight with and that is painful to use but will last all day.  I've been using this color almost every day.  It is such a versatile taupe with the perfect amount of shimmer!


Pale nude eyeshadows are not my thing.  While they can be good for the browbone, there are always a couple of similar shades in my big palettes, so I just use those.  This eyeshadow had better pigment than I expected and had good staying power, but I will never use these colors.

Pictured left to right: Elise, Layla, Steph, Carmen, Hazel

Pictured left to right: Elise, Layla, Steph, Carmen, Hazel

First up, there was the Elise nail polish, the very dark one on the far left.  Elise looks like a gorgeous deep purple color in the bottle.  Julep describes it as an indigo with purple shimmer.  Once it is applied to the nails, though, it looks like a shimmery navy.  I saw no purple in it.  It was still a very pretty color, so I was fine with that.  The problem came when I tried to take it off.  Even with a base coat underneath it, my nails were very stained.  I've painted my nails multiple times since I removed Elise from my nails and my nails still have a navy cast to them. It doesn't bother me all that much, but you'll probably want to immediately apply  new nail polish after taking Elise off so you don't have to go around with weird looking nails.  I would recommend trying two coats of base coat, although I am not sure if even that would work.

Next up was Layla, the sparkly silver topcoat.  This was one of the spoilers.  It was made especially for this limited edition box, so it is not available for individual sale.  This color is gorgeous and was perfect for New Year's Eve.  I thought it was a clear topcoat with silver glitter in it, but the actual polish isn't clear.  It is a beautiful, pale iridescent color.  There's a mix of teeny glitter and big glitter.  The teeny glitter distributed evenly, but the bigger glitter didn't.  There's a lot less big glitter in the bottle, so that's not surprising.  I absolutely loved this color.  It is pretty enough to be used on its own, or it can be used over another nail polish to give an added dimension to the color underneath it.  I hope they make this available for sale on their site at some point.

The next color was Steph, the polish in the middle that looks white in the picture above.  Fortunately, this was not a plain white, but an opalescent white.  It is so pretty!  This requires two coats, but it's worth it.  It would also be really pretty layered either under or over another nail polish.

The bright blue polish above is Carmen.  This was also one of the spoilers.  It was a limited edition polish made especially for this box, so it is not available for sale on Julep's website.  I thought it looked pretty in the spoiler, but I wasn't as impressed when I saw it in person.  It's a basic blue creme, no shimmer to it.  The blue is a nice color for New Year's and would go well with Layla for NYE-themed nails, so I get why they included this.  I probably won't use this color all that much.  It's a little too plain for me.

Finally, there was Hazel, the purple polish pictured on the right.  It has a beautiful shimmer to it.  Purple is one of my favorite colors, so I was happy to see this in the box.  

The nail polish had good staying power.  I am extremely hard on my nails, so any polish that can last more than a day without getting chipped is good in my book.  These polishes all went about four or five days before I noticed chipping.  

I would definitely buy more Julep mystery boxes in the future, but I probably won't become a monthly subscriber.  I don't need all that much nail polish.  I have more than anyone needs already.  Of course, now that they have expanded into the makeup world, I have given subscribing more thought.  Having the chance to try out all these makeup products made me a fan of their cosmetics.  I like that they allow you to skip months and customize your boxes, so it might be worth trying out the subscription for a month or two.  I will have to give it some thought.

Did anyone else get this limited edition box?  If so, did you get the same items?  I have no idea if everyone got the same products or if there were variations.  Do you subscribe to Julep?  What do you think of it?  Should I give it a try?