Other Beauty Stuff

Besides beauty box reviews, I'd like to branch out into other beauty stuff.  What that stuff might be is a little up in the air still, but I have a few ideas and I am very open to suggestions.  

Things I am considering:

  • Open threads (perhaps with a general topic like "hair care" or "foundation," or perhaps completely open)
  • Holy grail stuff -- my holy grail of a particular beauty category with the opportunity for readers to share their holy grails for that category
  • Posts about really good sales by cosmetics companies, beauty stores and websites, beauty box companies
  • Tutorials on a particular beauty skill
  • Guest posts
  • Something similar to the mall makeover posts that Millihelen had (I had a request from someone to do these)
  • Discussions about beauty topics of interest to women of color, disabled women, lesbians, trans people, gender queer people, gay men, older women, women with textured hair, fat women, or any other group that is often ignored by mainstream beauty blogs.  Ideally, I would get a person who identifies as a member of the group to lead the discussion.
  • Gift guides
  • Reviews of products that aren't in beauty boxes

Anyone else have any other ideas?  If so, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.  I want to make this a fun place for everyone, so tell me what you want to see here.  Thanks so much!