Welcome to my new site!

Hello and welcome to my site!  So many of you have asked where you can read my beauty box reviews since Millihelen was, sadly, eliminated.  From now on, all my reviews will be posted here.  I will also try to post articles on other beauty topics.  Tell me what you want to see hear and I will make it happen if I can.  I aim to create a supportive community much like Millihelen had.  This site is welcoming of people completely new to the world of beauty, makeup mavens, and everyone in between.  Anyone can ask for advice or recommendations without shame and get honest, respectful answers from other community members and me.  This is a beauty site for people of all genders, races, orientations, sizes, ages, and classes.  I look forward to interacting with you all.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram (brandikirchgessner), Twitter (brandikirch), follow me on Facebook (Brandi Morgan Kirchgessner), and like this page on Facebook.  Thanks so much for stopping by!