September 2016 Beauty Box Wrap-up!


It's that time again!  Can you believe September has gone by so quickly?  I'm going to give you a quick review of all the beauty boxes I got this month.  I'll link to the full reviews on each of them, so, if you want links to the products or boxes or a more in-depth review, just click on over.  If my opinion on any product has changed since the initial review, I'll make a note of that here.  That doesn't happen often, but there actually is a product this month that I don't like as much as I did when I first used it.  At the end, I'll choose my favorite boxes and products!  I can never choose just one.  Unfortunately, Terra Bella Box and Beauteque's boxes didn't make it here in time for the wrap-up, but you'll see reviews of them soon!  


First up is ipsy!  September was a lackluster month for ipsy.  None of the products were amazing.  The Dr. G My Skin Mentor BB Cream and the Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Tonic were both okay, but nothing special.  I thought the Rodial toner was a little expensive for what it was.  The BB cream was a couple of shades too dark for my skin, but it worked if I put foundation over it.  It gave me heavier coverage than I usually get from a BB cream.  The Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment is for hair that is blow dried and I air dry my hair.  It gave me extra volume, which is the one thing I don't need from a hair product.  I found that the Dirty Little Secret eyeshadow didn't have the staying power I need, even with Urban Decay primer.  The Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme plumped my lips more than I expected, but my lips don't really need a plumper.  If you do need a lip plumper, though, this actually does work and gave me pretty dramatic results.  The tingling is bordering on painful for the first few minutes, but it's tolerable.  After this month, I went back in and redid my ipsy profile because this month was almost a total miss for me.  I've had some good months from ipsy this year, so this was quite the disappointment!

Next we have Glossybox.  The September box was beautifully illustrated by Antonio Soares.  This was the best Glossybox I've gotten in quite some time!  I absolutely loved the Korres Volcanic Minerals Twist Eyeshadow.  The more I use it, the more I love it.  When you put that stuff on, it is on for the day.  It's actually kind of hard to get it off at the end of the night.  You're going to need an oil-based makeup remover to get every last bit off.  The color was pretty, although I'm not sure exactly what color it is -- it looks like it might be Golden Bronze, but the color isn't listed anywhere.  I also liked the ModelLauncher Brow Duo Pencil.  It filled my eyebrows in and it looked very natural.  I wish Glossybox would lay off on the brow pencils for a while, though!  The Lierac Micellar Cleansing Water was okay.  I've used other micellar waters that I like more, but this one is fine.  It won't remove the Korres eyeshadow, but it'll get light makeup off.  Two of the products weren't for me.  The MONUspa Rosewood Reviving Mist can be used to refresh your skin, set your makeup, or you can even use it as a light perfume.  I didn't like the scent, though, so I won't be using it for any of those things.  Finally, there was the eb5 Skincare Daily Repairing Eye Cream.  The cream was a little too heavy and didn't work for my skin type.  eb5 reached out to me and offered to send me an eye gel that they thought would work better for my skin, so I'm going to give that a try.  I'll let you know how it works!  I think this is the best Glossybox I've gotten this year.

The September Birchbox was fabulous!  I was surprised by how much I loved the LOC Ultra-Gloss Lip Pencil in Cherry Bomb as I hadn't liked the same pencil in a different color I got several months ago.  The pigment was amazing and it had excellent staying power.  I also really loved the Milk Makeup Ubame Mascara.  It gave me tons of length and volume and didn't clump.  This was the first Milk Makeup product I've liked.  The Erno Laszlo Bespoke Cleansing Set was adorable.  The little bag contained a Detoxifying Cleansing Oil and a Sea Mud Cleansing Bar.  The oil removes makeup and exfoliates, then you use the bar to wash off the oil and moisturize your face.  I liked this little set.  Birchbox sent me a big sample of the Davines OI All in One Milk, plus foil packets of the shampoo and conditioner to go along with it.  I used all three products and they left my hair extra soft and shiny.  The final product was the Juliette Has a Gun Lady Vengeance perfume.  This was the only product I disliked this month.  It smelled like man sweat on me.  It was horrible.  Perfume smells different on everyone, so I assume it does not smell like man sweat on most people.  Besides the perfume, I loved my Birchbox this month!  I don't like that Birchbox overhauled their points system, but if they're going to be putting out boxes this good, I can live with it.


I was very happy with my September Petit Vour!  Two of the products, the OSEA Ocean Cleanser and the Odacité Bl + C Cumin Cajeput Pimples Serum Concentrate, were fabulous.  The OSEA cleanser has a fresh citrus scent, which I love, and it cleans your skin, increases collagen production, and fights signs of aging!  This is going to be the perfect facial cleanser for this winter.  The Odacité serum is antiseptic and helps prevent pimples.  I had an annoying breakout when I got this and this helped get my skin back to where I wanted it.  The Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream in Grapefruit smelled good and worked well, but I just don't think I'll ever like deodorant I have to apply with my hands.  My girlfriend, Emily, loves it, though, so it's all hers.  The final product was the Adorn Cosmetics Mineral and Organic Hydrating Cream Foundation.  Sadly, this didn't work for my skin type.  I think this would be better for those with dry skin.  Overall, September was a great month for Petit Vour.  I loved two of the items, Emily loved one, and one didn't quite work out.  

I'm so happy Kloverbox is back!  It never went away, of course, but it had a rough few months.  Last month and this month, though, Kloverbox has gone back to being the box we know and love.  The September box had a yoga theme.  I'm not into yoga at all, so I wasn't sure what I would think of this box, but I ended up loving it.  The Cuccio Somatology yoga DVD wasn't for me, but I liked everything else.  The Buddha Fresh packet has done a great job of keeping the bunny room odor-free.  It's a bag of bamboo charcoal that absorbs odors.  You put it in the sun once a month to "recharge" it and it should last two years!  I also loved The Wonder Seed Facial Scrub.  It's a very gentle exfoliating scrub that I've been using daily.  The Cuccio Somatology Balancing Lotion was lightweight and non-greasy.  The chamomile scent was lovely and not too strong.  The final product was the Balanced Guru Empowering Energy Mist.  This is an aromatherapeutic spray that is supposed to encourage discipline and make you more joyful.  While I can't say I noticed those effects, I found the scent to be very calming.  Kloverbox had an amazing month in September and I'm really excited to see what future months will bring.

My Goodbeing this month was okay, but it wasn't as good as past Goodbeings I've gotten.  All boxes will have their off months, though, and it's not like this was a terrible month for Goodbeing.  I actually really liked three of the products, but two of the products were total misses for me.  The Pukka Cleanse Tea is the product that I was most surprised to see in my box as Goodbeing usually is very good about tailoring my boxes to fit my profile.  Cleanses and teas are not things I'm interested in at all.  The other product that wasn't for me was the Yuni No-Rinse Body Cleansing Foam.  This is a foam that you can rub on your body when you're camping or just don't have time for a shower.  I understand the purpose of this product, but I don't see how it really cleanses.  I think it just covers up your body odor as it's certainly not removing any dirt.  I liked the Marley's Monsters reusable cotton rounds, but I probably won't use them that much.  There are four of them and I don't do my wash every two days (as I would have to use one in the morning, one in the night).  If I bought an entire package of them, of course, it would work out much better.  They're soft, work well, and are completely adorable.  I loved the HAN Skin Care Cosmetics cheek and lip tint in Rose Berry.  It was very natural looking and pretty as a blush.  I liked it so much that I chose the other color Goodbeing has available for my October sample choice!  The Zatik Beauty Essentials Bearberry Bilberry Organic Elixir Complexion Brightening was the product I had chosen for my September box.  I loved this and found that it worked perfectly with the Zatik toner I had gotten in August.  Clearly, September wasn't a bad month for Goodbeing, but after so many absolutely fabulous months from them, it was a bit of a letdown.  I'm not worried, though.  I'm confident October will be much better.  


The September Play! by Sephora was the best I've gotten so far!  I can't recommend the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper highly enough.  After the millions of black eyeliners I've gotten in boxes, it's not easy for a liner to impress me, but this one has done it!  This stuff stays on all day, doesn't smudge, and gives me the best tight line ever.  I saw that ipsy is sending this out to some subscribers in October and I desperately hope I get it!  I don't want to have to go out and buy a full size of this when I am swimming in black eyeliner.  I'd love to try this in the other color it comes in, brown.  Kat Von D needs to make more colors of this liner.  I'm also in love with the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Protector.  I didn't like the Living Proof 5-in-1 treatment that came in my ipsy, but Night Cap made my hair look gorgeous.  The Ole Henriksen moisturizer was okay.  It was your basic lightweight moisturizer.  Atelier's Sud Magnolia perfume is a beautiful, soft floral scent, but I've tried it before, so it wan't new to me.  I know a lot of people love Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel, but it feels like glue in my eyebrows when I use it.  I'd rather use a tinted brow gel like Benefit's Gimme Brow so I didn't have to use both a pencil and a gel.  The Sephora Collection Rouge Shine Lipstick in 14 Love Spell was very disappointing.  It didn't give me any color at all, just shine.  The pigment was really lacking.  Although not all of the products were for me, I loved the Kat Von D and Living Proof products so much that it didn't really matter what else was in the box.  The Kat Von D liner is a Holy Grail item for me and I'm pretty sure the Living Proof Night Cap is, too.  

The September DermStore BeautyFix was good, but not quite as good as it usually is.  The Patchology Flashpatch made my lips feel dry, so I won't be using one of those again.  I wanted to like the Glytone Enhance Brightening Complex, and I probably would have liked it if I had had a chance to really try it, but the tube had only enough product for four uses.  That's not enough for me to see results from a serum and certainly not enough to convince me to spend $70 on a full size.  I always forget to use the DS Laboratories Spectral.Lash, so I haven't seen any lash growth.  You have to use it twice daily for a couple of weeks to see how it works and I have only used it once every few days because it slips my mind.  I'm happy with how my lashes look with mascara, so I don't feel the need for a product that stimulates eyelash growth.  Has anyone used it regularly and seen results?  I love the Jane Iredale primer.  This isn't my first time getting this primer, but it is a great, lightweight base for my makeup and it makes my skin look just about flawless, so I'm always happy to have more.  The Danielle Creations rose gold tweezers are pretty and work well.  I love getting Danielle Creations products in my BeautyFix box almost every month! In October, there will be a compact from Danielle Creations.  The NIA 24 Treatment Catalyst is the big value item this month.  It's full size and worth $71.  This product is a serum that improves moisturizer absorption and fights sun damage.  I like this product, but I would never spend $71 on it.  The Erno Laszlo Phelityl Cleanser is a cute little bar of soap!  This is a face cleanser that is moisturizing.  It feels weird using a bar of soap on my face, but this got my face squeaky clean and didn't dry it out at all.  The final product was the LIFTLAB Skin Regeneration PURIFY + CLARIFY Daily Cleanser.  This was my favorite product in my BeautyFix box this month!  I loved the orange scent and I especially love that this is a cleanser and mask that fights both acne and signs of aging.  This stuff works.  While DermStore might not have put out my favorite BeautyFix ever this month, I'm still pretty happy with it.

Allure's September beauty box was just okay.  I loved the adorable Bvlgari Omnia Coral perfume mini, so it had that going for it.  I like it when beauty boxes send out a perfume mini instead of the tiny sample vials.  The perfume had a light fruity-floral scent that didn't last quite as long as I would have liked, but it lasted for a couple of hours.  Of course, there was a Pur~lisse sample because this is Allure and there is always a Pur~lisse sample for some reason.  I like Pur~lisse's Cleansing Milk, so I'm okay with getting this.  It's a gentle, fragrance-free facial cleanser.  While the color of the ORLY Breathable Treatment and Color Nail Polish wasn't for me, I liked the formula a lot.  This stayed on my nails for several days without chipping and I like that it contains argan oil and vitamins.  The SuperGoop! Shine On Lip Screen is sunblock for your lips that can be worn over your lipstick, but I hated the stickiness.  I don't really see how you could apply this over your lipstick without messing it up.  I have more eye cream than I know what to do with, but I liked the Eau Thermale Avéne PhysioLift Eyes.  It contains retinol, so it's great for preventing wrinkles.  The final product, the Grande Cosmetics Primer, is the product that I've changed my mind about.  While it still gives my lashes a lot of length and volume, the product has gotten thick and sticky.  I've only used this for a couple of weeks, but I imagine that if you had a full size version, this would dry out pretty quickly and become unusable within a few weeks.  I don't pump my mascara or primer and have never had an issue with my mascaras drying out before the two month mark, so it shouldn't be like this.  The full size is $25, so it's not like it's a cheap throwaway product that you don't care if you have to get rid of it after a couple of weeks.  Every month, I'm on the fence about Allure, and every month, I like it just barely enough that I don't cancel it.  I liked the September products for the most part, but I didn't love any of them.  


I got the very first BomiBox this month!  BomiBox is a brand new K-beauty subscription and I was so happy they asked me to review their first box.  I'm really impressed.  The CosRx Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser and the CosRx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner were just the things I needed to kill off an annoying breakout.  I used these products in conjunction with the Odacité serum and couldn't believe how quickly the pimples died off.  They also threw in a CosRx Holy Moly Snail Mask to help you heal your face after a breakout!  The Innisfree Jeju Hand Cream in Lotus Flower smelled so good.  It's a small tube, so it'll be perfect to throw in my purse when the tube I currently have in there is finished off.  The Laneige Hand Sleeping Ball gave my hands some nice overnight moisture.  I wish I had saved it for the winter when I desperately need it!   I still haven't had a chance to use the Mediheal I.P.I. Lightmax Ampoule Mask.  This is a brightening mask that will be perfect to get rid of those little dark spots pimples leave behind.  The bunny on the package, one of the Line Friends, is too cute, so I don't know if I'll ever want to use this mask!  The Missha Mild Sun, another product featuring a Line Friend, is an SPF 30 sunblock.  While I usually expect sunblock in summer boxes, it's important to use it year-round, so it's nice to get one in the fall.  The only product I didn't like this month was the Heimish 5-Color Mini Lipstick Palette.  The color was way too subtle for me!  BomiBox threw in two extras for their first box, the Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint and the CosRx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence.  The Water Tint gave my cheeks a nice pink flush that lasted all day.  The only thing that worries me about this product is that it is a very thin liquid and, if the bottle tips over, it's going to spill all over everything and stain anything that's porous.  I've tried the CosRX essence before and had good luck with it.  The first box was heavy on CosRx, but I love CosRx and don't mind.  BomiBox is off to a fantastic start!

I loved my Fall FabFitFun box!  I loved it so much, in fact, that I've bought a second one.  The ModCloth Loch and Key scarf was my favorite product, so I'm hoping I'll get a different color in the second box.  I've gotten so many compliments when I've worn it.  It's soft, warm, and fluffy.  The Created Co. Travel Mug is cute, but I don't drink coffee and probably won't get much use out of this.  I think I'll end up giving it away.  The mugs say either Good Morning Gorgeous or Joy Comes in the Morning.  I got Good Morning Gorgeous and I hope I get the same one in my second box as I think Joy Comes in the Morning is a little weird.  The Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection is a dupe for Urban Decay's Naked 2.  I liked that it didn't have as much fallout as Urban Decay eyeshadow and I found that it had great pigment.  I have more neutral eyeshadow than I know what to do with, so I'll probably use these as Christmas presents.  The Spongellé Bulgarian Rose buffer is a little more strongly scented than I would have liked, but I still love this sponge.  It's infused with enough body wash for fourteen uses and it's very exfoliating.  I liked the Mullein and Sparrow French Lavender Body Oil more than I thought I would.  It is lavender scented, and lavender isn't my favorite, but it is great as a massage oil.  It's moisturizing and doesn't leave you feeling greasy and gross.  The Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum is fabulous.  It's fragrance-free and anti-aging.  I expected that The BrowGal by Tonya Crooks Clear Eyebrow Gel would be like the Anastasia clear brow gel, but this is a hundred times better.  While I still like brow gels with tint to them because it takes a step out of my already too long beauty routine, this shaped my brows perfectly and didn't leave me feeling like I had glue in them.  FabFitFun put together their own coloring books and colored pencils set.  They offered both Things and Nature coloring books; I got the Things and it has lots of cute pictures.  I hope I get the Nature coloring book in the second box.  The fitness product this month was Toesox Halftoe Lowrise Grip Socks.  I won't be using these, but I have a friend who will love them, so I'll mail them to her.  FabFitFun threw in two sponsored extras, Cottonelle FreshCare Cleansing Cloths and Secret Outlast Xtend Completely Clean Antiperspirant.  These were nice little additions to the box.  FabFitFun boxes can be hit or miss for me, but I'm loving the fall box!  


Choosing favorite boxes was so hard this month!  I think if I have to choose, it would be Petit Vour, FabFitFun, BomiBox, Play! by Sephora, and Kloverbox.  That's almost half of the boxes, though.  Birchbox was also great, but I didn't want to have six favorites.  


It's difficult to choose favorite products, too!  The list was a lot longer, but I forced myself to limit the number.  The Korres Twist Eyeshadow from Glossybox The CosRx Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser from BomiBox, the Kat von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper from Play! by Sephora, and the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Protector are my favorites this month.  I wanted to include the ModCloth scarf, but I limited myself to beauty products, so I left that out.  The LOC lip pencil and the Milk Makeup Ubame Mascara from Birchbox, the Odacité serum and the OSEA Ocean Cleanser from Petit Vour, LIFTLAB cleanser from DermStore BeautyFix, and The Wonder Seed cleanser and Buddha Fresh from Kloverbox, are honorable mentions.  

That's it for September!  What did you think of the boxes this month?  Did you have any favorite boxes or products?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Keep an eye out for October spoilers!  They'll be coming soon!

ipsy Review, September 2016

ipsy, $10 per month US, add $4.95 for Canadian addresses


This baby bun was sad he couldn't fit into the ipsy bag!  He's one of my favorites -- such an adorable little guy!

At $10 per month, ipsy is one of the most affordable subscriptions out there, and it's also one of the most popular.  Each month, subscribers get five sample size (and, occasionally, full size) products plus a makeup bag.  Ipsy chooses products for subscribers based on profiles that are filled out upon joining.  Ipsy tends to be heavier on makeup than skincare and there is a mix of both drugstore and higher end products.  Sample sizes are usually bigger than those you find in Birchbox.  If you're new to beauty boxes, ipsy is a great introductory subscription.


Here's what I got in my September ipsy Glam Bag:

My Glam Bag was worth $40.77 this month.  That's on the lower end of value for ipsy, but it's still four times the cost of the subscription, so no complaints here.  The bag this month wasn't quite my style.  The women on it look like they have bags over their heads.  I got two makeup items, two skincare products, and a hair care product, so the product mix was good.

Dirty Little Secret Eyeshadow in Teaser

Dirty Little Secret Eyeshadow in Teaser

I've seen ipsy feature a lot of Dirty Little Secret products recently, but this is the first time I've received one.  I got an eyeshadow in the color Teaser, which seems to have been made especially for ipsy as they don't sell individual eyeshadows on the Dirty Little Secret website and the palette they have doesn't include this color.  The color is a peachy taupe, which isn't a color I want or need.  The pigment was better than I expected, but it didn't have much in the way of staying power.  Even with my Urban Decay primer, this wore off pretty quickly.  I would not recommend this product.


My Skin Mentor Dr. G Daily Safe BB cream is meant especially for those with sensitive skin.  It contains sunblock, flower extracts for hydration, and essential oils for cell repair.  This is a heavy BB cream that is closer to foundation.  It provides you with a good amount of coverage, so, if you need coverage but don't quite want to go the foundation route, this might work for you.  It's a little too dark for my skin, but once I put foundation over it, it was fine.  I used it as a primer and it worked well.  It doesn't look like this comes in other colors (although perhaps I'm wrong and just didn't find them), so unless you are within a couple of shades of this color, it probably won't work for you.


Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme plumps lips by drawing blood to them.  While other lip plumpers I've tried have had minimal effect, this actually does work.  I was surprised by how big it made my lips.  My lips are full enough on their own, so I don't know that I would ever use this, though.  This made my lips very tingly; it was bordering on painful.  This adds a little gloss to your lips, but, if you're going to go to the trouble of plumping them, you'll probably want a sexy lip color.  You can apply lip color a minute after you've put this on.  It didn't last for an extraordinarily long time, so you might have to touch this up throughout the day.  If you want fuller lips for a special occasion, I would recommend this, but I probably wouldn't use this regularly.


The Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Tonic can be used as a toner, primer, or refreshing mist.  I prefer to use it as a toner after washing my face.  I don't see how this would make a good primer, but Rodial claims it does.  This contains zinc, which is supposed to minimize redness, and rosewater, which firms skin and tightens pores.  I didn't notice any pore tightening or reduction in redness, but it was fine as a toner.  I've used better toners that were much cheaper than $42, so I would suggest going with one of those.


The last product was the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment.  This is a cream that you're supposed to put in your hair when it's wet then blow dry.  It says you can use it when you air dry, but you'll get the best results if you blow dry.  According to Living Proof, the five benefits are "smoothness, volume, conditioning, strength, and polish."  I saw a little extra volume, sadly, as that was the one benefit I didn't want, but I didn't notice any of the other four benefits.  My hair seemed especially unruly after I used this, perhaps because I air dry instead of blow dry.  I loved the other Living Proof product I got this month, the Night Cap Overnight Protector, so I had high hopes for this product, but it just didn't do it for me.  If you blow dry and you've used this product, did you get better results than I did?

This was the worst ipsy I've had in a while!  The My Skin Mentor BB cream and the Rodial tonic were okay, but the other products were not for me.  The Living Proof hair treatment did nothing for my hair, the Dirty Little Secret eyeshadow color was boring and the eyeshadow didn't last long, and the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme worked well, but I don't need a lip plumper.  I don't know how ipsy chose those products for me based on my profile.  I think I might have to update my ipsy profile today!

What did you think of the September ipsy?  Did you get anything good?  I hope your bag was better than mine was this month!

Petit Vour Review, September 2016

Petit Vour, $15 per month for US orders, $23 per month for Canadian orders


I love this little baby bun so much.  He has quite the personality!  He enjoyed hanging out with the Petit Vour bunnies.

Petit Vour is a monthly vegan and cruelty-free beauty box subscription.  If you're new to vegan beauty, Petit Vour is one of the best ways to learn which products and brands work best for you.  Even if you're not vegan, there are tons of small, amazing vegan beauty companies out there that you might not discover in conventional boxes, and you'll get a chance to try them all with Petit Vour.  Subscribers receive four products each month.  The products are usually sample size, although there is the occasional full size product.  Petit Vour tends to be heavier on skincare than makeup, but there is always at least one makeup item per month.  Petit Vour allows subscribers to review the products in their boxes for points, which give you shop credit.  Previously, all subscribers received the same products with perhaps some color or scent variation.  Over the summer, Petit Vour began varying a product or two per month, but, this month, it seems as though everyone got the same four products.

Petit Vour sent me this box free of charge for review.  The links to the Petit Vour website are affiliate links; here's the regular link if you want to use that instead.


Here's what came in the September Petit Vour box:

The September Petit Vour box was worth $39!  That's more than 2.5 times the price of the box, which is great.  There were two skincare items, a makeup item, and a deodorant this month, so I'm happy with the product mix.  Each month, Petit Vour has a beautiful new design on their product information card.  Isn't this month's pretty?  I love the gemstones on the September card.  


I've loved other OSEA products I've tried, so I was looking forward to trying their Ocean Cleanser.  This is a cream facial cleanser that is supposed to remove makeup, cleanse your skin, fight signs of aging, and increase collagen production all while leaving your skin's natural lipid barrier in place.  I love its fresh citrus scent!  While I wouldn't rely on this to be my sole makeup remover, it removed the little bits of makeup left after I used regular makeup remover.  It made my skin feel extra clean, but it wasn't drying at all.  I'm an even bigger fan of OSEA after using this!  I highly recommend this cleanser.  My skin likes to get dry and flaky in the cold, so this will be the perfect cleanser for the winter months.


Meow Meow Tweet has the cutest name!  The packaging is pretty adorable, too -- there's a snake playing basketball with Saturn on the jar!  All Petit Vour subscribers received a full size Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream in either Lavender or Grapefruit.  I love grapefruit and am not a big fan of lavender, so I got lucky!  A lot of natural deodorants contain baking soda, which can irritate sensitive skin, so Meow Meow Tweet created a new formula.  This deodorant uses arrowroot powder and magnesium to keep sweat and body odor in check.  It also contains coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil to keep skin moisturized and in good condition.  This works well and smells great, but I really prefer to apply my deodorant with a stick, not my hands. The cream absorbed quickly and didn't make a mess in my clothing.  If you don't mind applying deodorant cream with your hands, I recommend this product. Meow Meow Tweet does make stick deodorant, so check that out if you would prefer a more natural deodorant, but don't want to use your hands to apply it.


I've gotten the Odacité Bl + C Serum Concentrate in another box and loved it, so I was happy to get another one!  This is a serum oil made especially for those of us with acne concerns.  I credit this, along with the CosRx Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser and CosRx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner from my BomiBox, with getting an annoying breakout under control.  This contains black cumin oil, which stops the spread of acne-causing bacteria, and cajeput, which is antiseptic and prevents pimples.  While I wish the sample had been a bit bigger, it was big enough for me to see how effective this product was.  If you have problems with acne, I'd definitely recommend trying this product.  Not all subscribers received the same Odacité serum  -- Petit Vour sent subscribers the serum that best fit their skincare concerns.  If you received a different serum, how did it work for you?

Swatch of Adorn Cosmetics Mineral and Organic Hydrating Cream Foundation in Fair.

Swatch of Adorn Cosmetics Mineral and Organic Hydrating Cream Foundation in Fair.

The final product was the Adorn Cosmetics Mineral and Organic Hydrating Cream Foundation.  This is my first time getting a foundation in a box!  Petit Vour asked me in advance which color I thought would work best for me.  I chose Fair.  In the picture above, you can see what it looks like when I've just put it on but before I've blended it.  In the lower half of the picture, though, it has been applied and blended and you can't even see it's there, so it ended up being a good color match for me.  There are only five colors in the line, so this foundation isn't going to work for a lot of people, especially people with dark complexions or those with olive skin.  This worked well, but my skin is quite oily and I think this would work better for someone with drier skin.  It was difficult to get a smooth looking finish on my oily T-zone.  I'll have to try this again in the winter when my skin is dry.  It held up better than I was expecting and still looked pretty good at the end of the day.

I'm quite happy with my September Petit Vour box!  I love the OSEA Ocean Cleanser and the Odacité serum!  They worked really well and made my skin look amazing.  The Meow Meow Tweet deodorant was great, but I just really prefer my deodorant in stick form.  I think the Adorn foundation would be perfect for someone with dry skin, but it was hard to work with on the oilier parts of my skin, so it wasn't for me.  Overall, though, it was a fabulous box. 

If you got the September Petit Vour box, what did you think?  If you have dry skin, did the foundation work well for you?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

BomiBox Review, September 2016

BomiBox ($37 per month; ships worldwide -- free shipping in US, see BomiBox website for international shipping rates)


Doesn't the BomiBox match Dahlia perfectly?  She thought it was the perfect box for her!

BomiBox is a brand new Korean beauty box!  I'm so excited to be reviewing the very first BomiBox.  Each month, subscribers will receive eight deluxe sample and full size Korean beauty products.  As of right now, it looks as though all subscribers will receive the same products, with some scent and color variations.  I was looking around their website while writing this as I don't know a lot about the box yet and I noticed something a little different -- BomiBox has a happiness guarantee.  If you don't like your box, you can return it for a replacement box or a refund.  I've never seen a beauty box offer that to subscribers!  I also saw that they have a coupon code, BOMI2016, that will let you get your BomiBoxes for $35 for life.  I don't know how long that promotion will last.  They've sold out of the September and October boxes already and are currently selling the November box.  

BomiBox sent me this box free of charge for review.


Here's what came in the very first BomiBox:

The September BomiBox was worth about $60.66. I had to guess the price on the sleeping ball and the essence.  I could only find the lipstick palette for sale on an Australian site, so I converted the price to US dollars.   At over 1.5 times the price of the box, I'm happy with the value, especially for their very first box.  To get products from Korea, you're often going to have to pay a lot in shipping, so there's value in that, too.  I thought it was going to be worth a lot more than that when I opened it because there is just so much stuff and the products are big.  Every product in the box was new to me besides the CosRx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, which was thrown in as a special extra, along with the Etude House tint, for the first box.  The product mix was what I like to see in a K-beauty box -- six facial skincare products, two body skincare products, and two makeup items.  The box came with a cute product information card, but no values were listed as they would prefer subscribers think of the box as a gift to themselves and focus on the products instead of the values.


The first product was the CosRx Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser.  Korean facial cleansers are some of my favorite things and I love CosRx products, so I was looking forward to trying this.  BomiBox sugggests using this as a second cleanser.  I used makeup remover then used this, so I didn't really use a first cleanser.  My face had just begun its monthly breakout, so this came at the perfect time.  This contains salicylic acid and tea tree oil to kill and prevent breakouts.  The salicylic acid is also exfoliating.  The product is a smooth white cream that smells pretty strongly of tea tree.  I've never liked the scent of tea tree, but it works, so I can handle it for a minute while I wash my face.  The scent is gone after the product is washed off, fortunately.  I can't believe how quickly my face has healed up.  Usually, it takes forever to get rid of the pimples and heal them, but the process is going a lot quicker than usual.  I love this stuff.  I've been using this, along with a toner from this box, and a serum from the Petit Vour box (review on that coming soon) and I think the combination of the three has really helped my skin.


The CosRx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner exfoliates with the AHA/BHA it contains.  It's supposed to give you smoother and more radiant skin.  You spray this on a cotton pad and then rub this over your face after cleansing.  It didn't have a noticeable scent to it.  I like getting toner in boxes as I get it much less often than I do cleansers, moisturizers, and serums.  I think this is partially responsible for my face healing from a breakout in record time, so I'm a big fan of this product.


Next up is the Innisfree Lotus Flower Hand Cream.  Subscribers received this product in various scents, but I'm happy I got the lotus flower.  I didn't even know what lotus flower smelled like before using this, but I love it now!  This contains olive oil and shea butter, so it is very moisturizing, but it absorbed quickly.  The lotus scent was noticeable, but not too strong.  This was neither t a lightweight nor heavy formula; it was right in the middle, making it perfect for fall.  It's full size, but the tube is small enough to throw in your purse so you can moisturize your hands whenever you're on-the-go.  At $4.50, this is really affordable, which is another plus!


The Holy Moly Snail Mask is CosRx's first sheet mask!  I was surprised to open this and find that it was pink!  The snail mask is supposed to improve elsasticity, hydrate your skin, and nourish your skin, plus snail mucin is famous for making skin heal faster.  This wasn't overly drippy and it fit my face well.  My skin felt tight and smooth after I used it.  I highly recommend this mask.  


Subscribers received the Laneige Sleeping Ball in either Firming, Face, or Hand.  I got the Hand Sleeping Ball.  This is a packet full of cream that you apply to your hands before bed and then let it do its work overnight.  I get so many facial products, so it was nice to get a hand treatment!  The packet looks small, but there's a lot of product in it.  I couldn't possibly apply all of it to my hands at once without worrying about making a mess, so I used half and my girlfriend, Emily, used the other half.  We woke up to extra soft and smooth hands.  I love sleeping masks because you just put them on and go to bed.  They're the easiest masks in the world.


When I first saw the Mediheal I.P.I. LIghtmax Ampoule Mask, I thought it just had an adorable bunny design on the packaging.  I didn't realize the bunny design was actually a character from Line Friends, which are some cute Korean animal characters.  Does anyone know the bunny's name?  Dahlia loved that the bunny resembled her!  This is a brightening mask that is supposed to get rid of those horrible little dark spots pimples leave behind.  I haven't had a chance to try this yet as I want my face to be fully healed from the breakout before I use it so I can try to lighten as many of the dark spots as possible.  Has anyone tried this yet?  If so, how did it work?  I almost don't want to use it because the bunny on it is too cute!  


I love all things cute, so Korean packaging is my favorite!  Why can't all beauty products have cute animals on them?  This bear is another one of the Line Friends.  Subscribers received either the Missha All Around Safe Block in Essence Sun or the Mild Sun.  I got the Mild Sun, which is SPF 30/PA++, while the Essence Sun is SPF 50/PA++.  This is a lightweight cream sunblock that absorbs quickly, isn't greasy, doesn't leave a white cast, and is fragrance-free.  I used it all day with good results.

Swatches of Heimish 5-Color Mini Lipstick Palette, left to right: MRRD01, MRCR01, RGBE01, RGOR01, and RGPK04.

Swatches of Heimish 5-Color Mini Lipstick Palette, left to right: MRRD01, MRCR01, RGBE01, RGOR01, and RGPK04.

The Heimish 5-Color Mini Lipstick Palette was the only product in the box that wasn't really for me.  The colors give you the slightest tint when you apply it to your lips, but it is just too subtle for my taste.  If you're someone who wants to enhance your lip color but keep it very natural looking, this might work for you.

Swatch of Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint in Cherry Ade

Swatch of Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint in Cherry Ade

BomiBox threw in two bonus products for their introductory box!  One of them was the Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint.  This reminded me a lot of Elizabeth Mott's Tints and Sass, but it's less than a quarter of the price!  I got the color Cherry Ade, a bright red, which smells like a Mr. Sketch Cherry Marker.  Strawberry Ade, a deep pink, and Orange Ade are the two other color options.  Etude House advertises this as a lip tint, but I prefer to use it as a cheek tint.  The color is very buildable, so you can go from a subtle pink flush to a deep red stain, depending on the look you're going for.  I start with a dot and then build up as needed.  This gave me long lasting cheek color.  It's not quite the look I'm going for on my lips, but it would work for anyone who wanted some natural looking lip color.  My main concern about this product is that it is very watery -- if this tips over, it will ruin any porous surface it spills onto.  I wish the bottle were designed a little differently to keep that from happening as I am a very clumsy person and I will eventually spill this.


The last product, another bonus thrown in for the first box, was a packet of the CosRx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence.  I've gotten packets of this product in every Korean box I've tried, but I like it, so I'm always happy to have another.  You use this after you've washed and toned your face, so this goes along with the CosRx face wash and toner that came in the box.  I like that they gave you a cleanser, toner, and essence all from the same company.  Snail mucin helps heal your skin faster, so I always love getting a good snail product!  

I'm really impressed with the first BomiBox!  I had only tried one of the products before, and the one I had tried was a small bonus.  I loved that I was able to try so many new products!  The box was a little heavy on CosRx, but I got to try their cleanser, toner, essence, and mask, so it was a great way to see if the line was for me.  I love CosRx and am an even bigger fan of theirs after trying so many of their products in this box, so it worked out.  The Heimish lipstick palette was the only product that I didn't really like.  I'm loving everything else!  It's hard to choose, but I think the CosRx Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser was my favorite product in the box.  BomiBox is off to a great start!  I can't wait to see their boxes in the coming months.

Did anyone else get the September BomiBox?  If so, what did you think?  Which variations did you get?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

FabFitFun Review, September 2016

FabFitFun, $49.99 per quarter (free shipping to US; ships to Canada for $8 extra)


It's Emmett!  I love when I get big boxes so that Emmett can have a chance to model.  Emmett is my most special bunny.

FabFitFun is a quarterly lifestyle box.  It's similar to PopSugar, but it costs a little bit more and the value tends to be a higher -- FabFitFun boxes are worth $200+.  Subscribers receive a mix of products such as accessories, jewelry, home goods, beauty products, plus a fitness product.  I'm not exactly a fitness buff, so I didn't think this box would be for me when I first heard about it.  The fitness component tends to be minor -- a jump rope in the first box I got from FabFitFun, socks in this box -- so I don't mind it.  Because it's one of the more expensive boxes and they release spoilers for each box, I cancel and then resubscribe if I happen to want the next box.  I skipped the summer box because I had no interest in it.  All subscribers get the same products, but there are often variations such as color and scent.  People who have annual subscriptions to FabFitFun get to choose their variations and everyone else gets surprises.  

The link at the top of the page is my referral link.  Each FabFitFun customer has one and it gets you a discount on the next box if people subscribe using the link.  If you don't want to use that link, here's the regular link to the FabFitFun website.


Here's what came in my Fall 2016 FabFitFun box:

The Fall FabFitFun box was worth about $243.38.  You really can't beat the value, especially because I had a coupon code and paid $40 instead of $50 for the box!  Five of the products were beauty products (seven if you count the Cottonelle and Secret), there was one fitness product, an accessory, a home item, and a coloring book for fun.  The Cottonelle cloths and Secret deodorant were sponsored extras, so they were small, but everything else was full size.  I would have perhaps liked to have seen a jewelry item instead of one of the beauty items, but I have no real complaints about the product mix.  


Subscribers received one of four colors of the ModCloth Loch and Key Scarf -- black and white plaid, brown and black plaid, taupe and red plain, or navy and green plaid.  This scarf was a collaboration between FabFitFun and ModCloth, but ModCloth is selling the scarves on their website if there's a particular one you want.  I wanted the brown the most, but the taupe was my second favorite, so I'm happy.  I did not want the black and white at all.  This thing is huge!  It measures 55'' x 55''.  The picture on the right shows it folded in quarters because it was too big for me to get a picture of the entire scarf.  If you don't like scarves, you could easily use this as a throw or light blanket.  Besides wearing it as a scarf, you can also wear it as a shawl, cape, or poncho.  It's quite versatile.  I liked that they included pictures of women (who I assume are FabFitFun staffers) wearing the scarf in different ways to give you styling ideas.  The fabric, 100% acrylic,  is soft and warm.  It's pretty hot up here right now, so I haven't had a chance to use this yet, but I'm looking forward to it.  It feels weird saying that because I hate fall and winter and don't actually want it to be cold, but I do want to use my new scarf.  I'm so conflicted!


Subscribers received the Created Co. Tumbler with either Good Morning Gorgeous or Joy Comes in the Morning printed on it.  I'm glad I got the Good Morning Gorgeous.  This is a plastic mug with a screw on lid.  It feels relatively sturdy but lightweight.  I'm not a coffee drinker, but you could put any drink in this.  I'll probably end up giving this as a gift for someone as I don't see myself using this.

Swatches of Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection, top to bottom:  Butterscotch, Caramel, Macadamia, Toffee, Cocoa, Hazelnut, Macaroon, Kahlua, Whipped, Biscotti, Espresso, Licorcie.

Swatches of Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection, top to bottom:  Butterscotch, Caramel, Macadamia, Toffee, Cocoa, Hazelnut, Macaroon, Kahlua, Whipped, Biscotti, Espresso, Licorcie.

The Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection looks a lot like Urban Decay's Naked2.  If you look at the two palettes side by side, you can see that the colors are almost the same and they're even in the same order on the palettes.  The eyeshadows have good pigment (though some have better pigment than others), go on smoothly, and are very blendable.  There wasn't much fallout when I used it, so it has that over Urban Decay Naked2.  I wish we had gotten some brighter colors as nudes are a little overdone in subscription boxes.  I'll probably end up giving this to a friend as I don't think I'll use it much.


I've seen Spongellé products in other subscription boxes before and always wanted one, so I'm happy I finally have one!  Spongellé and FabFitFun collaborated to make this limited edition sponge.  If you want one, but don't want the whole box, they're available for sale on the Spongellé website.  This is a sponge that is infused with body wash and can be used for fourteen or more washes.  You can still use it as a plain sponge after the body wash is gone, of course.  When it comes out of the box, it's very hard.  You run it under water to soften it up and get a lather, wash your body with it, and then squeeze the water out of it when you're done with it.  The sponge is very exfoliating but it isn't scratchy.  This is very strongly scented.  The fragrance is a mix of Bulgarian rose, orange, and musk.  This is a little too strongly scented, in my opinion, but I love how exfoliating it is, so I can overlook it.  Once it was rinsed off, the scent was gone.  


The Mullein and Sparrow French Lavender Body Oil is another strongly scented product.  Lavender isn't my favorite scent, but Emily loves it, so I thought this could be for her.  I liked the scent more than I expected I would, though, so I might actually use it.  This is a lightweight oil that absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any residual greasiness.  It's great as a massage oil, but it can also be used in a bath.  Mullein and Sparrow recommends using it as a body moisturizer applied right after a bath or shower when your skin is still damp. 


The Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum is an anti-aging serum that is supposed to tighten your skin, brighten your complexion, and increase collagen production.  This is a thin, clear serum that absorbs very quickly and made my skin feel soft and smooth.  It's fragrance-free, so, if you don't like scented skincare products, this might be for you.  It's impossible to see anti-aging effects after using it for just a few days, but it contains vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids, so it should help.


The BrowGal by Tonya Crooks Clear Eyebrow Gel gives your eyebrows volume and shapes them.  While I prefer tinted brow gels like Benefit Gimme Brow so I can fill my eyebrows in and shape them at the same time, this isn't bad.  You have to use a pencil to fill in your eyebrows before using this if you have any thin or patchy spots.  This didn't leave my eyebrows feeling like they were coated in glue like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel did, so I liked the formula.  While I'd rather use an all-in-one brow product just because it's faster, this did work well and made my brows look great.  


The Toesox Half Toe Lowrise Grip Socks is the fitness product.  I don't know if all subscribers received the Fishnet Black style or if colors varied.  These are meant to be used for yoga or dance and it gives your feet a little grip.  Unfortunately, I have a nerve condition affecting my right foot, so I can't use socks that separate toes as it's quite painful for me.  I have a friend who would love these, though, so I'll give them to her.  If you got these, how did they work for you?  Did you get the same color?


The fun part of the box was the coloring book and colored pencils.  These were made by FabFitFun and subscribers received either this book or the Nature Coloring Book.  The colored pencils aren't of extraordinarily high quality, but they work.  I used my own crayons and markers to color the pictures as there.  The pictures are cute for the most part.  The picture of the naked woman sitting with the tiger is a little strange, but it's interesting and not something you would see in a regular coloring book.  Of course, that's the first picture I had to color!  You might have noticed that the box this quarter is black and white -- FabFitFun did that so you could color it if you wanted.  They even gave instructions on how to turn the box inside out so you can have the part you colored on the outside.  


There were two sponsored extras this month!  One of them was Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths.  Emily loves these things, so when I saw that these would be in this box, I told her there would be something just for her in the Fall FabFitFun box.  She was a little disappointed when she saw I was talking about wipes.  Oops.  These are your average wipes and work well.  You can use them in the bathroom or you can use them to clean yourself up when you're on the go and can't wash your hands.  


The second sponsored prodcut was the Secret Outlast Xtend Completely Clean Antiperspirant.  This is a clear gel deodorant, which is my favorite kind.  I hate when I get those white stains on my clothing, so clear gel deodorants keep that from happening.  This had a fresh scent to it.  If you like natural deodorants, this won't be for you, but, if you don't mind regular deodorant, this is a good choice.

I'm loving my Fall FabFitFun box!  The Toesox and travel mug weren't my thing, but I'm happy with the rest of the products.  They were still good quality products, just not things I needed.  The scarf was my favorite item, but I loved the sponge, serum, body oil, deodorant, wipes, coloring book, brow gel, and eyeshadow palette, too.  I'll probably end up gifting the palette because I don't need more neutral eyeshadows, but I was impressed by the pigment of the eyeshadows.  At over six times the amount I paid for the box, I definitely got my money's worth.  I hope that the winter box is equally good.  

What did you think of the Fall FabFitFun box?  Which variations did you get?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Glossybox Review, September 2016

Glossybox, $21 per month (has many international versions)


This baby bun has some attitude!  He's such a cutie.  Don't tell the others, but he's one of my favorites.

Glossybox is a monthly beauty box that sends subscribers five to six full size or deluxe sample size items.  The products are usually higher end and they are a little heavier on skincare than makeup.  It used to be one of my favorite boxes, but it's been a while since I've loved a box of theirs (besides their special edition Fighting Pretty box, which I highly recommend).  Values tend to be $50+.  The packaging is always gorgeous and the boxes are sturdy and great for storage or to put presents in.  Glossybox does have box variations and some end up being worth quite a bit more than others, causing some serious box envy among subscribers.    


Here's what came in my September Glossybox:

My September Glossybox was worth $66.79.  I couldn't find the Korres eyeshadow on sale individually, so I used the price Glossybox listed on the card.  There were three skincare products and two makeup products, so I'm happy with the mix of products.  Isn't this month's box gorgeous?  I love the design.  The illustrator is Antonio Soares.  The inside of the lid, and the sides and bottom of the box have flowers and birds on them, too.

This month's box was actually exceeded the $60 value Glossybox advertised for the September box!  That's the first time in months the value hasn't been below what Glossybox was advertising.  That said, I saw on one part of Glossybox's website that there would be five items this month, and on another part that there would be six.  Of course, I got only five items.  I don't know why Glossybox's advertising department can't consult with the rest of the company to make sure that they are putting out honest, accurate ads.  It shouldn't be that hard to do.  


First up is eb5 Skincare Daily Repairing Eye Cream.  I think eye cream, brow pencils, and black eyeliner are the three things beauty box companies could stop sending me right now and I'd still have a lifetime supply.  This is a full size product, so that's a plus, and it's supposed to firm and moisturize the skin surrounding your eyes and minimize dark circles.  It's fragrance-free and vegan.  That said, it doesn't absorb as quickly as I would like and it leaves a waxy, bordering-on-greasy feel to my skin.  This is not my favorite eye cream.  Some subscribers got a Vince Camuto Capri perfume mini and I would have preferred to have gotten that.

Swatch of ModelLauncher Cosmetics Brow Duo Pencil

Swatch of ModelLauncher Cosmetics Brow Duo Pencil

I don't know what it is with Glossybox and brow pencils, but they sure like to send them out a lot!  All subscribers received a brow pencil this month.  Brow pencils last me forever, so there's really no need for Glossybox to send them as often as they do.  I had a hard time getting a swatch from this, as you can see above.  I really had to build it up to get that, so I was skeptical that this would work well.  Surprisingly, this worked a lot better than I expected.  It filled my brows in well and looked very natural.  I forgot to take the cap off the other side, but there is a spoolie on one end so you can shape your brows after filling them in.  This color wouldn't work for people with dark hair and complexions.  ModelLauncher has this pencil available in four shades -- Light Brown, Dark Brown, Light Grey, and Dark Grey.  My pencil says Taupe on it, so I am not sure if they're out of Taupe, Taupe has been discontinued, or if they renamed it Light Brown.  I don't know if Glossybox sent everyone the same color or varied it based on subscriber profiles.  I like that they have Light Grey and Dark Grey available.  You don't see grey offered as colors in brow pencils often, so it's great that people with grey hair have an option that will look natural on them.


The MONUspa Rosewood Reviving Mist can be used to set your makeup, as a light perfume, or just to refresh your skin.  This has a mix of sandalwood, rosewood, and lemon oils.  It has a natural scent that is bordering on peppery, and the scent really isn't for me.  I've never been one who likes face mists as I always worry about messing up my makeup.  I haven't had a chance to try this as a setting mist, but I don't think I will as I really don't want the scent on my face all day.


I love micellar water, so I'm always happy to get a new one.  To use micellar water, you apply it to a cotton pad and then rub it over your face to remove makeup and cleanse your face.  No rinsing is required.  I still like to use a regular face wash after I've used micellar water, but if you don't have an oily face that is prone to breakouts, you could probably get by with micellar water alone.  Micellar water also moisturizes and softens your skin.  I liked the Liera micellar water, although I've tried other micellar waters that I've liked better.  It easily removed my makeup and left my skin feeling somewhat clean, although I definitely still had to use regular face wash to finish the job.  This does have a somewhat strong scent to it, but it's nice.

Swatch of Korres Volcanic Minerals Twist Eyeshadow in Golden Bronze

Swatch of Korres Volcanic Minerals Twist Eyeshadow in Golden Bronze

The final product was the Korres Volcanic Minerals Twist Eyeshadow.  All subscribers got either this eyeshadow or Korres lipstick.  I couldn't find these eyeshadows on sale individually.  The color of this eyeshadow isn't listed anywhere, but it looks like it's Golden Bronze, based on the Korres eyeshadows I could find online.  The pigment in this is amazing and once this stuff is set, it is on for the entire day, even without a primer.  I was really impressed by this eyeshadow.  While this is in the tan family of eyeshadow colors, it's a little different and sparkly, so I even like the color.  I've tried Korres skincare products, but this is my first time trying their makeup.  Did anyone get the lipstick?  If so, how did it work?


Glossybox has been including a spoiler for the following month's box on their cards lately.  Next month, all subscribers will get an Emité Make Up Lip and Cheek Tint.  I might like it as a cheek tint, but I don't know about as a lipstick.

This month was okay for Glossybox, but not great.  It's better than the past couple of months have been.  I absolutely loved the Korres eyeshadow, so it had that going for it.  The Lierac micellar water and the ModelLauncher brow pencil were okay, but not my favorites, while the MONUspa spray and the eb5 eye cream were not for me.  I liked three of the five items, so that is something.  I hope Glossybox steps it up for the end of the year.  The December box has always been fabulous and I hope this year is no exception.

What did you think of the September Glossybox?  Did you get the same products?  If you got the Korres lipstick, I'd love to hear if it works as well as the eyeshadow!  Also, if you got the Vince Camuto Capri, how was that?

Play! by Sephora Review, September 2016

Play! by Sephora, $10 per month (US only)


I love how in the photo at the top of the page, it looks like my baby bun has only one leg and her front is floating!  Not sure why she wanted to bury her head in the second picture.  She's a silly little thing.

Play! by Sephora is, as you probably guessed, Sephora's own beauty box.  Subscribers get five beauty products plus a perfume sample each month.  At $10, it's quite affordable.  The value usually isn't extraordinarily high, but you get always more than your money's worth.  While you probably won't see many full size products in this subscription, you'll get a number of deluxe sample sizes and the occasional small sample.  The products are always things you can find in Sephora, of course, so the brands are pretty mainstream.  You're probably not going to discover any new brands with this subscription, but it's a good way to try out a wide range of products from well-known brands.  Previously, all subscribers received the same products, but, beginning in July, Play! started having some variation.   The two versions have three to four items in common and two to three items that vary.  The first month, they put out versions for dry skin and oily skin, but the past two months, it's been unclear as to how they decided who received which box.  Besides the boxes, Sephora also sends you a card that you can take into a Sephora store to get a tutorial on your Play! products and get 50 extra points with any purchase.  Check your receipt to make sure those points go through because the workers at my local store didn't seem to know how the card worked and the points were never applied to my account.  You also can go to the monthly Play! Date, where Play! subscribers can meet up at their local Sephora, learn more about that month's products, and get additional samples.  Sadly, they only have the Play! Date at a few stores, so I haven't been able to attend one as there isn't one near me.  I wish they had them at all Sephoras.

Sephora only opens up subscriptions every couple of months, so, if you're interested, try signing up now!  I saw a couple of days ago that subscriptions were open.  I don't know if they still are, but it's worth a try.  Sign up for the waitlist if you're interested when subscriptions have closed.  October's theme is The Cool Cut and the box is supposed to include "indie brands."  Keep in mind, these brands will still be brands you find at Sephora, so they aren't going to be too indie.


This is what I got this month:

My September Play! box was worth $31.52.  It's not an extraordinarily high value, but it's not bad for a $10 box.  The values for Play! are more in line with Birchbox than ipsy.  There were three makeup products, a hair product, a skincare product, and a perfume, so the product mix was okay.  I would have preferred to have seen two skincare products.  The variations this month were the skincare product and perfume -- instead of Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation, some subscribers received Dr. Jart+ Water Drop, and instead of the Atelier perfume, some subscribers received Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Verte.  I would have rather had the other box as I love Dr. Jart+ and I've already tried Atelier's Sud Magnolia.  

Each month, Sephora includes a bag in the box.  The bag is always white, which I think is the worst possible color for a cloth makeup bag.  It'd be one thing if it were lined, but it's not -- it's just a thin piece of cotton.  There were two small, tan stains in the lower left corner of my makeup bag this month.  I'm not sure what they were from as nothing seems to have leaked during shipping.  The bag design this month is cuter than most months have been.  It's just a fabric drawstring bag that isn't very big, so they're kind of useless for makeup bags, as far as I'm concerned.  I don't think many people would be upset if Sephora just got rid of the silly bags, especially if they replaced them with another sample!  


First up was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel.  I've gotten this product before in another box and wasn't a fan.  This is a clear brow gel, so it will work for all hair colors.  Unfortunately, that means this product is good for shaping your brows, but not for filling them in.  If you have any spots that need to be filled in, you'll need to do that first with a pencil and then use this product to shape them.  I prefer to use a product like Benefit's Gimme Brow, which is tinted and fills in patchy spots while also shaping your brows.  I hate how this brow gel feels when it's dry.  It feels like I have glue stuck in my eyebrows.  Anastasia has a lot of great products, but this one isn't for me.  I know a lot of people love it, though.  

Swatch of Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper 

Swatch of Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper 

I've heard a lot of great things about Kat Von D products, but, strangely enough, I had never tried anything of hers!  I never got any of her products in a beauty box before.  I was looking forward to trying the Tattoo Liner.  This liner works like a pen, but it has over three hundred teeny, tightly-packed bristles on the end.  This gave me a precise line that was perfect for tight lining and looked as good at the end of the day as it did at the beginning.  Once this is on, it's on, and it's not going to budge.  This is a true black and very dramatic, though, so you have to be careful with it.  I like to use it to tight line my top lid and then use a color that isn't so severe on my lower lid.  My only complaint about this eyeliner is that it comes in only two colors -- brown and black.  I want it in every color imaginable.  Kat Von D makes colored eyeliners, but it's a different type and it has a felt tip, so I don't know if they're as good.  Has anyone tried her Ink Liner or Lightning Liner?  If so, is it as good as Tattoo?


I've tried other products in Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day line, but this was my first time trying the Night Cap Overnight Perfector.   You work this through your hair before bed and you're supposed to wake up with softer, shinier hair.  At first, I didn't think this had really done anything for my hair, but, once I brushed it, I couldn't believe how good my hair looked.  I had the best hair day I had had in quite some time.  It didn't give me extra volume, and it made my hair soft and shiny.  My hair behaved exactly like I wanted it to.  This is one of my favorite hair products ever.

Swatch of Sephora Collection Rouge Shine Lipstick in 14 Love Spell 

Swatch of Sephora Collection Rouge Shine Lipstick in 14 Love Spell 

I've generally had good luck with Sephora brand makeup.  I love their eyeliners, but I've never tried their lipstick before.  The Rouge Shine Lipstick in 14 Love Spell was horrible.  I had to really build it up to get the swatch you see above.  It did nothing for my lip color; I couldn't tell it was on my lips.  It might have added a little shine, but, if I'm putting lipstick on, I want serious color.  I don't know if all the lipsticks in the Rouge Shine line are like this or if it's just this particular shade.  I hope their other lipsticks have better pigment. It is cute, though, that they made the lipstick on the bag match this lipstick.


Ole Henriksen's Sheer Transformation is a lightweight moisturizer.  It's good for all skin types and it's supposed to smooth out your skin and even out your skin tone.  Sephora says you can use it as a primer, too.  I used it as a moisturizer and liked it. It's a good moisturizer for the summer when you don't want a thick moisturizer on your face.  It works, but there's nothing about it that really sets it apart from other moisturizers.  It doesn't have a fragrance, so, if you like your products fragrance-free, this might be for you.


The last product was the Atelier Cologne Collection Azur Sud Magnolia.  I already had a sample vial of this perfume, but I like it, so I'm okay with having another.  Magnolia is one of my favorite floral fragrances and I wish there were more magnolia-based perfumes.  Besides magnolia, the perfume has notes of bitter orange, pomelo, blackcurrant, Bulgarian rose absolue, saffron flower, atlas cedarwood, sandalwood, and musk.  It's a soft, clean, floral fragrance and it lasted all day.  This is my favorite Atelier perfume.

Overall, I'd say September was a pretty good month for Play!  The Anastasia Brow Gel and the Sephora lipstick weren't for me, but I'm in love with the Kat Von D liner and the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Overnight Perfector.   I like the Ole Henriksen moisturizer and the Atelier perfume, too, but not quite as much as the liner and the hair product.  I had tried two of the six products before, but four were new to me, so no complaints there.  

What did you think of the September Play! by Sephora?  Did anyone get the box with the Tory Burch and Dr. Jart+?  How were they?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Kloverbox Review, September 2016

Kloverbox, $25 per month (US only)


Isn't she adorable?  She liked that the tan squiggles matched her coloring!

Kloverbox is a monthly natural lifestyle box.  It contains at least four items and the items are generally a mix of beauty products, things for the home, and snacks.  The products are natural, often organic, and usually (but not always) vegan.  As of last month, Kloverbox is under new ownership, so it looks like boxes are going to be shipping out earlier in the month.  I know late shipping bothered a lot of subscribers, so I know many of you will be happy that your Kloverbox will be coming more toward the middle of the month.  There is no variation in Kloverbox, except with perhaps color or scent, so all subscribers get the same products.

Kloverbox sent me this box free of charge for review.  The top link is an affiliate link, but here's the regular link if you don't want to use that.


Here's what was inside:

The September Kloverbox was worth $71.84!  At almost three times the price of the box, I'm definitely happy with the value.  Kloverboxes now have themes and the September theme was yoga.  Yoga isn't really my thing, but I like that they made it so this box can work even for those of us who don't do yoga.  I'm feeling more confident about saying that the Kloverbox we knew and loved is back!  While the new owners have been curating the box for only two months now, the two months we've seen are similar to the boxes we were getting last year and early this year.  If you canceled Kloverbox recently, it might be time to give it another chance.  They have a coupon code right now, kloverbox10% (which is for 10% off, as you probably guessed), so be sure to use that if you're thinking about resubscribing or subscribing for the first time. 


The first product is The Wonder Seed Facial Scrub in Water Lotus.  The Wonder Seed is a company that makes hemp oil-based beauty products.  I've tried a product or two of theirs before.  This is a cleanser that has teeny white balls in it (not microbeads -- the balls are safe for the environment) that gently exfoliate your skin while the gel the balls are suspended in cleanses and moisturizes your face.  The water lotus scent is extremely subtle, so, if you don't like heavily scented products, this will probably be a good choice for you.  This made my skin feel soft and smooth, and it wasn't harsh or scratchy feeling.  It's gentle enough that it could probably be used daily without irritating your skin.  I was quite impressed by this product.  At $14.95, it's also really affordable, so I would definitely recommend this if you're looking for a good, natural, vegan exfoliating scrub.


The Balanced Guru Empowering Energy Mist is a mix of sandalwood, vetiver, ginger, lavender, bergamot, and benzoin oils.  To use this, you spray it in the air away from your face and then breathe in deeply.  You can also spray it on your skin, clothes, or yoga mat, if you wish, or put some on a tissue and breathe the oils in that way.  Balanced Guru says that this "helps you strengthen your will, encourages discipline, helps you feel more joyful and playful."  While I can't say I really noticed those effects the couple of times I tried it, it smelled good and the scent was calming.  


Buddha Fresh is a company that makes natural air fresheners using bamboo charcoal.  The bag you see above contains a smaller bag inside of it full of the charcoal.  You put this wherever it's a little stinky and this naturally absorbs the odors.  Once a month, you put this out in the sun to dry it out so it can keep working.  It should last about two years if you take care of it.  I put this in the bunny room and noticed an improvement within a day.  I love that this doesn't just mask odors with chemicals as many air fresheners do, but it actually soaks the odors up.  I might end up buying more of these.


The Cuccio Somatology Balancing Lotion in Calming Chamomile has a lightweight, non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly.  The Cuccio website says that the lotion contains "24-hour time-released emollients" for hydration.  The chamomile scent was soft and relaxing and the lotion itself was surprisingly hydrating for such a lightweight formula.  At $5 for a travel size or $9 for a full size, it's quite inexpensive.


The final product was the Cuccio Somatology Total Mind and Body Fitness Power Flow Yoga DVD.  It's 50 minutes long and is designed for both beginners and those who are more advanced in yoga.  My nerve condition limits what I can do for exercise, so I wasn't able to try this out, but I have a friend who will love this.  This is the first time I've seen a DVD in a Kloverbox, but it obviously goes along with the yoga theme.

This is the Kloverbox I knew and loved!  I'm so happy to have it back.  While not everyone does yoga, I liked that with the exception of the DVD, the products could work for anyone.  It's hard to curate a themed box with products that both fit the theme well but also would work for people who aren't necessarily interested in the theme, but Kloverbox managed to do it.  The DVD is the only product that is strictly for yoga, but the value is more than double the box price even without the DVD, so that's okay with me.  My favorite products this month were The Wonder Seed Facial Scrub and the Buddha Fresh, but I liked the Balanced Guru mist and the Cuccio Somatology lotion also.  The DVD wasn't for me, but it would work for most people.  Overall, I'm exceptionally happy with the September Kloverbox.  The new owners seem really committed to curating an amazing box and getting it out in a timely fashion.  I recommend that you give Kloverbox a second chance if you canceled it this year over the issues the subscription had.  The August and September boxes have made me very optimistic about the future of Kloverbox.

Birchbox Review, September 2016

Birchbox, $10 per month (US only)


This baby bun is a little on the shy side, but she's very sweet!  She liked that the bottom of the Birchbox matched her.

Birchbox is one of the biggest beauty subscriptions out there.  At $10 per month, it's very affordable and it's a great introductory beauty box.  Birchbox's samples are on the small side, especially in comparison to ipsy's, but Birchbox also generally sends out higher end samples than ipsy, so it's a trade-off.  Birchbox is heavier on skincare than makeup, while ipsy is the opposite.  Subscribers fill out profiles upon joining and Birchbox supposedly uses those profiles and product reviews to customize boxes for subscribers.  I used to recommend Birchbox because of their fabulous points system, but they recently overhauled it and made it much harder to earn points.  Birchbox isn't generally my favorite beauty box, but it's fun and I like seeing what they've chosen for me each month.


Here's what came in my September Birchbox:

My September Birchbox was worth $51.56, which is quite high for a Birchbox!  I didn't go with the curated box this month, but I did choose one of my samples.  I only got one skincare product this month, which is strange for Birchbox.  The product mix was still pretty good -- two makeup products, a skincare product, a perfume, and then a hair product plus two bonus hair product samples.  The box design this month was for Birchbox's sixth birthday.  It's pretty cute.

Swatch of LOC Ultra-Gloss Lip Pencil in Cherry Bomb

Swatch of LOC Ultra-Gloss Lip Pencil in Cherry Bomb

The first product this month was LOC Ultra-Gloss Lip Pencil in Cherry Bomb.  LOC is Birchbox's own line of makeup that they started last year.  I got an LOC Ultra-Gloss Lip Pencil in my July box, so I was surprised to see another one already.  The pencil I got two months ago was in the color Punch Line and this one is Cherry Bomb, so at least they are different colors.  That said, I can't believe this is the same product!  This is nothing like the pencil I got in July.  The pigment in Punch Line was horrible and it was all shine, no color on my lips.  It also felt really sticky.  Cherry Bomb wasn't sticky at all and had absolutely amazing pigment that wouldn't budge.  I loved the bright, bold red and was incredibly impressed by the product.  It was a great color on me and it lasted all day.  My only complaint about this is that it is very unforgiving.  You better apply it perfectly because it is hard to correct an error.  I don't know if they changed their formula or if Punch Line is a lot worse than all the other colors in the line or if Cherry Bomb is a lot better than other colors in the line, so I would recommend being a little cautious before going out and buying every LOC Ultra-Gloss Lip Pencil.  I do see that Punch Line is in the sheer trio of pencils and Cherry Bomb is not, so perhaps just steer clear of the sheer shades.  Has anyone tried other colors of the Ultra-Gloss Lip Pencil?  If so, how were they?  I can't believe that Punch Line and Cherry Bomb are from the same line.


I got an Erno Laszlo bar in another beauty box over a year ago and haven't gotten another until this month, so it's strange both Birchbox and BeautyFix sent me one this month!  At least they sent me different kinds.  Isn't this little kit adorable?  The Erno Laszlo Detoxifying Bespoke Cleansing Set contains a Detoxifying Cleansing Oil and a Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar.  The oil, which doesn't feel oily at all and is more like a gel, removes makeup and exfoliates.  You apply the cleansing oil when your skin is still dry, then you lather up the bar and use the suds to wash off the oil and moisturize your face.  I liked this little kit a lot more than I thought I would.  It made my skin feel very clean, but it made my skin feel neither too dry nor too oily.  Birchbox sells the full size kit for $28, which is actually not all that expensive for Erno Laszlo. 


For sample choice this month, Birchbox allowed subscribers to choose from one of three Milk Makeup products -- Lip and Cheek, Ubame Mascara, and Highlighter.  All subscribers were going to get a Milk Makeup product, whether they made a sample choice or not, so I figured I better choose one and went with the mascara.  I've gotten Milk Makeup lipstick samples before that were just about microscopic, so I was surprised by the size of the mascara sample!  It's 2/3 the size of the full size!  Milk uses ubame oak charcoal for the deep black color.  I liked this mascara more than I thought I would.  It gave me both length and volume and didn't clump.  I used this over the Grande Cosmetics Primer I got in my Allure Beauty Box and my lashes looked amazing.  I was never a Milk Makeup fan before, but now I am.  I'd love to try more of their products (besides the lipstick).


In addition to the Davines OI All in One Milk, Birchbox threw in two extra foil packet samples of the Davines OI Shampoo and Conditioner.  While no one likes seeing foil packets in their beauty boxes, I'm fine with them when they are thrown in as bonuses!  The shampoo is very thin, but it was easy to work through my hair and rinse out.  The shampoo and conditioner together made my hair shiny and didn't give me added volume, so I'm a fan.  I don't like that the full size conditioner comes in a jar instead of a bottle, though.  I know I would get lots of water in the jar when I used it and would probably drop the jar and spill the contents all over my shower.  I'm clumsy like that.  The oil gave my hair even more shine and made it very manageable.  All three products have the same light, clean fragrance, but the fragrance goes away once your hair is dry.  I like the products, but they're a little on the expensive side, so I doubt I would ever buy them. 


I've always wanted to try Juliette Has a Gun perfume, and now I finally had my chance!  Unfortunately, I hated this perfume and had to remove it with rubbing alcohol a few minutes after I put it on.  This perfume, Lady Vengeance, is supposed to be very feminine and contains a mix of rose, patchouli, lavender, and vanilla.  I love rose, but patchouli, lavender, and vanilla aren't for me most of the time.  I was willing to give this a try, though.  When I put this on, all I could smell was man sweat.  It was horrible.  Man sweat is the last thing I want to smell like.  Okay, maybe not the last as there are a couple of worse smells out there, but very close to the last.  Perfume smells different on everyone, so I can only assume that this does not smell like man sweat on most people as it probably wouldn't be a popular women's fragrance if it did.  Has anyone else had better luck with this perfume than I did?

With the exception of the perfume, I loved my Birchbox this month!  It's one of the best months I've had with Birchbox.  The LOC pencil was amazing.  I just couldn't believe how much better it was than the other pencil from the same line that I tried.  The Erno Laszlo set was cute and worked well for my skin.  I liked being able to try the Davines milk, shampoo, and conditioner together and found that they made my hair look shiny and healthy and feel extra soft.  I wouldn't go out and buy them, but I'll use them while I have them.  The Milk mascara was fabulous.  It's hard to choose a favorite, but I think the LOC pencil and the Milk mascara would be tied for first this month in my Birchbox.  Overall, I'm exceptionally happy with my September Birchbox.  If Birchbox keeps sending me boxes this good, then I might be able to forgive them for the points system overhaul.

What did you think of the September Birchbox?  Did anyone get the curated box?  If so, how was it?  I'd love to hear how the other Milk products worked.  Tell me all about your Birchbox in the comments!

Allure Beauty Box Review, September 2016

Allure Beauty Box, $15 per month (US only)


This baby bunny is so silly!  She seems to like hanging out in the beauty boxes.

The Allure Beauty Box is a monthly subscription curated by the editors of Allure Magazine.  There are generally six or more items and the value is often high.  This is a good introductory beauty box.  I find that I get products from them that I've gotten multiple times in other beauty boxes, so this might not be the best choice for someone who is a veteran beauty box subscriber and who wants to try new and different products.  The brands featured are almost always mainstream, so most of the products you'll find in your Sephora, ULTA, or local department store.  Some months are amazing, some are not.  This subscription is really hit or miss for me and I often consider canceling it.


Here's what I got this month:

My September Allure Beauty Box was worth approximately $56.97.  That's on the lower side for Allure, but it's still a great value for a $15 box.  The sample mix is pretty good -- three skincare products, a cosmetic, a nail polish, and a perfume.  This might be the first time I've gotten perfume from Allure.  The spoilers showed two additional products, a Grande Cosmetics mascara and an Estée Lauder eye serum, so I'm not sure why most subscribers didn't get those.  They weren't listed in the mini magazine that Allure sends in the box.  Several times lately, they've had spoilers that make you think you're getting one thing and then change it out at the last minute.  It's very annoying.  Substituting products is one thing, but not including them and not replacing them is another thing entirely.


I'm not sure what it is with Allure and Pur~lisse, but they send out a different Pur~lisse product just about every month.  I don't mind Pur~lisse, but it's not my favorite brand, either.  I've tried the Prevent Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk before and liked it.  It's a gentle cleanser that is fragrance free.  The Allure editors say you can use this to remove a full face of makeup, but I'd recommend using regular makeup remover to do that and then cleanse your face with this.  


I love that Allure sent a perfume mini instead of a teeny sample vial!  I love Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline, so I was excited to try Bvlgari Omnia Coral.  This perfume has a light fruity-floral scent and has notes of bergamot, goji berries, hibiscus, pomegranate, cedar, and water lilies.  The fragrance didn't last quite as long as I would have liked, but it is a great daytime scent and you can always touch it up periodically.  The bottle is just the cutest thing ever, but I wish it sprayed.  The entire top part with the metallic pieces snaps off and then you pour out a little perfume from the bottle.  It's not easy to snap the top off, so I always worry I will spill it.  


ORLY Breathable Treatment and Color Nail Polish is 3-free and contains argan oil and vitamins B5 and C, so, besides giving your nails some color, it will also get them back into shape.  ORLY says this polish can be used on its own and that no base coat or topcoat is needed.  I got surprisingly good coverage with one coat of this, but two coats gave me the best coverage.  This held up better than I expected with no topcoat.  While I love purple, this shade, Feeling Free, isn't my favorite nail color.  I'll use it occasionally, though.  Subscribers received one of ten colors, so not everyone got this purple.  Of the ten shades I could get, there were worse and better colors than this one.  I could have ended up with tan, so I won't complain about the color I got.  By calling the polish Breathable, they were clearly trying to go for a Julep-type formula and I can see the similarities.  At $9 for 0.5 oz of this ORLY polish, it's a much better deal than $14 for 0.27 oz of Julep polish, so this is worth a try if you love Julep but think it's on the pricey side.


Supergoop! Shine-On! Lip Screen can be used on its own or applied over your lipstick to protect your lips from the sun.  Lips are often left out when it comes to sun protection, so a sunblock for your lips is always a great idea.  Unfortunately, this is quite sticky and tastes like sunblock.  This is a clear gel, but it seems like it would be hard to put on top of your lipstick without messing it up.  The full size version of this product has a brush to paint this on with, but it still seems like that would be difficult to get on top of your lipstick.  The stickiness really got to me, so I can't see myself using this.


I always mean to use lash primers, but I almost never do.  The Grande Cosmetics Primer has gotten me back into the habit of using a primer!  I couldn't believe how great this made my lashes look.  It makes your lashes look white, but, once you put mascara over it, you can't see it.  It gave my lashes tons of length and volume and I was very impressed with this product.  I hadn't heard of Grande Cosmetics before, so I didn't have high hopes, but they surprised me!  I wish I had gotten the Grande Cosmetics Mascara that Allure had shown in the spoilers.  I would have loved to have tried the primer and mascara together.


The final product was the Eau Thermale Avène PhysioLift Eyes.  This is an eye cream that contains hyaluronic acid for hydration, brown algae extract for collagen production, and retinol for anti-aging.  The cream is yellow, has no fragrance, and isn't too thick or too thin.  It made the skin around my eyes feel soft, smooth, and hydrated.  I can't tell you how well it works at fighting signs of aging after using it for just a week, but retinol is one of the best anti-aging ingredients out there, so it's worth a try.

I liked five of the six products in the September Allure Beauty Box.  The Supergoop! lip product was a miss for me as the stickiness was unbearable, but I was very happy with the Avène eye cream, Grande Cosmetics Primer, Bvlgari Omnia Coral, Pur~lisse Cleansing Milk, and ORLY nail polish.  My favorite products were the Bvlgari perfume and the Grande primer.  September and August were great for Allure, but the two months before weren't so good.  I'm hoping that the boxes continue to get better.

What did you think of this month's box?  Did anyone get the Grande mascara or the Estée Lauder eye serum?  If so, how did they work?