Petit Vour Review, October 2016

Petit Vour, $15 per month for US orders, $23 per month for Canadian orders


This little one loves hanging out with the Petit Vour buns!

Petit Vour is a monthly vegan and cruelty-free beauty box subscription.  If you're new to vegan beauty, Petit Vour is one of the best ways to learn which products and brands work best for you.  Even if you're not vegan, there are tons of small, amazing vegan beauty companies out there that you might not discover in conventional boxes, and you'll get a chance to try them all with Petit Vour.  Subscribers receive four products each month.  The products are usually sample size, although there is the occasional full size product.  Petit Vour tends to be heavier on skincare than makeup, but there is always at least one makeup item per month.  Petit Vour allows subscribers to review the products in their boxes for points, which give you shop credit.  Previously, all subscribers received the same products with perhaps some color or scent variation.  Several months ago, though, Petit Vour started having some variation in the boxes.

Petit Vour sent me this box free of charge for review.  The link at the top of the page is my affiliate link.


Here's what I got this month:

The October Petit Vour was worth $38.17.  That's about 2.5 times the price, so I'm happy with the value.  This month, I got a makeup product, a skincare product, and two body items.  I know all subscribers received the lipstick and the Kahina soap, but the other two items may or may not have varied.  The artwork on the product information card this month is very cute (as always) and goes along perfectly with the lipstick.


First up is the Kahina Moroccan Beldi Soap.  I've gotten a Kahina product before in another box and loved it, so I was happy to try another product from this company.  There are only two ingredients in this soap -- saponified olive oil and eucalyptus oil.  Of course, it smells strongly of eucalyptus, which isn't my favorite scent, but I don't mind it.  This would be perfect to use when you have a cold!  The soap is really thick and halfway between a liquid and a solid.  You have to kind of tear off a piece (about a tablespoon, they recommend) and you can either wash your body with it or you can apply it to your body, let it set 10 to 15 min and then rinse it off to make your skin extra soft.  I used it as a regular cleanser as I didn't want to wait ten minutes, but it still made my skin feel soft and clean.  This will be great for the winter as it will get your skin squeaky clean without drying it out.


I love that Petit Vour gave us an oil to use after your shower!  You can clean and moisturize your body in the shower with the soap, then use the Apoterra Skincare Tulsi Rejuvenating Oil to lock in that moisture.  It has a lavender and primrose scent that is strong, but not overbearing.  You can use this oil anytime, but Petit Vour recommends using it right after a bath or shower for best results.  It can also be used for a massage oil or bath oil.  This absorbed quickly and moisturized my skin, but it didn't leave me feeling greasy.  At $28, it's not cheap, but it's also not terribly expensive for a body oil.  If you're looking for a good body oil to keep your skin soft and hydrated during the cold winter months, I'd recommend trying this product.


The Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil sample is tiny, but it says it should last for two weeks.  I've used it a few times already and still have a good amount left.  This is a facial oil that you apply after cleansing and toning your face.  They recommend that you don't use a moisturizer in addition to this oil unless your skin is particularly dry.  This oil is supposed to do a little bit of everything -- help with dry skin, blemishes, evening out skin tone, fine lines, scars, sun damage, and radiance.  It has a pretty earthy smell, which isn't my favorite, but it's tolerable.  I haven't used this long enough to see any real results, but it does keep my skin hydrated without leaving my face feeling oily.

Swatch of Red Apple Lipstick in Rebel!

Swatch of Red Apple Lipstick in Rebel!

The final product was my favorite this month, the Red Apple Lipstick in Rebel!  This is a deep, blue-based red that was a gorgeous color on me.  I got quite a few compliments on it!  It was long lasting and hydrating.  This is almost matte, but not quite.  Subscribers could receive Rebel! (this color), Oh My Guava (a nude with some pink to it), or Audrey (a neutral medium pink).  All three colors are beautiful, but this is my favorite of the three.  Besides being vegan, this lipstick is also gluten-free, so, if that is a concern of yours, you'll need to check this brand out.  This was my first time trying something by Red Apple Lipstick and I'm really impressed!

I'm absolutely loving my October Petit Vour!  I loved all four products, but the Red Apple Lipstick was definitely my favorite.  The color is just perfect on me.  The Kahina soap and the Apoterra oil were perfect for mid-fall as it's starting to get colder and dry skin will start being an issue.  The Pai oil will also be perfect when my skin starts to get drier due to the cold.  Petit Vour put together a fabulous fall box and I couldn't be happier with it!   

ipsy Review, October 2016

ipsy, $10 per month US, add $4.95 for Canadian orders


My sweet baby bun asked if she could use this as her trick or treat bag this year!

ipsy is one of the most popular beauty subscriptions.  At $10 per month, it's very affordable.  I've found that ipsy is heavier on makeup and drugstore brands than Birchbox is, but ipsy also tends to have bigger sample sizes than Birchbox.  Each month, ipsy sends subscribers a makeup bag, which is designed exclusively for ipsy.  

The link above is my referral code for ipsy, so it gets me ipsy points if you use it.  I also have one invitation left from ipsy that will get you your first month free if you are a new subscriber to ipsy.  If anyone wants that invitation, send me a message in the Contact Me section of this site and I'll send it to the first person who writes me.


Here's what I got in my ipsy Glam Bag this month:

My October ipsy bag was worth $21.53, which I think is the lowest value ipsy bag I've ever gotten.  All but one of the products was makeup this month, which is strange even for ipsy.  The bag this month wasn't my favorite design.  I know a lot of people love it this month, but I don't like the extra pale pink with the black.  Also, while I think the cats and ghosts are cute, the vampire fangs and witch aren't so cute.  I do love the adorable ghost-shaped tag on the bag, though. 

Swatch of Essence Cosmetics Superfine Eyeliner Pen Waterproof in Deep Black 01

Swatch of Essence Cosmetics Superfine Eyeliner Pen Waterproof in Deep Black 01

I can't go a month without getting at least one black eyeliner!  The Essence Cosmetics eyeliner reminded me a little bit of the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner that I got a couple of months ago because of how its tip is shaped, so I was hoping this would be good.  The tip is all one piece, though, and the KVD liner is made up of tons of teeny bristles.  This doesn't go on as smoothly.  I couldn't get quite as good a line from this as I did the KVD liner and it wasn't as long lasting, but this is also $2.99 instead of $20.  It's not a bad alternative if you don't have room for the Kat Von D liner in your budget.  This isn't the best eyeliner I've tried, but it's better than I was expecting for $3.


While I'm not a fan of Patchology's lip gels, I do like their eye gels.  These gels reduce puffiness and brighten the eye area.  I never see a huge difference after one use, but I think using these regularly would help a lot.  They're also very hydrating.  To use them, you place one under each eye (each pack contains two gels), wait five minutes, then remove and rub any remaining serum into your skin.  At $50 for a thirty pack, they're not cheap, but they're worth it if you have dark circles and puffiness.

Swatch of Beauté Basics Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe

Swatch of Beauté Basics Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe

Beauty boxes can never send you enough black eyeliner or taupe eyeshadow!  I understand that neutral eyeshadows work for most people and they want to send subscribers products that they will like and use, but I wish they would send out the occasional eyeshadow color that would push people out of their comfort zone a bit.  That said, I was really impressed by the quality of the Beauté Basics eyeshadow!  It's a pretty (though boring) color, it has great pigment, and it was long lasting.  I wasn't expecting much from this product, but it surprised me.

Swatch of theBalm Cosmetics Hot Mama Blush

Swatch of theBalm Cosmetics Hot Mama Blush

I really hate theBalm's packaging, but I do like their products.  Getting samples from them is kind because their samples are always teeny, making it hard to get the blush on a brush.  The blush color is gorgeous and buildable, so you can go for a subtle look or something more dramatic.  The color looked a lot pinker when it was on me than it did in the package.  I found that the color was very natural looking on me and help up all day.

Swatch of ModelCo Instant Brows Brow Pencil in Light to Medium

Swatch of ModelCo Instant Brows Brow Pencil in Light to Medium

The final product was ModelCo Instant Brows Brow Pencil.  The color was a little on the light side for me, but it went on smoothly and evenly and looked a lot better than I expected it would.  It has a little brush on the end for blending, but it's very small so I just used my own brush.  It blended beautifully and made my brows look fuller.  I wish I had gotten the darker shade, but I'll still use this.

When I first saw the contents of my ipsy bag, I wasn't impressed.  After using everything, though, I'm a lot happier with the products than I expected I would be.  I liked everything in the bag!  I've gotten the Patchology eye gels in other boxes before, but it's always good to have more.  The Essence eyeliner wasn't perfect, but it's not bad for $3.  The ModelCo brow pencil, theBalm blush, and the Beauté Basics eyeshadow were fabulous.  While the brow pencil was slightly too light for me, I like the formula and how easily it goes on.  The bag this month wasn't all that cute, in my opinion, but Emily loves it, so I'm okay with that.  Even though this is probably the lowest value ipsy I've ever gotten, it was a good month.  I'd rather have inexpensive products that work for me than expensive products that are just going to collect dust.

What did you get in your ipsy this month?  Did you like everything?  What did you think of the bag?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Glossybox Review, October 2016

Glossybox, $21 per month US, has many international versions


This angle makes this little bun look gigantic, but it's still a teeny little thing!

Glossybox is a monthly beauty box that sends subscribers five to six products per month that are usually higher end, although they occasionally have some drugstore brands thrown in.  The sample sizes tend to be bigger than that of Birchbox and ipsy, but you're also paying double the price.  Glossybox tends to be heavier on skincare than makeup, although they generally have at least one makeup item per box.  Glossyboxes used to routinely be worth $75+, sometimes even over $100, but they've gone downhill this year and the values have been more in the $50 to $60 range as of late. 


Here's what I got in my October Glossybox:

My October Glossybox was worth $72.82!  That's the highest value Glossybox I've seen in a while!  This month, I got one makeup product, a hair product, and three skincare items.  From what I've seen of other subscribers' boxes, everyone got the UNANI cleanser, the Decleor serum, and the Emité Makeup Lip and Cheek Tint.  All subscribers received an OGX product, but the product varied, and everyone also received a Masque Bar mask, but there were several different mask types. 


The first product was the Decleor Aromessence Neroli Hydrating Oil Serum.  This little bottle is worth $24.83!  I got this same serum in my August DermStore BeautyFix box and, unfortunately, I didn't like it.  I tried it again this month and my opinion hasn't changed.  The bottle has a wide mouth, making it easy for way too much to come out at once.  When you have such an expensive product, that's not good!  While this might work for those who have dry skin, if you have oily or combination skin like I do, this is probably going to make you feel like a greaseball.  While many facial oils are surprisingly lightweight and don't leave your skin with a greasy feeling, that's not the case with this oil.  You'd better absolutely love the scent of neroli if you use this product because the scent is very strong.  Even if it didn't make me feel greasy, I still wouldn't be able to use this because I found the scent intolerable.  Did anyone have better luck with this than I did?  If you have dry skin, did it leave you feeling greasy?  


The next product was the Masque Bar by Look Beauty Anti Blemish-Prone Mud Mask.  The masks subscribers received varied -- you can see the whole line of masks here; it looks like subscribers could have gotten any one of those masks besides the eye patches.  Most of the masks were sheet masks, but the Anti Blemish-Prone was a mud mask and the Pore Refining was a créme mask.  I was glad I got the Anti Blemish-Prone!  This is a very lightweight mud mask.  I used it and didn't notice any immediate results, but I'd probably have to use it a few times to notice a difference.  I like my mud masks to be a little heavier, so I wouldn't purchase this product, but I enjoyed using it.  If you got a different kind of mask, how did it work for you?  

Swatches of Emité Makeup Lip and Cheek Tint.  Left, applied to skin; right: applied to skin then blended out.

Swatches of Emité Makeup Lip and Cheek Tint.  Left, applied to skin; right: applied to skin then blended out.

Glossybox includes Emité Makeup products quite often.  I've never seen this brand anywhere else besides my Glossybox.  This is a liquid lip and cheek tint that you apply and then blend out to give yourself some subtle color.  I liked this as a blush.  It gave my cheeks a healthy pink glow and looked very natural.  It's buildable, so you can go subtle or bold or anywhere in between.  I tried this a lip tint, but it was much too subtle for me, even when I tried building it up on my lips.  I like my lip color to be bolder, though, so if you want just a flush of color on your lips, this would work for you.


I've loved most OGX products I've tried, so I was happy when I learned that Glossybox was sending all subscribers a full size OGX product this month.  If you're not familiar with the company, OGX is a drugstore hair product brand.  It's one of my favorite drugstore brands and I often buy their shampoo and conditioner.  Unfortunately, I got the Bamboo Fiber-Full Thickening Root Booster, which was the last product I needed.  I tried this out and didn't really notice much extra volume.  It didn't seem to do anything to my hair at all, which surprised me.  If you're a subscriber, which OGX product did you get?  How did it work for you?


The final product was the UNANI Il-luminate Milk Cleanser.  UNANI is a Spanish brand  This is the second time I've seen their products in a Glossybox.  The Il-luminate Milk Cleanser is a lightly scented face wash that made my skin feel clean without drying it out.  I'd recommend removing your makeup first and then washing with this.  It will get off traces of makeup, but I wouldn't rely on it to take a full face of makeup off.  This is a pretty average cleanser.  It worked, but there wasn't anything special about it.

I liked three of the five products this month, so it's been better than most Glossyboxes this year.   I liked (but didn't love) the Masque Bar mask, the UNANI cleanser, and the Emité Makeup Lip and Cheek Tint.  They were good, solid products, but nothing made them stand out.  The OGX product didn't do anything at all for my hair and the Decleor serum was too strongly scented and left my skin feeling extra greasy, so those weren't for me.  I have to say that this box reminds me more of that past Glossyboxes that I loved than probably any other box I've gotten from Glossy this year.  Overall, I'm pretty happy with the October Glossybox.  I'm hoping November and December will be even better, but we'll see.  

Kloverbox Review, October 2016

Kloverbox, $25 per month (US only)


The twins kept trying to eat the squiggles!

Kloverbox is a monthly natural lifestyle box.  It contains at least four items and the items are generally a mix of beauty products, things for the home, and snacks.  The products are natural, often organic, and usually (but not always) vegan.  Kloverbox is under new ownership, so boxes have been shipping out earlier in the month.  I know late shipping bothered a lot of subscribers, so many of you will be happy that your Kloverbox will be coming more toward the middle of the month.  Besides occasional color and scent variations, all subscribers receive the same products.

Kloverbox sent me this box free of charge for review.  

I moved recently, so Kloverbox sent a box to my old address and then another to my new address when I sent them an e-mail to let them know.  I ended up getting both boxes, so I'll be giving one away to a lucky reader!  I'll tell you how to enter to win at the end of this article.


Here's what came in the October Kloverbox:

The October Kloverbox was worth $51.94.  That's more than double the cost of the box, so I'm happy with the value.  This month, we got four beauty products and a home item.  I like when Kloverbox is heavy on beauty products but has a home item also, so I really like this month's product mix.  Kloverbox now has themes each month and this month's is Hello October.  The box has a very fall feel to it.


The first product was the People Towels Hand Towel and Eco Sack in the Save the Trees design.  You're supposed to carry the towel around in the sack and use it in place of disposable paper towels or napkins.  It's high quality and made with organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes. The design is really cute, but I don't know how it's different from cloth napkins.   If I used it, I'd be so worried about staining it because it is so pretty.  I'll probably use it at some point but it wouldn't be something I'd carry with me every day as I'd have to wash it between uses.


I love the occasional facial steam but I don't do them often enough!  I was happy to see Beatnik Naturals Organic Facial Steam packets in my Kloverbox because my skin really needed a good steam!  To use these, you place one or both bags in two to three cups boiling water in a bowl, cover the bowl with a towel for a few minutes, then put your face over the bowl and the towel over your head.  You breathe the steam in for five to ten minutes and it helps clean out your pores, hydrate your skin, and calm you.  This particular steam is a blend of rose, lavender, helichrysum, chamomile, calendula, and papaya leaf.  I love to do a facial steam before using a mask because the steam opens up your pores, making it easier for your skin to absorb all the good stuff from a mask.


I've loved every MyChelle Dermaceuticals product I've tried, so I'm always happy to get a new one, especially one that is full size!  The Pumpkin Renew Cream is a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer.  It has a pumpkin spice scent to it, due to pumpkin seed oil, nutmeg oil, vanilla extract, clove leaf oil, an cinnamon oil, but the scent is pretty light.  I think this would be a great moisturizer for people in their 20s as it is not a wrinkle fighting formula, but keeping your skin moisturized and healthy when you are young is essential to keeping your skin looking youthful as you age.


Wanderlust Scents' Luxury Roll On Oil in October Road has top notes of ginger, mid notes of apple, and base notes of vanilla, so it's kind of like an apple pie.  It has a coconut oil base instead of alcohol, so it won't dry your skin out and it's extra long-lasting.  I would like this as a room scent but I can't say I want to smell like apple pie.  I'm not sure what I'm going to use this for.


The final product was the Common Sense Naturals Tidy Pumpkin Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer. This hand sanitizer contains witch hazel, aloe, orange, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, clove, ginger, glycerine, and essential oils.  While it made my hands feel freshened up and it smelled good, I'm not sure how many germs it will kill.  One pump is all you need, so you should get 80 uses from this little tube.  

I'm loving the October Kloverbox!  All the products fit the theme perfectly!  This was such a beautiful fall box.  The MyChelle moisturizer and the Beatnik Naturals facial steam were my favorite products, but I loved the cute design of the People Towel also.  The scents of the Common Sense Naturals sanitizer and the Wanderlust rollerball perfume were nice, but they're not quite how I want to smell, so I'll probably pass them along to a friend.  Kloverbox is getting better and better every month!  I can't recommend this box highly enough.

To enter to win my extra Kloverbox, go to my Contact area of this site.  Put "Kloverbox Giveaway" as the subject and your name and e-mail address in the appropriate boxes.  In the Message section, tell me which October Kloverbox product is your favorite and let me know the address you would want the box shipped to if you won.  I'll delete everything at the end of the giveaway, so your e-mail address and mailing address won't be used for anything besides this giveaway.  I'll choose a random winner 10/23/16 and I will notify the winner by e-mail and announce the winner in this article.

Dollar Shave Club Review, The Executive

Dollar Shave Club, $1 to $9 per month, depending on plan; ships to US, Canada, and Australia ($2 shipping for $1 subscription; free shipping for $6 and $9 subscriptions)


Baby bunny butt!  This little one was worried she was about to get a shave!  

The Dollar Shave Club is a little different from most subscription boxes I review.  Dollar Shave Club is a subscription box that sends you four razor cartridges each month.  The first month of your subscription, you receive a handle in addition to the cartridges.  I hate how expensive good razors are, so I decided to give this a try.  I won't be reviewing it monthly as you get the same stuff every month, so there would be no point, but I will review my first one.  If I ever switch my plan to another type of cartridge, I'll review that also.    There are three levels -- The Humble Twin (two blades per cartridge, $1 per month plus $2 shipping), The 4X (four blades per cartridge, $6 per month, free shipping), and The Executive (six blades per cartridge, $9 per month, free shipping).  You can switch the cartridge type whenever you want.  If you switch to another type of cartridge, you'll get a new handle as, for some reason, the handles are not interchangeable.  You can purchase extra handles if you need to.  They recommend changing your cartridge once a week, but, if you change it more or less often, you can change the frequency of the boxes.  Dollar Shave Club also sells shaving accessories, such as shaving cream, and other skincare products, such as moisturizer, hand cream, and lip balm.  While this subscription is primarily marketed toward men, they say that The 4X and The Executive plans work great for women, too.


Here's what came in my first box:

I got the razor handle because it was my first box, but, normally, I won't be getting that.  From now on, each month, I'll be getting just the four razor cartridges unless I change my plan to The Humble Twin or The 4X.  They threw in a small sample of Dr. Carter's Easy Shave Butter.  I don't know if they normally include samples, but, they sell a lot of products on their site that you can add to your box, so it makes sense for them to do that.  For my first month, I paid just $3 -- they give you your first month free, but you have to pay shipping.  


Above, we have the razor handle both with and without a cartridge attached, plus a closeup of the four cartridges.  I thought that I might try The Executive plan for one month, then switch to The 4X and try that next month.  I don't think that's going to happen.  I am so in love with this razor that I can't imagine switching to a lesser razor.  I have never had such a smooth shave  These blades are extraordinarily sharp, so they made me a little nervous, but they gave me the closest shave ever and didn't cut me.  I was not expecting to be nearly as impressed as I was.  If you can afford The Executive, just go for The Executive and don't bother with The 4X or The Humble Twin.  I haven't tried the less expensive blades, so perhaps they are great, too, but I don't think they are nearly as good as The Executive.  I had been using Schick Intuition as I liked that I didn't have to bother with shaving cream, but I'm happy to use shaving cream if I can get this good a shave.  Even immediately after I shaved with the Intuition, I could feel teeny hair bumps because the hair wasn't quite flush with my skin and I assumed that was normal.  The Executive cuts the hair all the way down to my skin and my legs feel completely smooth when I'm finished.


I tried the Dr. Carver's Easy Shave Butter and thought it was okay.  I think this would be better for shaving the face than it was the legs.  This slides off if any water gets on it, so, if you cover your legs with it, it'll be gone before you've been able to shave most of the skin.  I don't think men usually shave their faces in the shower (although perhaps I'm wrong), so it would probably work better for shaving facial hair than it does for legs.

I wish I hadn't waited so long to subscribe to Dollar Shave Club!  I've thought about it off and on for years, so I'm glad I finally did it.  I didn't know I could get such a good shave.  I've heard razors marketed toward men are often better than those marketed toward women, and it appears that that is true.  Has anyone else tried the Dollar Shave Club?  If so, did you try The Executive or one of the other cartridge types?  I'd love to hear how the other cartridge types work.

DermStore BeautyFix Review, October 2016

DermStore BeautyFix, $24.95 per month


My dog, Pinky, absolutely loves baby bunnies!  The little ones were doing their first modeling shoot and Pinky decided to come over to say hello.

DermStore BeautyFix is a monthly box that sends subscribers six or more products per month.  The box has a minimum value of $100.  Generally, they send about eight items and the value is in the $150 range.  There's always at least one full size product and most (but not all) months, they include one beauty tool, one makeup product, and then a mix of high-end skincare products.  They occasionally throw in a hair care product.  I recommend this for women who are 30+ -- it always has expensive anti-aging products that you might have wanted to try, but couldn't justify spending the money.  It's an affordable way to try out different products and brands to figure out what you like when it comes to pricey skincare products.  

This is what came in the October DermStore BeautyFix box:

My October DermStore BeautyFix box was worth $149.59.  That's a pretty average value for BeautyFix, which is amazing for a $25 box.  There were four skincare products, a hair care item, a beauty tool of sorts, something to encourage eyelash growth, plus a lip balm, so there weren't any real makeup products.  BeautyFix sent subscribers the same LashFOOD product in the February box and they also sent us a DS Laboratories lash growth product last month, so I was surprised to see that product again.  The box was lighter on skincare this month, but it still had a pretty good product mix.  


I'm not a big hair product user, so I wasn't excited to see this in the box.  The NEUMA neuStyling Smoothing Creme fights frizz and flyaways and protects your hair color.  I don't have frizz or dye my hair, so I wasn't sure if this would be of much use to me.  The colder weather does give me flyaways, so I had a chance to use it the other day and I loved this stuff.  It has a beautiful citrus scent from the oils in it and it smoothed my hair out and made me look presentable.  You can use this when your hair is wet or dry.  I've tried both and found I had better luck with it when my hair was dry.  If you're trying to keep your frizz down instead of flyaways, it might be better to use this when your hair is wet.  At $24, this isn't extraordinarily expensive, so I would definitely recommend it.


The Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil is a new product!  I love that DermStore sent us a brand new product to try.  This is a facial oil that strengthens your skin's natural barrier, smooths out lines, keeps moisture in, and protects your skin with antioxidants.  Dermalogica recommends this product for people with normal or dry skin.  This might work better for me in the winter when my skin is all dried out than it would now.  It made my skin feel smooth and didn't leave any greasiness behind, so I'm looking forward to using this in a couple of months when my skin is flaking from the cold winter weather.


DermStore has sent out a lot of full size Juice Beauty products this year!  I don't generally like Juice Beauty products, so I wish they would stop doing that.  I can always use a good cleanser to fight blemishes, though, so I'll use this.  Many Juice Beauty products have a horrible green apple scent, and this one is no exception, but it does seem to get my skin really clean.  Some people love the Juice Beauty scent, but it's just not for me.  This did leave my skin feeling extra clean but not dried out, so I was quite impressed by the cleanser.


DermStore sends us lots of beauty tools and accessories from Danielle Creations.  I love their products -- they're always well-made and cute -- so I'm always happy to have a new one.  That said, I could do without the pink glitter.  Part of the proceeds will be going to breast cancer research, so I understand why they chose pink glitter for October.  I like to keep a compact in my purse, but I'm worried the glitter will slowly rub off.  The compact has a regular mirror and a 2x magnifying mirror, so it'll be great for touching up makeup on the go.  I'll probably use this as a gift for someone.  


The neck is usually the first place to show signs of aging, but it is often ignored in skincare routines.  I've noticed fine lines on my neck, so I was happy to get the Replenix Neckletage.  This is supposed to be used on your neck and chest to keep the skin there looking young and healthy.  I've used this a few times, but it would take more use to see results.  I wish the sample were bigger so I could use it for an extended period of time and see how well it works for me.


DermStore's Lip Quench is a cream for your lips that is somewhat moisturizing.  I've gotten their tinted Lip Quench before and wasn't impressed by it and I'm not much more impressed by the regular stuff.  There's nothing special about it that justifies that $12 price tag.  I looked at reviews of this product on the DermStore page and, apparently, this product used to be great.  DermStore changed the formula at some point and made it a lot thinner and no one seems to like the new formula.  I never had a chance to try the old formula but, from the sounds of it, it was a thousand times better.  I'd recommend sticking with Blistex or Chapstick.  


BeautyFix sent subscribers LashFOOD in February, so I was surprised to see it in a box eight months later.  This is a liquid that you brush onto your eyelids along your lash line, much like eyeliner, before you go to bed.  The formula is supposed to stimulate hair growth so you can have thicker eyelashes.  I suspect you could use this on your eyebrows if you need thicker hair there more than you do on your lashes.  I've tried this a couple of times, but you really need to use it consistently for an extended period of time to see results and I always forget to use it.  Has anyone else used this more than I have and seen any results?

DermStore has really been pushing hair growth products on us this year!  We've gotten DS Laboratories shampoo and conditioner to stimulate hair growth, a DS Laboratories product that encourages lash growth just last month, and two LashFOODs this year.  I think there might have been at least one more product that I'm not remembering off the top of my head.  While I'm sure some subscribers like these products, but I really wish they'd lay off them.  Things like moisturizer, serum, and sunblock are pretty universal and you can send subscribers these products throughout the year as long as the brands are different.  Stuff that is meant to stimulate hair growth isn't as popular and, while some subscribers will enjoy receiving these products, many won't.  When the market for a particular product category is limited, you aren't going to make most subscribers happy when you send a different product from that category almost every month.  


I've gotten a few Luzern Laboratories products from DermStore over the months and have always liked them, so I was looking forward to trying the WE3 Serum Absolut.  This is an anti-aging serum that is supposed to fill in fine lines and wrinkles and make your skin firmer.  I think there is something wrong with mine and I have asked DermStore about it.  My serum smells pretty heavily of burnt plastic.  I thought that maybe that was just how it was, but I read the reviews other people left and they said that it was fragrance-free or that it had a soft, inoffensive scent.  If the serum anyone else received smelled like mine, I know they would be mentioning that in the review because it is that bad.  I'm not going to be putting this on my face again, so, unfortunately, I'm unable to tell you how it works.  I'll let you know what I hear back from DermStore.  I've always had good customer service from them, so I'm sure they will be able to let me know what is going on and fix the issue if it is, in fact, from a defective batch.  UPDATE:  DermStore wrote back to me and said it should not smell like that.  They are sending me a replacement.

October was a pretty good month for DermStore.  I'm loving the Juice Beauty cleanser (never thought I would say that), the Neuma hair product, and the Replenix Neckletage.  The Dermalogica oil will probably be great in the winter, but it isn't quite what I need at this time.  While the Danielle Creations mirror is cute, I think I'll be passing it along as a gift.  I was a little disappointed that they included a LashFOOD again and I know I'll never remember to use this consistently.  The Lip Quench isn't special enough for me to justify spending $12 on a lip balm.  As soon as I hear back from DermStore about the Luzern serum, I'll update this.  Three of the products were hits, so I feel as though I definitely got my money's worth.  This isn't my favorite BeautyFix box, but I'm happy with it.

Did you get the October box?  What did you think?  Did your Luzern serum smell weird?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

FabFitFun Review (Again), Fall 2016

FabFitFun, $49.95 per quarter, ships to US and Canada (add $8 shipping for Canadian orders)


Eleanor has babies!  You might remember Eleanor from when she was a baby!  She modeled in Kloverboxes.  She's all grown up now and has two beautiful babies of her own.  I've included her Kloverbox pictures below so you can see how much she has grown.  Aren't her babies the cutest?

Eleanor in the December 2015 Kloverbox (top left), January 2016 Kloverbox (top right), February 2016 Kloverbox (bottom left), March 2016 Kloverbox (bottom right).

Eleanor in the December 2015 Kloverbox (top left), January 2016 Kloverbox (top right), February 2016 Kloverbox (bottom left), March 2016 Kloverbox (bottom right).

FabFitFun is a quarterly lifestyle box.  It's similar to PopSugar, but it costs a little bit more and the value tends to be a higher -- FabFitFun boxes are worth $200+.  Subscribers receive a mix of products such as accessories, jewelry, home goods, beauty products, plus a fitness product.  I'm not exactly a fitness buff, so I didn't think this box would be for me when I first heard about it.  The fitness component tends to be minor -- a jump rope in the first box I got from FabFitFun, socks in this box -- so I don't mind it.  Because it's one of the more expensive boxes and they release spoilers for each box, I cancel and then resubscribe if I happen to want the next box.  I skipped the summer box because I had no interest in it.  All subscribers get the same products, but there are often variations such as color and scent.  People who have annual subscriptions to FabFitFun get to choose their variations and everyone else gets surprises.  

The link at the top of the page is my referral link.  Each FabFitFun customer has one and it gets you a discount on the next box if people subscribe using the link.  If you don't want to use that link, here's the regular link to the FabFitFun website.


As you might remember, I already reviewed the FabFitFun Fall 2016 box here.  I liked that box so much that I bought a second one in hopes of getting variations on some of the products, so I thought I'd share with you what I got in my second box.  I won't be doing a full review here, but I've posted pictures of everything again and I'll tell you about the variations.  Currently, the Fall 2016 box is sold out.  FabFitFun offered a welcome box for those who subscribed after the fall box sold out, but they have sold out of the welcome box, too.  If you subscribe now, you'll have to wait for the Winter 2016 box, which will come out in December.  Current subscribers are able to purchase Fall 2016 boxes for $59.95 or Welcome Box 2 for $49..95 in the members only shop, but they don't have many left, so act quickly if you want an extra box.  

Here's what I got in my second FabFitFun Fall 2016 box:

This box was worth $240.38, which is $3 less than the other box I got.  The fuchsia ToeSox go for $3 less than the Black Fishnet ToeSox for some reason, so that's why there is a difference in the value.  Four of the products in the fall box -- the scarf, the ToeSox, the coloring book, and the mug -- had variations.  I got the same mug in both boxes, but I got different variations of the other three products.


The ModCloth Loch and Key Blanket Scarf was the product I most wanted.  I loved the tan plaid scarf I got in the last box, so I was hoping to get a different color scarf in this box.  Besides the tan and red plaid scarf, they also had a navy and green scarf, a brown and black scarf, and a black and white scarf.  As you can see, I got the black and white plaid this time  When I first saw the scarves advertised, I didn't want the black and white scarf at all, but, now that I have it, I really like it.  I wanted the brown and black scarf the most, but I'm happy with the two scarves I got.  The scarves are huge, soft, and warm.  I've gotten so many compliments on them.  The only thing that worries me about the white is that the wind could blow the scarf into my face and I could get my lip tar on the scarf and ruin it.  I generally try to avoid white clothing because I always stain it. I'll try to be careful with this, though.  


I can't use these ToeSox as I have a nerve condition affecting one of my feet and toe-separating socks are too painful for me to wear.  I have a couple of friends who would like these socks, though, so I will use them as gifts.  I got the black fishnet color last time and a bright, pretty fuchsia this time.  I like the fuchsia more.  These are supposed to be used for yoga and other barefoot exercises.


FabFitFun made its own coloring books and colored pencils for the box.  Subscribers received either the Things Coloring Book, which I got in my first box, or the Nature Coloring Book, which I got in this box.  The pages are made of good, thick paper and are removable.  I like that each picture was designed by a different artist.  Some of the pictures are very detailed and would take forever to color, while others are somewhat simple and are good for when you just want to color something quickly.  The Things Coloring Book has a little bit of everything to color, while the Nature book has mostly flowers.  I like them equally, so I'm glad to have gotten one of each..  The pencils aren't of very high quality, so I'll be giving them away to kids.  


Subscribers received a The Created Co. tumbler with either Good Morning Gorgeous or Joy Comes in the Morning printed on it.  Both of the mugs I got were Good Morning Gorgeous, which I was okay with because I thought Joy Comes in the Morning was a little weird.  That said, I'll be giving both away to friends as I don't think I'll get much use out of these.  I'm not a coffee drinker.  If you have one of these, note that it is not dishwasher safe.  I've seen people posting that the lettering is coming off even when handwashing the mug, so be careful.

The other products in the box did not have variations.  I've posted the pictures of them below, but, since I already reviewed them, I won't review them again.  You can check out the original FabFitFun Fall 2016 review if you're interested in learning more about the following products.  

Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette swatches, top to bottom: Butterscotch, Caramel, Macadamia, Toffee, Cocoa, Hazelnut, Macaroon, Kahlua, Whipped, Biscotti, Espresso, Licorice.

Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette swatches, top to bottom: Butterscotch, Caramel, Macadamia, Toffee, Cocoa, Hazelnut, Macaroon, Kahlua, Whipped, Biscotti, Espresso, Licorice.


I'm as happy with this second box as I was the first box!  I loved most of the products, most especially the scarf.  The products that I can't use will make great holiday gifts, so I'm okay with having duplicates.

Did anyone else get a FabFitFun Fall 2016 box?  What color scarf did you get?  I'd love to hear about your FFF box in the comments!

Goodbeing Review, October 2016

Goodbeing, $21 per month US, add $9 for shipping to Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand


This baby bunny doesn't love modeling as much as other bunnies, but he likes that Goodbeing doesn't contain products that test on his bunny cousins!

Goodbeing is a monthly natural beauty box.  They customize their boxes based on a profile subscribers fill out, although there is often a product (sometimes two) that all subscribers receive in a particular month.  Goodbeing has also started allowing subscribers to choose one to two of their products each month.  While a lot of boxes say they use profiles to customize boxes, Goodbeing seems to be one of the few that really does it.  With most boxes that supposedly customize, I often wonder how they possibly could have chosen the products they sent me based on my profile, but Goodbeing actually does a pretty good job of sending me products I'm interested in.  While this isn't strictly a vegan box, many of the products are vegan, and subscribers can indicate that they want only vegan products in their profile.  Goodbeing says that they may still send vegan subscribers products containing beeswax, so, if you're a strict vegan, this might not be the subscription for you.  The products in the box are always cruelty-free.  Subscribers receive four to five products in their box and the value is always quite high.  On top of that, Goodbeing has excellent customer service in my experience and in the experience of other subscribers I know.  That can be hard to find in the beauty box world!  


Here's what I got in my October Goodbeing:

My October Goodbeing box was worth $55.17.  That's more than 2.5 times the price of the box, so I'm happy with the value.  This month, I got two makeup products (both of which were my sample choices), two body care products, and a skincare product.  

I should note that Goodbeing is now selling their Fall 2016 Bonus Boxes.  They offer a large version ($55) that includes 25 items, at least three of which are full size, and a small version ($12) that includes five items, at least one of which is full size.  The products were all featured in Goodbeing in the last eighteen months.  If you've been wanting to try Goodbeing, this is a great way to do it without committing to a subscription.  These boxes will sell out quickly, so buy one now if you're interested.  Any products you get that you're not interested in will make great holiday gifts.  I ordered one and I'll be sure to review it once it comes.


The first product this month was the Daily Concepts Your Dual Texture Scrubber.  This is a body scrubber that has a cotton base with nylon loops on it to exfoliate your skin.  One side is very soft and gentle for sensitive areas and the other side is a lot rougher for your less sensitive parts.  I wouldn't recommend using this on your face.  You apply body wash to this and scrub your body with whichever side you prefer, then hang this up to dry on the little suction cup provided.  There is a tag on it, which you can see in the picture above, and when the writing on the tag is completely faded, it means it's time to replace the scrubber.  I wish I knew approximately how long this is expected to last -- can I expect the tag to fade in weeks, months, or how long?  I couldn't find that information anywhere.  I thought that the gentle side was a little too soft and the exfoliating side was a little too rough, so I would have preferred something more in the middle.  If you like some serious exfoliation, though, this will do the trick.


You might remember that I got this same product, the OSEA Ocean Cleanser, in my Petit Vour box last month.  I'm okay with getting another one of these, though, because I absolutely love this face wash.  This cleanser is supposed to remove makeup and dirt, all while stimulating collagen product and reducing signs of aging.  It doesn't remove your skin's natural lipid barrier, so it won't dry your skin out or irritate it.  This has a fresh citrus-y scent that I love.  At $44 for a full size bottle, this is a little pricey, but, if you're looking for a good natural facial cleanser and can afford this, I recommend it.

Swatch of HAN Skin Care Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Tint in Coral Hibiscus

Swatch of HAN Skin Care Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Tint in Coral Hibiscus

I loved the HAN Skin Care Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Tint in Rose Berry that I got in my September Goodbeing so much that I chose the other available color, Coral Hibiscus, for one of my October sample choices.  This gives your lips and cheeks some soft, natural, long-lasting color.  I like a more dramatic color on my lips, so I use this only on my cheeks.  If you want just a hint of color on your lips, this would work.  The formula contains shea butter, argan oil, coconut cream, açai oil, and cupuaçu butter, so it's very nourishing.  The colors are made from fruits and vegetables.  The only thing that disappointed me was the color.  With a name like Coral Hibiscus, I thought it would be more peach than pink, but this is quite pink.  I still like it and think it's gorgeous, but I wanted a peachy blush to add to my collection, so I probably wouldn't have chosen this as my sample choice if I had known how pink it was. 

Pure Anada Loose Mineral Shadow in Marsala

Pure Anada Loose Mineral Shadow in Marsala

My second sample choice for October was the Pure Anada Loose Mineral Shadow in Marsala.  I love deep red eyeshadow as it really makes my green eyes pop, so I couldn't pass this color up!  Pure Anada has 45 different shades available in their loose powder, so there should be something for everyone.  The pigment in this is amazing, as you can see above, and it has tons of sparkle.  It's just beautiful and one of my favorite eyeshadow colors ever.  My one complaint about this is that the fallout is so bad.  Once it's on, it's on, and there won't be anymore fallout, but when you're putting it on, there's a ton.  I recommend applying this shadow before you apply any other makeup.  That way, you can just remove the fallout without messing up your foundation.  This looked just as good at the end of the day as it did at the beginning.  I really, really love this shadow and I'm so happy I chose this product. 


The final product was the Annmarie Rosemary Peppermint Body Wash.  This contains aloe vera to moisturize your skin, plus rosemary and peppermint oils.  It was a nice, relaxing scent.  I used this with the body scrubber once, but I probably wouldn't do that again.  It's clear and it doesn't lather up, so I probably put way too much on the scrubber as I couldn't tell how much was on there and I was worried I hadn't put enough on it to wash myself.  I liked this product, but it wasn't my favorite.

Overall, I'm incredibly happy with my October Goodbeing!  The Pure Anada Loose Mineral Shadow in Marsala was to die for and I can't recommend it highly enough.  I also loved the OSEA Ocean Cleanser.  The HAN Cheek and Lip Tint had a great formula, but the color wasn't quite right for me.  I thought the Daily Concepts body scrubber and Annmarie body wash were both good products, but I didn't love them.  The body scrubber was a little too rough on one side and soft on the other.  The October box was much better than the September Goodbeing!  I love this subscription and suggest giving it a try if you're in the market for a new box.

More October Spoilers!


Spoilers have been hard to come by this month!  I have a couple more that I've come across since my last post.  I'm getting my Goodbeing box in the mail today, so reviews will start soon!



You can see what will be in your October Glam Bag on ipsy's site now!  My bag isn't looking so good.  I'm getting an Essence Cosmetics black eyeliner, a theBalm blush, Patchology Flashpatch Eye gels, Model Co brow pencil, and Beauté Basics eyeshadow.  I'm not interested in any of the products!  What will you be getting in your ipsy this month?



All Glossybox subscribers will receive a Decleor Aromessence Neroli Hydrating Oil Serum.  If you recall, I got this same serum in my DermStore BeautyFix a couple of months ago and the scent was unbearable.  This will be going in my pile of stuff to give away.



It looks like all BomiBox subscribers will be getting a Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off.  I like Skin Food products, so this is the best spoiler I've seen today!

Have you come across any other spoilers?  What do you think of the spoilers you've seen so far?

October Spoilers!


I have lots of October spoilers for you!  If you don't want to know what you might be getting this month, skip this post!



You can see what you'll be getting in your Birchbox this month already!  I've posted the products I'm getting above, but you may be getting completely different products.  To see what you'll get, you have to go to the Birchbox website, go to the Your Box dropdown at the top of the page, click Your Boxes.  When it brings up the Your Boxes page, you'll see September 2016 in the middle of the page.  Click on that and then click on September 2016 on that dropdown.  In the address bag, change the 9 at the end to a 10, press enter, and you should be able to see your October box.  If you're signed in already, you can click here and it'll bring you there directly.  

I chose the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask as my sample choice, so I'm looking forward to trying that.  The Hustle Butter Luxe and The Organic Pharmacy face cream look promising.  I've never found a Number 4 product I've liked, so I don't know about that one.  This will be my first MAKE product, so I'm not sure what I'll think of that.  Are you getting anything good in your Birchbox this month?



ipsy's Glam Bag reveals aren't up yet, but here are some of the things you might be getting.  The top left is the October bag.  I really don't like it, but I know a lot of people think it's cute.  Below the bag are some screenshots from Instagram.  There are some products I'm interested in there.  All subscribers will get at least one of the products in the picture on the right.  I want the Kat Von D liner the most because I love it so much, but I would be happy with the Tatcha cleansing oil, the NYX liner (just because it's silver and I don't have a silver liner), and the MAKE UP FOR EVER foundation.  

I still have two free first month of ipsy offers I can send out to anyone who is interested.  It's for new subscribers only (although if you use a different e-mail address you could probably sign up again if you are a former subscriber).  Just send me your e-mail address and first and last name and I'll send you the offer.  I only have two left, so act quickly.



All Glossybox subscribers will get a full size Emité Make Up Lip and Cheek Tint.  I'm not all that excited about this product. 

DermStore BeautyFix


The DermStore BeautyFix spoiler video is up!  It wouldn't let me embed the video, but you can watch it on DermStore's Facebook page.  Here's what everyone will get this month:

Looks like a good month for BeautyFix!  I do wish they would lay off the full size Juice Beauty products.  That's the third one this year.  I wish the compact wasn't pink glitter, but it's from Danielle Creations, so I know it'll be of good quality.  I'm not sure the sizes of the products besides the two I noted were full size.


    Vegan Cuts


    These aren't the October Vegan Cuts boxes.  The box on the left is the special edition yoga box, which actually looks pretty cool.  The box on the right is their fall makeup box.  I don't really have any interest in that.  Vegan Cuts is also offering a few past boxes at a discount right now and some of them look pretty good.

    Beauteque BB Bag and Mask Maven


    The October Mask Maven is looking good.  The one spoiler from the BB Bag, on the right, is okay, but not my type of thing.  

    PopSugar Must Have


    The October PopSugar spoilers don't impress me.  The Henri Bendel umbrella would be better without the huge Henri Bendel logo on it.  I heard the umbrellas are leftovers from an Henri Bendel gift with purchase offer.  I have no interest whatsoever in reading Lisa Sugar's book.  PopSugar said the book is an added bonus, so you'll get your normal number of items, plus the book.



    Sadly, the fall FabFitFun box has sold out and they now have a welcome box they are sending out instead of the fall box.  I'm glad I got my order in for my second fall box in before they switched!  This welcome box is different from the old welcome box that I reviewed in the spring.  

    That's it for now!  Have you seen any spoilers I've missed?  Are there any boxes you are excited about this month?