October 2015 Kloverbox Review

Kloverbox, $25 per month, US only

I didn't get the October Kloverbox in time for my review on Jezebel last month, so I figured I would just take the opportunity to review it a little late on here.  It was a very unique box and I was quite a fan!

Kloverbox is a box that has natural and/or organic (and often vegan) beauty products and home goods.  It's nice to get a mix and not get only makeup, skincare, and hair care.  Kloverbox sent me the box free of charge to review.

Here's what was in the October Kloverbox:

The October 2015 Kloverbox was worth $28.26.  After September's extremely high value box, I can't be too disappointed by the low value of this box.  It is still above the cost of the box and the curation is fabulous (as always!), so the value is still there, in my opinion.

First, we had two packets of the Red Flower Hand and Face Towelettes, one in Wanderlust, one in Italian Blood Orange.  I loved the Red Flower mask I got in another box a few months ago, so I was happy to have the chance to try another one of their products.  I used the Wanderlust, which is a warm, woodsy scent.  It removed my makeup well and felt moisturizing, not drying at all.  Makeup remover towelettes are often very drying, so the moisturizing aspect was very nice.  I would definitely consider buying these again.  They are extremely high quality.  I am saving my Blood Orange towelette for a special occasion.

I am in love with the Foxy and Winston hedgehog kitchen towel!!!!!  I love hedgehogs so much, so I was very excited to see this in my Kloverbox.  Subscribers could get the espresso hedgehog, the teal hedgehog, the green artichoke, or the purple artichoke.  I thought all of the designs were very nice, but, personally, I think I got the best one.  This is more decorative than functional because I don't find the material absorbs water quite as well as I would like when I try to dry my hands.  It's definitely a great accent piece for the kitchen, though.

The Bee's Wrap sandwich wrap is a great product and I hope it catches on.  Instead of using a plastic sandwich bag each day when you pack your lunch for work or school, you can reach for the reusable Bee's Wrap.  It is fabric coated with beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba, so it can be wiped clean with cool water and used again the next day.  The beeswax and jojoba have antibacterial properties, keeping your food safe, and the pliability of the fabric and the little tie that closes the wrap keep your sandwich or other small item fresh.  It has a pretty strong beeswax smell to it initially, but after gently cleaning it a few times, the scent dies down.  It is important you use only cool water to clean it as hot water can melt the beeswax.  The Bee's Wrap website says that if you use the wrap often, it should last about a year.  I imagine it would last even longer if you use it only occasionally.  

Last but not least, there was the Goodie Girl Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I have a friend who recently had to give up gluten for medical reasons, so I gave her the package as I know how much she misses things like cookies.  I didn't get to try a cookie myself, but my friend said the cookies were crisp and tasty.  She enjoyed them and plans to buy more.  

I really liked the October Kloverbox.  It was nice to get a box of mostly household items instead of strictly a beauty box.  I know some subscribers had issues with the low value of the box, but after a few months of very high value boxes, I was perfectly willing to give that a pass.  This was a really fun, different box and felt perfect for fall.