December Glossybox Spoiler!

Glossybox released some spoilers for the December box on Snapchat!  I put a picture of one of my adorable baby bunnies up below to keep the spoiler picture from being the first thing you see.  I know some people out there like to avoid spoilers!  So, don't scroll past the baby bunny unless you want to see what you could get in your December Glossybox!

Beautiful Little Miss Spot is a one month old Holland Lop bunny.  Isn't she the cutest?!!!!!


Glossybox already released a spoiler for the December box in their Snapchat!  I screencapped it so I could share it with you.  Based on the text on the snapchat, it's looking like we can expect some product variation for subscribers this month.  Can anyone figure out what all the products are?  The purple eyeshadow is a Glossybox brand eyeshadow, of course.  The nail polish is Color Club, probably in the color Killer Curves.  The mascara is MTJ Makeup High Definition Mascara.  I had never heard of MTJ Makeup, but it appears to be a European brand.  MTJ Makeup stands for "More Than Just Makeup."  

I'm trying to figure out what the gold tube is.  It has GO on it and then co below GO, so my guess is it is GO____ Cosmetics, although not sure what cosmetics company starts with Go.  The coconut jar could be anything.  I don't recognize it at all.

What do you think?  Does anyone recognize the gold tube and the coconut jar?  What are you thinking of the spoilers so far?